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Project Zomboid

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More Zombie Loot
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Aug 11, 2015 @ 7:12pm
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More Zombie Loot

What this mod does is it adds a ton of items you can randomly find on zombie corpses. A little motivator to search them all. It might make the game easier but that stuff won't spawn on every corpse, it'll be there sometimes but it'll be rare.

What items? Misc clutter, tools, materials, canned food, weapons, ammo, cockroaches and worms...

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Dydimos Jun 18 @ 11:04am 
Loot Zeta: It's like this mod, but it's updated
LuckyL07 Jun 3 @ 9:40am 
This mod does not work for me, it doesn't appear to do anything anymore. I can get most other mods to work so it's not complete ineptitude on my part, maybe only a little.
guoyuanning Apr 13 @ 2:54am 
DesuDesuDesu Mar 1 @ 7:56pm 
It would only take 1 week to recode everything for a big update. I own a super computer and it easily allows me to autopilot most of the writing by reverse engineering the current engine the game uses to adapt to the new one and it allows me to simply code a certain format that the super computer can follow. Though it still does take a lot of work since there are a lot of scripts to run through a week isn't much compared what Indie Stone uses.
DeadlyDanDaMan Feb 15 @ 6:12am 
To all the people who are wondering if this mod still works, yes it still works. It will remain working unless for some reason Indie Stone decides to completely change the way loot spawning works, and that has almost a 0% chance of happening. That would require a complete rewrite of almost all of the games code, which would take months of work to do, so it isn't going to happen.
Glowth Feb 15 @ 3:52am 
Svarog has mostly abandoned all of his mods as he never responds to anything anymore. Best to just leave these mods be and hope for a new modder to take over and make a better mod.
Derek Jan 12 @ 11:58am 
I don't think this mod works anymore...
Neofenris Jan 8 @ 10:42am 
is it compatible with build 35 or IWBMS of build 35+ ?
yams4lunch Jan 4 @ 2:00pm 
Any full loot table available?
Vancer2 Dec 14, 2016 @ 9:40am 
Really? I was using the QR and QS and thats when I was getting guns and ammo out the ass on zombies.. After uninstalling those two and using ORGM. I had to tweak the the distribution.lua to actually even get a chance to find ammo on a zombie.