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This weapons pack contains a lot of weapons from both NATO and ex-Soviet Countries, this pack was created in order to equip my NATO , Russian, African and Chernaruss units packs.

The weapons in this pack are ported from A2 and from other 3D authors, that you'll find in the readme, thanks a lot to all of them and to BI !

Included in this pack there are:

NATO Weapons:

- M4A1, M4A1 M203, M4A1 AG36 black, desert, woodland and CQB versions
- HK416, HK416 M203, HK416 AG36 black, desert, woodland and CQB versions
- HK417C, HK417C M203, black, desert, woodland and CQB versions
- M16, M16 M203 black versions
- G36C.
- SCAR-L standard and short barrel with EGLM versions
- SCAR-H with EGLM version
- ARX160 with GLX versions, both tan short-barrel and black long-barrel
- G3, G3 M203 fixed and folding stock versions
- Lee Einfield, M14 marksman rifles
- HK417S, SR25 black, desert and woodland versions
- M27 IAR black, desert and woodland, 30rnd and 150 rnds mag versions
- SCAR-H Marksman and M110 Marksman Rifle
- M24 black, desert and woodland versions
- LRR AWM sniper rifle.
- M107 black, desert and woodland versions
- M249 black, desert and woodland versions
- MK48 black, desert and woodland versions
- M240 black
- M60E4.
- MG3.
- AA-12 Automatic shotgun
- Guerrilla weapons: MP40, MP40(open stock), Sten MK II, Pzf-60, M-79 GL
- MP5A5, MP5SD6 black, desert, woodland and underwater versions
- MP7 availabe both in rifle and pistol slot.
- Submachinegun in handgun slots: SA61 Skorpion and Micro UZI
- Beretta M9, Glock 17, USP, ACP, P226, Brw HP, Mk23, M1911 ACP.
- Benelli M1014 shotgun.
- Anti-Tank launchers: M136 AT-4, M3 MAAWS, SMAW, M72 LAW, custom Titan short with different warheads.
- Anti-Air launcher: FIM-92 Stinger.

Russian Spetsnaz and ex-Soviet Weapons:

- AK74M, AK74M GL black and camo versions
-AK74M, AK74M GL, AKS74, AKS74 GL SF Rails versions black and camo
- AK12 and AK12 GL
- AKS74, AKS74 GL, AKS74, AKS74 GL versions
- AKMS, AKMS GL black and camo versions
- AKM, AKM GL versions
- KSVK black and camo versions
- Pecheneg
- Zastava M70s , M72 and M91
- AK74U black and camo versions
- Bizon
- VSS Vintorez
- AS VAL with underwater version
- Makarov, Grach pistols.
- Saiga 12 shotgun.
- Anti-Tank launchers: RPG 7, RPG 18, METIS with different warheads.
- Anti-Air launcher: SA-7 Strela.

Optics and other equipment:

- Pistol suppressors, IR pointers, flashlights for handguns
- Rifle Suppressors, IR pointers
- Acog (3D), Aimpoint, Sniper optics (NV capable), Thermal optic , ANPEQ15/ ANPEQ2 laser pointers
- PSO/ PSO Sniper(3D), Sniper side mount KSVK optic, Kobra, NSPU ans Goshawk
- Ported A2 custom backpacks for my unit's addons
- Masks, googles, Gas-Mask, NVGs, shemag and wraps for my unit's addons

All the installation instructions along with the optional config files for "ASDG Joint Rails" and "ACE3" are included in the folder.

BI Forum:

Hope you'll enjoy them!

NOTE: off course I'll will add all my other units mod (Italian SOF, UK SOF, USMC, US SOCOM, GRU Spetsnaz, African and Chernaruss conflicts) here as soon as I'll update them ;-)

Meanwhile you can grab them (with units and gear you can see on the pics above) from BI forum (look in my signature) and on Armaholic/PW6

If you're enjoying the weapons try my Altis Guerrilla Warfare units pack here:
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OP Aug 19 @ 10:25pm 
Is this the same Mod as also named NATO_Rus_Vehicle also by you (Massi)
EvilEyes­­­© Aug 13 @ 7:27am 
AfricanConflict Mods DO NOT work on Dedicated Server!...........It's a Shame Really
TyrannosaurusRekt Jul 20 @ 12:43pm 
Is there an RHS compatability patch available?
DeepDemon211 Jul 14 @ 1:20pm 
I was wondering when the next release date it for a update? Waiting to put this wonderful mod on my exile server. i have tried b4 but it not showing up and we get some errors when loading it in? also all of our players our getting kick from this mod only. Cant wait to c it updated so we can enjoy this mod again.
Dr.Nitch Jun 7 @ 11:06pm 
The perfect mod to raid ukraine
xetra11 Jun 6 @ 10:30am 
Do I need this if I have CUP Weapons? Because they have these weapons as well I think?
TyrannosaurusRekt May 27 @ 9:13am 
Any chance you could add G36, G36 GL, MG36, and G36K? Just a request, that's all.
Sycholic May 24 @ 1:30am 
What is the difference between this and the same titled one called _CBA they both say they require CBA so this still an issue? which should one use NATO_Rus_Weapons_CBA or NATO_Rus_Weapons ??? only asking cuz MAS vehicles still show broken dependancy (albeit dont think it is for the _CBA version)
blackmagic156 Apr 29 @ 6:21pm 
i suppose this mod will not be fixed
Bril Apr 15 @ 12:18pm 
Was really hoping this would have been fixed by now. I really enjoyed this mod, will be hard to get the server I play upon to bring it back.