Age of Empires II: HD Edition

Age of Empires II: HD Edition

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AOE 2 Mods
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Architecture Renovation
Created by oxam
IMPORTANT: I've had to step away from Modding for the time being, I've uploaded all the original files/ raw materials used in this mod at this address , if anybody wants to take on the mantle and update/improve the wo
Enhanced Forests
Created by Silent Ape
This mod changes the appearance of all forests, aswell as their corresponding chopped versions.

My goal was to keep the original trees mostly intact, but extend them where appropriate. Unfortunately the difference is sometimes hard to see on the compari...
Enhanced Blood
Created by Silent Ape
Note: This is for all dlcs aswell as the basegame. If you want the corpses to remain longer, you might want to check out my Enhanced Dat (No Decay) mod. (currently not up-to...
Jorgito's Units for the Forgotten
Created by warthog
Jorgito's Unit Reskin Mod for the Forgotten, African Kingdoms, and Rise of the Rajas DLC (includes icons)

Now compatible with Rise of the Raja's new Icons!!

First of all this is NOT my mod, I do NOT claim authorship. I have only ported this mod to th...
[Port] Cliffs HD
Created by TiKayKhan
Ported for 4.0+
I'm not the original author.

Originally posted by jorgito_aqua27:
New cliffs

This is part of a bigger mod, the
Enhanced Sinking
Created by Silent Ape
edit: Added the caravel

As seen on the screenshots/gifs, Enhanced Sinking alters the appearance of sinking ships. Sadly the amount of frames can't be changed without datafile-moding, therefore it might look somewhat 'clunky' depending on game-spe...
Summons HD Water Pack V2
Created by summons_2012
I changed everything from my first pack
except the beach rock.
Some I just changed the color. Enjoy

Massacre Mod - Expansions
Created by Xena
This mod increases the decay time of corpses by a significant amount, resulting in every battle being an absolute massacre afterwards. Each different decay frame of all units excluding sheep, turkeys etc. lasts 10 minutes. The last frame, the skeleton, las...
Enhanced Flames
Created by Silent Ape
This mod alters the appearance of the flames as seen on the screenshots. It is based on the original flames sprites.
Since it is rather difficult to demonstrate an animation via pictures, I added a small gif.

Multiplayer compatible.

If you're furt...
Ozhara's Extended Texture Pack V7
Created by Ozhara
This is my Extended Texture Pack V7.

For the updated content changes, take a look at the change notes. :)

This pack is called extended, for in addition of the changes all my full texture packs provide, it also contains fitting mountains and ...
Age of Empires Definitive Edition Soundtrack
Created by Lemme Smash
This mod will replace the Age of Empires II: HD edition's soundtrack with the soundtrack of the upcoming Age of Empires Definitive Edition!...
Amazonia v3
Created by Psionicmind
The rivers divide the jungle with little room to maneuver, follow the trail to find your allies and enemies. Remember to keep defending the banks of rivers. The teams are connected by roads.

Recommended play in team


- An island at the...
Black Forest Lakeside
Created by Kepoid
A version of black forest with new stuff added.
Players start with extra 3 houses and 2 scouts.
4 or more players recommended....
CC Team Black_Forest
Created by CC
This map is a team based version of Black Forest with a river in it.

Teams are connected by roads and all players are connected by accessible areas and shallows on water.

The map has 6 continents to play on.

- Forest
- Desert
- Jungle
- Frozen...
Fortress River
Created by Flipbug
Fortress River is a Fortress-style no rush random map. Players start with walls, gates, and towers to protect their starting area. However, aside from a few forage bushes, all the resources a player needs will be outside the safety of their fort...
Zetnus's Black Forest Rivers V2
Created by Zetnus
It's Black Forest ... with rivers.

I have tried to create a Black Forest style map, but with a couple of rivers snaking through the middle. You may be separated from the other players by water, or you might on the same piece of land as an ally ... or ...
Zetnus's Stony Shores v2
Created by Zetnus
Stony Shores is a random map script that has lots of hills, cliffs, craters, rocks, and lots of stone you can mine. All this stone comes at a price though - it's difficult to find enough building space because of all the hills, cliffs and rocks. Also, tr...
Zetnus's Searena
Created by Zetnus
It's almost like arena ... except that the outside of the map is ocean instead of forest … and that makes a massive difference when it comes to strategy. This map was inspired by an idea from JPence14.

There is a line of trees (2 trees thick) which sep...
Zetnus's Water Wars Beta
Created by Zetnus
This map was created in response to a request by Philodendron. The point is to have a map that focuses almost exclusively on naval combat.

>Extremely limited building space
>Elevation on the water
>Each person starts with a relic for gold,...
Zetnus's Hidden Valleys
Created by Zetnus
You start in a valley, surrounded by a thin line of trees in this hilly tundra-like map. The trees may provide some initial protection against drushes, but you will find that you need to cut through them soon to get resources from the outside world (espec...
Random Blood Arena (RMS)
Created by Zetnus
Random Blood Arena is a random map script inspired by CBA scenario maps. I’ve tried to make it look and feel sort of like a CBA map. Of course there are no automatic unit spawns, and you do have to manage your economy.

-Each player starts o...
Zetnus's Palisade Arena
Created by Zetnus
It's arena, except for the fact that you get palisade walls instead of stone walls.

I made this map in response to DaWasabi's request.
I'm sure someone has made this map before me, but since I couldn't find one, I produced a new one.
If you play this ...
Zetnus's Floodplain v3
Created by Zetnus
An updated version of my very first random map script.
This script generates a random map that has been flooded with large areas of shallow water (sort of like salt marsh but with more shallows and lots of extra food). Land units might well find themselv...
Forest Nothing 'FN edge gr.rms'
Created by PizzaMoe
King George's classic Forest Nothing map with his edge-fix. THE classic Forest Nothing map. 99% trees, 1% TC's. Chop for space, build a mill, del the mill, build 1st farm... It's played with one celt and rest huns each team.

Guides for Forest Nothing Ma...
4v4 Team Black Forest
Created by Atlas
A heavily forested map with 4 players at each end connected by two lanes. Each player begins with a castle to help defend their posiiton, and also a relic relatively nearby and an extra relic in the middle of each of the two lanes (10 all together).

3v3 Team Black Forest
Created by Atlas
A heavily forested map with 3 players at each end and each with a lane leading right into the center of the map. Each player starts with a castle to help defend their position and also each have a relic relatively nearby (6 total).

Population Limit: 300...
Zetnus's Forest Maze
Created by Zetnus
Forest maze is a highly experimental map which is basically maze in a forest. I've also made a nomad version which you also receive when you subscribe.

To play choose the following when setting up a match:

Map style: Custom

Location: ZN@Fo...
Unit Counter Information (AoC)
Created by eizedb
Version 0.9

This mod replaces the standard in-game tooltips with information about counter-units. For each unit it shows what units it is strong against and what units it is weak against. For now it shows only information on the "unit line" level, so ...
Streamlined Main Menu - Teutonic Might
Created by Dasso_
Customized main menu, Teutonic Knight themed by Dasso!

Credit to Creative Assembly for the image....
Zetnus's Team Causeways
Created by Zetnus
Team islands but with a set of narrow connections between the islands!

- More players = more connections

- Don’t try to fit 8 players on a tiny map :P

- LudiKRIS size is fully supported

- Different biomes (Desert, Frozen, Tropical, Alpine, As...
Streamlined Main Menu - Istanbul
Created by Dasso_
Customized main menu, Istanbul themed by Dasso!

Credit to Creative Assembly for the image....
Streamlined Main Menu Skin - Fog of War
Created by Sir Jasper Trund
This mod is a version of my original Streamlined Main Menu Skin Mod, but with official Age of Empires II HD artwork - 'Fog of War' - from the Age of Empires II HD Trading Card serie...