Jagged Alliance 2 - Wildfire

Jagged Alliance 2 - Wildfire

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I.M.P. Question Guide
By the| Gamer
This is just a quick and simple guide to help you create the merc of your dreams with exactly the personality and skills you desire!
Introduction and How-to
Jagged Alliance 2 as well as Jagged Alliance 2 Widlfire features a question and answer system to decide what skills and what personality your mercenary inherits!
This can be pretty random at times, due to the fact, that the answers are not clearly pointed at the direction it will push your merc at...so here is what you need to know to create exactly the mercenary you want:

First of all, the skills, there are 11 skills of which your mercenary can get either two, or one OR one at expert level!
For each skill, there ar 2 answers, if you want to have 2 skills, you need to pick one answer for each skill, DO NOT CHOOSE MORE, or else it will be random again what skill your merc gets!
If you want only one skill, just pick one answer for the wished skill and if you only want on skill but of expert level, pick both answers!

The second thing to determine is your personality, which is a bit more random! just pick the rest of the answers to the questions that are not related to the skill/skills you want to have. If you want to minimize the randomness, pick the answers for the desired personality trait at every question (excluding skill answers) and at questions where there is no answer for your personalitytrait, preferably pick a "nothing" answer!
Skill Answers
These are the answers to the questions that are skill related:


  • Ambidextrous: 8-1 ; 15-2 (female mercs can also pick: 1-1 ; 12-1)

  • Autoweapons: 4-1 ; 12-4

  • Electronics: 7-1 ; 12-6

  • Hand To Hand: 1-3 ; 12-5

  • Knifing: 7-2 ; 12-2

  • Lockpicking: 1-4 ; 3-1

  • Martial Arts: 1-1 ; 12-1 (male mercs with strengh 74 or below only, Ambidextrous skill for females)

  • Night Ops: 6-2 ; 7-3

  • Stealthy: 2-2 ; 3-3

  • Teaching: 2-1 ; 11-2

  • Throwing: 1-5 ; 15-1
Personality Answers
Now that youve picked the answers for your desired skill/skills, fill the rest with the wished personality answers or simply pick the "nothing" answers:

(explanation: QUESTION: ANSWER (TRAIT) ; ANSWER (TRAIT) ; ....)

  • Q1: 2 (Loner) ; 6 (Optimist)

  • Q2: 3 (Psycho) ; 4 (Friendly)

  • Q3: 2 (Arrogant) ; 4 (Normal)

  • Q4: 2 (Friendly) ; 3 (Normal) ; 4 (A$$hole) ; 5 (Loner)

  • Q5: 1 (Coward) ; 3 (Aggressive) ; 2 (Nothing) ; 4 (Nothing)

  • Q6: 1 (Coward) ; 3 (Claustrophobic) ; 4 (Nothing) ; 5 (Nothing)

  • Q7: 4 (Nothing)

  • Q8: 2 (Nothing) ; 3 (Optimist) ; 4 (Psycho)

  • Q9: 1 (Forgetful) ; 2 (Nothing) ; 3 (Pessimist) ; 4 (Nervous)

  • Q10: 1 (Nothing) ; 2 (Pessimist) ; 3 (A$$hole) ; 4 (Nervous)

  • Q11: 1 (Nothing) ; 3 (Aggressive) ; 4 (Normal)

  • Q12: 3 (Nothing) ; 7 (Nothing) ; 8 (Nothing)

  • Q13: 1 (Forgetful) ; 2 (Normal) ; 3 (Normal) ; 4 (Heat Intolerant)

  • Q14: 1 (Claustrophobic) ; 2 (Normal) ; 3 (Heat Intolerant) ; 4 (Nothing)

  • Q15: 3 (Nothing) ; 4 (Arrogant)

  • Q16: 1-4 (Nothing)

And that is it, now you have a Merc with skills and personality just as you want him :)
Effects of the Skills
  • Ambidextrous - Removes penalties if you wield guns akimbo

  • Autoweapons - Halfes the penalty to hit when firing full auto or burst, perfect with the psycho trait which further enhances the full auto or burst accuracy

  • Electronics - Better chances to open electronic locks, disarming electronic traps and assembling remote detonators and other electronics

  • Hand To Hand - Improves unarmed fighting skill and damage, less skill bonus compared to Martial Arts, but more damage bonus

  • Knifing - Improves ability with bladed weapons

  • Lockpicking - Better chance to succesfully pick locks

  • Martial Arts - Improves unarmed fighting skill and damage, you will be able to "finish off" a damaged enemy with a roundhouse kick with doubled damage that cant miss, you also recover energy faster while sleeping. More skill bonus compared to Hand To Hand but less damage bonus. If your strengh exceeds 74 or if your merc is female, you will get the Hand To Hand skill as a male or Ambidextrous as a female instead! (Pointed out by ordieguy73, thanks for that!)

  • Night Ops - Better perception and sight at night (i.e. farther vision and higher chance to interrupt enemys at night), effect will stack with night vision goggles, you also recover energy faster while sleeping

  • Stealthy - Less chance of beeing spotted while moving in stealth, effect is enhanced in smoke clouds

  • Teaching - Bonus to training other Mercs or Militia

  • Throwing - Higher hit chance, range and accuracy with throwable weapons (i.e. grenades and throwing knifes) and added range bonus when throwing items to other Mercs. Also improves the chance to instakill when throwing a knife out of stealth (not heard or seen prior to throwing).
Effects of the Personality Traits
  • Normal - No effect

  • Aggressive - Your Merc will be more difficult to pin down by enemies, the morale hit when retreating from a battle will be doubled and finally negative effects in interactions with NPCs

  • Optimist - Faster morale increase and slower morale decrease

  • Pessimist - Opposite of Optimist

  • Arrogant - Negative effects when interacting with NPCs

  • A§§hole - Negative effects when interacting with NPCs

  • Friendly - Opposite of A§§hole

  • Claustrophobic - AP of the Merc is lowered when in confined spaces and if left alone, he can suffer a panic attack which almost depletes the morale of said Merc completely

  • Coward - Faster morale drops overall, but no moral penalty for retreating from battles

  • Forgetful - The Merc will sometimes forget orders and stop what he is doing

  • Heat Intolerant - Merc will complain when in hot areas, maybe a moral drop to but I didn't notice it^^

  • Loner - Didn't notice much difference, only slower moral decrease when the Merc is working alone

  • Nervous - When alone the Merc will suffer a panic attack if the morale is low, which depletes the remaining morale even further

  • Psycho - Small bonus to the hitting chance of the Merc and sometimes the Merc will switch to full auto or burst when in single fire mode or will shoot more bullets when already in full auto both with higher accuracy. If the Merc is equipped with a weapon that can't fire auto or burst, he will suffer a small moral drop instead.
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the| Gamer  [author] Sep 1, 2017 @ 1:38pm 
okay, i just tested that and its actually strengh of 74 or less and male, i somehow messed up on that, sorry and thanks a lot for telling me! :)
ordieguy73 Sep 1, 2017 @ 10:58am 
if you want a martial art guy need to make strength 70 or less
the| Gamer  [author] Jul 29, 2017 @ 12:19am 
there you go ;:happy_creep:
the| Gamer  [author] Jul 29, 2017 @ 12:08am 
let me update the guide for you :)
ricktheruler7206 Jul 28, 2017 @ 8:56pm 
What exactly does the personality contribute to? The in-game responses to game events? Or are there mechanical differences that are evident within the game?
Focke-Wulf Jan 29, 2016 @ 2:23am 
thank you