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Hacknet Step-by-Step Walkthrough
By [Cash.net]Gorimaccha
I made this guide for those who think they're completely stuck. I don't recommend you to read this too much if you seek some challenge :)
All missions available now!
Basic Tips
***IMPORTANT*** Some computers/servers may have different names on them, but what you need to do should be the same. Just follow the steps, you will be fine.

DON'T abandon any missions atm!! It will most likey cause serious problems and make you unable to finish the game!

1, Type commands as soon as possible.
2, Delete logs when you disconnect.
3, You need to reply almost every time you finish a mission.
4, Always use "Scan Network" option when you successfully hack a computer.
5, Don't delete/rename files unnecessarily. <-This is important!!
6, Use auto-complete for commands and file names. (Tab key)
7, Always use "admin" "alpine" to log in to any eos devices.
Troubleshooting Common Problems
Q, I don't get an email to start a new mission!! What do I do now!?
A, Make sure to check following things:
1, Your previous mission has finished. (Click "Reply" in the email for it and see if "Mission Incomplete" message shows up.)
2, You don't have any available missions in your current faction's contracts server. (Or the message board if you're working on /el missions.)
3, Restart your game and your problem is still there.

For "gg wp" from Naix, you need to revenge Naix BEFORE you start any new Entropy mission. Details in "Naix Missions" section below.

If none of these helps you, you might have had a critical bug... The devs are working on an update to fix many bugs, so wait for it... Meanwhile, you still can try 2 options:
1, Editing your save data (Here's the link: http://steamcommunity.com/app/365450/discussions/0/530649887208580632/ Be super careful with your savedata.)
2, Start a new session (This is much easier... You also can work on achievements that you missed.)

Q, I don't have the necessary exe file to do this mission!! UGGHHHH
A, Here is the list of exe files, and in which mission you can find them. Use "CTRL+F" on this guide and search for them.

SecurityTracer.exe - "First Contact", or on "Credit Server" after you finish the game.
SSHcrack.exe (for port 22) - "Getting Some tools together"
FTPBounce.exe (for port 21) - "Welcome"
eosDeviceScan.exe (for finding eos device) - "eOS Device Scanning"
SMTPoverflow.exe (for port 25) - "Aggression must be punished"
WebServerWorm.exe (for port 80) - "***Revenging Naix***", or "CSEC Invitation"
SQLBufferOverflow.exe (for port 1433) - "-Shrine of Polar Star-"
SQL_MemCorrupt.exe (for port 1433) - "CSEC Invitation - Congratulations"
Decypher.exe (for decrypting files) - "Ghosting the Vault"
DECHead.exe (for analyzing .dec files) - "Through the Spyglass"
KBT_PortTest.exe (for port 104) - "Project Junebug"
TraceKill.exe (for freezing traces) - "Bit -- Foundation"
Sequencer.exe (for the final hacking) - "Bit -- Termination"
Clock.exe (Um...just a clock app) - Read "-Finding Clock.exe-"

For KBT_PortTest.exe, you can try this method if you don't get "Project Junebug" unlocked, or mistakenly abandoned it. Thank you, Elsarild!
Q, I can't use this command somehow!! Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
A, Make sure to check if you already have the necessary exe for the command, then try typing commands like below:

Command Template - Example
scp [the file's name] - scp index.html
connect [the IP address] - connect
cd [the folder path] - cd /log
replace [the file's name] "[target words]" "[your words]" - replace template.txt "[FIRST_NAME]" "John"
(If you use "cat" and open the file, you can use 'replace "[FIRST_NAME]" "John" ' instead. Use the full command above if you get "Assuming active flag file" error.)
Decypher [the file's name] [its password] - Decypher naix_secrets.dec D1CKS
DECHead [the file's name] - DECHead naix_private_photos.dec
mv [target's name] [new name] - mv template.txt Boorman_John[111]
First Missions
First Contact
1, Connect to your main PC.
2, Delete or rename "SecurityTracer.exe".
3, Reply to Bit.

Getting Some tools together
1, Hack "Viper-Battlestation".
2, Download "SSHcrack.exe" at /bin.
3, Reply to Bit.

Maiden Flight
1, Hack "Bitwise Test PC".
2, Reply to Bit.

Something in return
1, Hack "P.Anderson's Bedroom PC".
2, Go to /log, and delete all logs there.
3, Reply to Bit.
Entropy Missions
Where to from here
1, Run "Shell" on at least one computer.
2, Connect to "Entropy Test Server".
3, Click "overload" and bypass the proxy.
4, Hack.
5, Find "Entropy_Induction_Test" and download it.

Confirmation MIssion
1, Hack "Slash-Bot News Network".
2, Go to /MsgBoard/Listings.
3, Delete "Entropy_Group_engaged_in_malicious_Hacking?" and "Suspicious_arise_over_Entropy".
4, Go to /MsgBoard, and delete or rename config.sys.

1, Log in to "Entropy Asset Server".
2, Go to /bin, and download "FTPBounce.exe".

Point Clicker
1, Hack "PointClicker".
2, Go to /PointClicker/Saves.
3, Delete "Mengsk.pcsav".

The famous counter-hack
1, Hack "PP Marketing Inc."
2, Go to /home/WORKSPACE
3, Delete "SECURE_MAILLIST.dec".

Back to school
1, Hack "Milburg High IT Office".
2, Go to /home/MH_STUFF
3, Read "pwmemo.log" and remember the password.
4, Reply with the password. (*******)

eOS Device Scanning
1, Go to "Entropy Asset Server", and download "eosDeviceScan.exe" at /bin.
2, Hack "Jason's Powerbook Plus".
3, Run "eosDeviceScan".
4, Log in to "Jason's ePhone 4S" (username: admin password: alpine).
5, Find "jjstacks@jmail.com.act" at /eos/mail.
6, Read the file, then reply the password. (tintin7)

Internal investigations
1, Hack "X_C Project Tablet*01//RESEARCH".
2, Find "FlightComputers.rep" at /X.
3, Read it and find its project ID.
4, Reply with the ID. (1938)

Intimidation Tactics
1, Hack "Software Enterprises"
2, Delete "Archive_Data.zip" at /home.

Dengler Solutions - Return Policy
1, Hack "Starchip Communications".
2, Delete "dengler_solutions_delivery.zip" at /home.

Cleaning Operation
1, Hack "Dengler Inc".
2, Delete "banished_stallion_technologies_Internal_Archive.zip".

Smash N' Grab
1, Hack "JDel Home PC".
2, Scan for the eos device.
3, Log in to "Jacob's ePhone 4" as admin.
4, Read "pass.txt" at /eos/notes.
5, Reply with the password. (warsix22)

Aggression must be punished
1, Go to "Entropy Asset Server", and download "SMTPoverflow.exe" at /bin.
2, Hack "Proxy_Node-04". (3 or 4 shell windows recommended)
3, Delete "Macrosoft_Internal_Raid_Archive.rar" at /home. (DON'T delete logs on your main pc yet!! You'll need them later!!)
******After you get hacked by Naix, follow the steps in "Naix Missions"!!*****

Hopefully that will do
1, Hack "KyonBox".
2, Read "Macrosoft_dox.txt" at /home/loot.
3, Reply with the IP address.
Naix Missions
***After you get hacked by Naix***
Your UX system is destroyed by Naix. Now you need to get a working "x-server.sys" using only commands. This time you'll get one from a Naix's proxy server with the commands below.
1, "cd /log"
2, "ls"
3, Now you should see the IP address which was used by Naix.
4, "connect [the IP address]"
5, "probe"
6, "SSHcrack 22"
7, "PortHack"
8, "cd /sys"
9, "scp x-server.sys"
10, "dc"
11, "reboot -i"
You can choose to either go back to Entropy missions, or revenge Naix now.

***Revenging Naix***
1, Connect to "Proxy_Node-x22" (the one in which you found the x-server.sys).
2, Scan network.
3, Hack "Naix Root Gateway".
4, Download "WebServerWorm.exe" at /bin.
5, Delete "x-server.sys" at /sys.
6, You should get an email from Naix.
*You can get your original "x-server.sys" at /home if you want.

gg wp
1, Hack "Nortron Security Web Server".
2, Open "index.html" at /web.
3, Replace "Nortron Security Services" with "♥♥♥♥♥". (use this command:replace index.html "Nortron Security Services" "♥♥♥♥♥")

1, Connect to "Norton Security Web Server", then scan network.
2, Hack "Nortron Internal Services Server".
3, Open "REMINDER.txt" at /staff_folders/J.Abrams
4, Remember the username and password. (username: j.abrams password: bootyking420)
5, Scan network.
6, Connect to "Nortron Mail Server", log in as J.Abrams.
7, Read "RE: Can't Log In", and remember the password for the firewall. (123456789ABC)
8, Hack "Nortron Mainframe". (Make sure to solve the firewall with the password first!)
9, Just delete logs and disconnect.
10, Reply to the email.

An Important Link
Now you're given an access to "/el Message Board". Read the threads carefully and solve some myths there.
/el Missions
You must finish all Naix's missions to access /el's message board!

You won't get any emails for these /el missions, but you still need to work on them to keep the story going. Read the threads on "/el Message Board" carefully.

-Shrine of the Polar Star-
1, Read the first thread about "Shrine of the Polar Star".
2, Find the IP address for "Shrine of the Polar Star", then hack it.
3, Open "index.html" at /web.
4, Find 4 IP addresses for the Trials.
5, Hack all of them one by one and get 4 reward txt files. Details for each Trials below.

Polar Star - Trial of Patience
1, Hack "Polar Star - Trial of Patience". (It takes time to bypass its proxy)
2, Download "Reward_of_Patience.txt" at /home, and remember the number in it.
Polar Star - Trial of Haste
1, Hack "Polar Star - Trial of Haste".
2, Download "Reward of Haste.txt" at /home, and remember the number in it.
Polar Star - Trial of Diligence
1, Hack "Porlar Star - Trial of Diligence".
2, Scan network.
3, Hack "Trial of Diligence".
4, Download "Reward_of_Diligence.txt" at /home, and remember the number in it.
Polar Star - Trial of Focus
1, Hack "Polar Star - Trial of Focus".
2, Download "Reward of Focus.txt" at /home, and remember the number in it.

6, The 4 numbers in the reward txt files are parts of an IP address. Sort them in the right order and connect to "Head of the Polar Star". (The correct IP address is
7, Hack "Head of the Polar Star".
8, Enjoy your gifts at /home/Gifts ;) (Don't forget to get "SQLBufferOverflow.exe".)

-Hacking /EL's Secure SecuLock Drive-
**If you alreay have "SQLBufferOverflow.exe", you can skip 3 - 5 and just hack "/EL's Secure SecuLock Drive".**
1, Read the third thread about the "/EL's Secure SecuLock Drive".
2, Find 2 IP addresses there; one for "COME AT ME /EL's Secure SecuLock Drive" and another for "Stormrider"
3, Hack "stormrider", and scan for his eos device.
4, Log in to "Mica's ePhone 4S" as admin.
5, Read secu_lock_test_server.txt. (ithoughtyouweremakingtea - That is the password for admin of "/EL's Secure SecuLock Drive".)
6, Connect to "COME AT ME /EL's Secure SecuLock Drive" then log in as admin.
7, Delete DeleteMe.txt at /home.

-Finding Clock.exe-
You can ignore this one if you want.
This would be the last thing you need to finish for Naix's "An Important Link". I didn't know how to find it, but the Lux Æterna's guide helped me alot!! If you have followed thig guide, you will need to work on CSEC's missions and find "Decypher.exe".
CSEC Missions
CSEC Invitation
1, Hack "CSEC Invitation Gauntlet".
2, Read "CONTINUE.txt" at /home/Test.
3, Scan network.
4, Hack "CSEC Gauntlet 02".
5, Read "CONTINUE.txt" at /home/Test.
6, Hack "CSEC Gauntlet 03".
7, Download "WebServerWorm.exe" at /home/Gift.
8, Read "Invitation_Passwords" at /home/Test. Remember the password.
9, Reply with the password.

CSEC Invitation - Affirmation
1, Hack "www.cfc.com".
2, Scan network.
3, Hack "CFC Corporate Mainframe".
4, Read "11_Secret_Herbs_And_Spices.txt" at /home/training_files.
5, Scan network
6, Hack "CFC Records Repository".
7, Download "Seasoning_Order_Placement_Template_Pt1.docx" and "Seasoning_Order_Placement_Template_Pt2,docx".
8, Upload the 2 files to "CSEC Public File Drop".

CSEC Invitation - Attenuation
(This is what you get if you finished /el missions)
1, Hack "www.cfc.com".
2, Scan network.
3, Hack "CFC Corporate Mainframe".
4, Read "11_Secret_Herbs_And_Spices.txt" at /home/training_files.
5, Scan network
6, Hack "CFC Records Repository".
7, Download "Seasoning_Order_Placement_Template_Pt1.docx" and "Seasoning_Order_Placement_Template_Pt2,docx".
8, Upload the 2 files to "CSEC Public File Drop".

CSEC Invitation - Congratulations
1, Log in to "CSEC Assets Server" as admin.
2, Download "SQL_MemCorrupt.exe" at /bin/SQL_Mem_Corrupter (you don't need this if you already have "SQLBufferOverflow.exe") and "Sequencer.exe" at /bin/Sequencer.
3, Now it's time for CSEC missions....

Rod of Asclepius
1, Hack "Universal Medical".
2, Search for "Jonas Sandburg".
3, Click "e-mail this record", and send the record to "gila@jmail.com".

Binary Universe(ity)
1, Hack "International Academic Databse".
2, Search for "John Stalvern".
3, Click "Add Degree".
4, Add the following information: "Manchester Univeristy" "Masters in Digital Security" "3.1"
5, Click "Save and Return".
6, Delete logs!!

Ghosting the Vault
1, Hack "CSEC Crossroads Server".
2, Download "encrypt_source.dec" at /home.
3, Hack "DEC Solutions Web Server".
4, Scan network.
5, Hack "DEC Solutions Mainframe".
6, Download "Decypher.exe" at /Staff/A.Carey.
7, Connect to your main PC, then go to /home.
8, Decrypt "encrypt_source.dec". (Use this command:Decypher encrypt_source.dec)
9, Upload "encrypt_source.cs" to CSEC Public File Drop".

Imposters on Death Row
1, Hack "Death Row Records Database".
2, Go to /dr_database/records.
3, Remove Joseph Felman's record. (Use this command:rm Felman_Joseph[119080]. Just type rm Felman_J, then press Tab to auto-complete the command.)

Bit's disappearance Investigation
1, Hack "Bitwise Relay 01".
2, Read Home_Base.txt at /home.
3, Connect to "Bitwise Drop Server", and hack it.
4, Download "READ_all_hackers.txt" at /Drop/Uploads.
5, Upload "READ_all_hackers.txt" to "CSEC Public File Drop".

Through the Spyglass
1, Hack "Joseph Scott's Battlestation".
2, Download "DECHead.exe" at /home/work.
3, You'll get a new email once you realy, now connect to "CSEC Crossroads Server".
4, Download "CSEC_encode_1.dec" at /home.
5, Connect to your main PC, then analyze "CSEC_encode_1.dec" with "DECHead.exe". (Use this command:DECHead CSEC_encode_1.dec)
6, You'll find an IP address for "Macrosoft Workhorse". Connect to it and hack it.
7, Read "3345633.log" at /WORKLOGS, the password is there.

Red Line
You don't need to hack this server completely! Just attempting to hack it is enough!
1, Connect to "CCC Hacksquad Filedump".
2, As soon as you start hacking, you will enter "emergency recovery mode". Now you should change your IP address quickly.
3, Connect to "ISP Management System". (Use this command:connect
4, Hack "ISP Management System".
5, Click "Search for IP", then type your current IP address. (It should be shown at bottm-left corner.)
6, Click "Assign New IP", your PC will restart immediately.
7, Reply the email.
Some tips for hacking this one completely:
*EASIEST WAY to beat it: Just keep hacking the server even if you enter the emergency recovery mode. Each command will reset the warning message and you will be able to finish hacking.
* If you want to download the files in this server, you can do it while emergency recovery mode. You'll need to type commands really quickly though.....

Wipe the record clean
1, Hack "International Academic Detabase", or just log in as admin if you've done this before.
2, Search for "Jacob Stevens".
3, Click "Delete", then "Confirm".
4, Delete logs before you disconnect!

1, Hack "Sal_Home_Workstation".
2, Scan for his eos device.
3, Log in to "Elanor Helleran's ePhone 4s" as admin.
4, Read "ids.txt" at /eos/notes, and remember the registration ID.
5, Reply with the registration ID.

A Convincing Application
1, Log in to "CSEC Crossroads Server" as admin.
2, Download "FOF_Screenplay.doc" at /home.
3, Analyze "T2_Screenplay.dec" with "DECHead.exe". You'll get an IP address.
4, Hack "Jason's LackBook Pro".
5, Go to /home/scripts, and upload "FOF_Screenplay.doc" from your PC.

Unjust Absence
1, Log in to "CSEC Assets Server" as admin.
2, Download "template.txt" at /home/Templates/DeathRowDatabaseTemplate.
3, Connect to your main PC, and open "template.txt" at /home.
4, Edit "template.txt".
Use these commands:
replace "[FIRST_NAME]" "John"
replace "[LAST_NAME]" "Boorman"
replace "[RECORD_NUM]" "111"
replace "[LAST_WORDS]" "I'm ready, Warden"

5, Rename "template.txt" to "Boorman_John[111]".
6, Connect to "Death Row Records Database", and hack it or log in as admin if you have already hacked it.
7, Go to /dr_database/records, and upload the file, "Boorman_John[111]".

Two Ships in the night
1, Connect to "CSEC Crossroads Server", and find "C_EXE_contact.dec" at /home.
2, Decrypt "C_EXE_contract.dec" with "Decypher.exe". (Use this command:Decypher C_EXE_contact.dec quinnoq)
3, Download "C_EXE_contact.txt". (Read the txt file if you want "Clock.exe".)
4, Upload "C_EXE_contact.txt" to "CSEC Public File Drop".

Project Junebug
1, Hack "Universal Medical".
2, Search for "Elliot Whit".
3, Send his record to your email address. (Click "e-email this record" then "Specify Address".)
4, Go to your Jmail inbox, and read Elliot's record. You will find 2 IP addresses here.
5, Connect to "Kellis Biotech Client Services", and hack it.
6, Optional, but necessary if you wanna know what you're doing: Read all news on "Kellis Biotech News".
7, Scan network
8, Hack "Kellis Biotech Prodection Asset Server".
9, Download "KBT_PortTest.exe" at /home/Production/Output. This software will allow you to hack port 104.
10, Now go back to "kellis Biotech Client Services", and read "#0E0015_-_Pacemaker_v2.44_Firmware_and Patching" at /MsgBoard/listings. You'll find an IP address here.
11, Connect to "Eidolon Soft Production Server", and hack it.
12, Read "Eidolon_Security_Notes.txt" at /projects/Internal. Remember the user name and the password.
13, Download "PacemakerFirmware_Cycle_Test.dll" at /projects/KellisBT/Tests.
14, Connect to "KBT-PM 2.44 REG#10811", and hack it.
15, Go to /KBT_Pacemaker, and upload "PacemakerFirmware_Cycle_Test.dll" there.
16, Click "View Monitor".
17, Log in as EAdmin. (username:EAdmin password: tens86)
18, Click "Administrate Firmware".
19, Choose "PacemakerFirmware_Cycle_Test.dll", then click "Activate This Firmware".
20, Now watch his heart beat....
21, RIP
Final Missions
Bit -- Foundation
1, Connect to "CSEC Assets Server".
2, Decrypt "Tracekill.dec" at /bin/TK. (Use this command:decypher TraceKill.dec dx122DX)
3, Download "Tracekill.exe".

Bit -- Substantiation
1, Connect to "Bitwise Repo Base", and hack it.
2, Analyze "hn_repo_archieve.dec" with "DECHead.exe". You'll get an IP address.
3, Send the IP address to V.

Bit -- Investigation
***Use "Tracekill.exe" wisely!!***
1, Hack "EnTech Web Server".
2, Scan network.
3, Hack "EnWorkstationCore".
4, Scan network.
5, Hack "EnTech Workstation_008".
6, Download "Prometheus.txt" at /WORKSTATION/store. You'll need the password in it later.
7, Download "StoreServIPs.txt" at /WORKSTATION/store. You'll find 2 IP addresses in it.
8, Go to "En_Prometheus", then log in as admin. (usename:adminpassword:d88vAnnX)
9, You'll get an email from V.

Bit -- Propagation
1, Go back to "En_Prometheus", then log in as admin.
2, Scan for eos devices.
3, Connect to "ENTECH_TEST_01's ePHONE 4S".
4, Read "nstanford@entech.com.act" at /eos/mail. Remember the username and the password.
5, Connect to "EnTech Mail Server", then log in as nstanford@entech.com. (username:nstanfordpassword:murloc33)
6, Read the email titled "Re"Romulus passwd". Remember the password.
7, Connect to En_Romulus, then log in as admin. (username:adminpassword:h7ggNKl2 <==That's small "L"!
8, Read "Contractor_Server.doc" at /STORE/Contractors. This is the admin password for "EnTech External Contractor Relay Server"..
9, Send the password to V.

Bit -- Vindication
1, Connect to "EnTech External Contractor Relay Server".
2, Download "heart.dec" at /Contractors/Bit.
3, Connect to your main PC, then decrypt "heart.dec". (Use this command:Decypher heart.dec divingsparrow)
4, Read "heart.txt".
5, Reply to V.

Bit -- Termination
1, If you don't have "Sequencer.exe" yet, connect to "CSEC Assets Server", and download it at /bin/Sequencer.
2, Run "Shell" on your main PC and some other computers. 3 or 4 recommended.
3, Start "Sequencer.exe" and click "ACTIVATE"
8, Hack "EnTech_offline_Cycling_Backup"!!! GO GO GO!!!
9, Delete all files in /ARCHIVE/Hacknet/24-02, /ARCHIVE/Hacknet/03-12, /ARCHIVE/Hacknet/18-09.
10, Delete logs.
11, Disconnect.....
12, Reply to V.

1, Connect to "PortHack.Heart.
2, Hack "PortHack.Heart".......!?
Final Words from Me
Thank you for reading my guide. I hope my guide helped you! Anyway, if you have followed this guide too much, I recommend you to play a new session after you see the ending. Hacknet's story is pretty good and interesting, you would be pleased when you understand what was going on with those hackers, and see the ending again :D

Thank you again,

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canonically garbage Sep 28 @ 5:49am 
How do you get the Blizzard Updater tool to hack port 3724?
D3ADSH0T Jun 16 @ 9:12am 
@C410 you can also just append "DICKS" to the file instead of replacing something the game logic just parses the file and checks if the word is contained in the file
C410 Jun 15 @ 6:00am 
I did everything in the GG WP mission but the game keep telling me that the mission isn't done

EDIT: Be sure to replace "NORTRON" for "DICKS", don't "DICK". I literally spent half an hour to discover that
Naniel May 2 @ 3:39pm 
Really good!
Thanks for your help! :steamthumbsup:
GummiBear May 1 @ 9:12am 
Fantastic guide, very helpful without giving too much away. Really helped when I got stuck.
Metsushiro Mar 29 @ 1:08am 
love Dec 20, 2020 @ 3:24pm 
Can you explain what the Labyrinths mission is?
iZaYh Nov 21, 2020 @ 12:32pm 
going for the el Missions' Achievement and replayed the game. this time, it activated Labyrinths as well, tho I didnt recieve any /el Missions at all or the ggwp mission :lunar2020thinkingtiger: :DMderp:
iZaYh Nov 21, 2020 @ 12:11pm 

typing 'help' 'help2' or 'help3' brings up a list of commands and how to use them.

typing 'addnotes' or 'add[+tab key, to auto-complete]' you can then make notes for mission info u want on hand.
typing 'notes' opens said notes - u need to close at times for space to activate some .exe

anything u want to keep, rename {how to is in the 'help' info} the notes, which will make u a copy of the current note content, and then provide u a new clear note file.
Naptalan Nov 18, 2020 @ 8:44am 
Thanks for the guide. Helped a lot to get the final achievements.