Arma 3
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Exile Beginners/Veterans Guide
By Untug
This guide will cover all the bases for new & veteren Exile players. Learn the basics and/or use this guide for quick references in your steam overlay while playing Exile.
Author Note:

If I missed anything please feel free to let me know in the comments. Thanks to everyone who helped with the guide!

Special thanks to: [KSG] Bullseye122, [KSG] LoneKirov, Vishpala & the Exile Dev team

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For those of you who are part of gaming communities or other gaming organizations please feel free to post a link to this guide and utilize it. You do not need to ask me permission although I appreciate that you do It was intended for everyone to use! Thank you to everyone for your comments and suggestions!

Introduction & Backstory
It is the year 2039. After the resource depleting conflict in Greece, Europe suffers from a new deflation crisis, leading the crime rate to a new peak in history. Members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization Security Council are forced to react. Being a desperate alternative to overcrowded and prohibitive prisons, offenders are now being sent to EXILE.

So now that you know the backstory let's get into it. In this guide we will go over the basics of spawning, looting, trade, building and basic gameplay.

All graphics used in this guide are my own and/or from Bis & the Exile Mod Team[] This guide is intended for quick reference while in game through your steam overlay. Enjoy and Happy Gaming!

Features of Exile
Hello there! We have been asked by our testers to implement earplugs, so here you go! Press “5” ingame to toggle them. While the earplugs are “active”, you will see an icon in your HUD to remind you. Yes, it is a small feature, but a great one.

Fast Weapon Switching
You can now use 1-4 to equip and holster your weapons in Exile, no more mouse wheel menu. Switching weapons just became simple and easy!
  • 1 - Primary
  • 2 - Secondary
  • 3 - Optional (Axe / Launcher)
  • 4 - Holster your current weapon

Item Managment & Storage
Gear & items in backpacks have always been an issue when trying to store your items in safes or vehicals. Well now that it is over! You can easely store your items in a backpack and shove that sucker into a car, crate or a safe and your items will remain there even after restart.
You can doubleclick backpacks, chest rigs and move items in and out of each other with much more ease or having to dump them on the ground!

Built in Auto-Run
Exile has put in Auto Run! Yes you can autorun while you tab out, use the XM8 or answer your messages! Press "0" - Autorun
Press "0" to stop running and give it a second or two to respond as it is on a loop.
Greatest thing ever!

The XM8

The XM8 is some kind of PDA that replaces the default watch item of Arma. It will be used to communicate with other players to create parties, families, manage your territory, lookup server rules, gamble on the sloth machine, Set off your breaching charges – and so much more!

XM8 Mobile App
**Coming Soon**

Exile servers are online 24/7, but players are not. Balancing base raiding in persistent online games is extremely challenging, if not completely impossible. All video games in this genre struggle with that, especially when the victims are not online. There is no common solution for that issue in this genre, so we are were thinking about something completely new. And the result is a smartphone app.

Arma HUD Replacement
We have been working on a new HUD in Exile to replace the original one of Arma. The primary goal of it is to remove visual clutter and noise, increase usability in general and give Exile a unique ingame look (besides the ingame color grading).
Hope you like it!

Ingame Color Grading
So the video is our real time ingame color grading. It basically adjusts the colors of Arma while you are ingame, adding a more realistic touch to the game!

Bright Nights
This is the first tiny video we want to show. Since Exile features a weather, date and daytime system, we have also implemented a bright nights modification. You will still benefit from night vision goggles, but … see for yourself

Russian Roulette

Russian Roulette allows up to 6 people to bet XXXX pop tabs, default server amount is 100, and they will all take turns firing shots at themselves until only one player remains. The winner wins what ever amount was wagered during the round. This amount will change depending on what the server owner/provider has specified.
Exile Servers: Features & Differences
Each Server will be uniqe! Just because one server has somthing does not mean another will!
Server features such as "MODS" like Towing, Fast Ropes, Cup Weapons & Vehicles, Ryans Zombies will all be up to the "HOST" of the server. Each server you visit will have differences that make them uniqe. This is somthing that the Developers of Exile wanted the owners/hosts of the servers to have, the ability to make their server unique. I have had many questions in the comments about things like this. I am hoping that this will help explain that you have to speak to the Provider/Host/Owner of the server to get questions answered pertaining to that specific server. You will be able to get information such as there rules and/or website/teamspeak info from your XM8 (#6 on your keyboard to access XM8). Use that information to speak with the Hosts of the server if you have questions.
When you first join you will be given the spawn window, as shown below:

Although the guards can be very brash with how they treat you as a prisoner, they do give you the option of where they drop you out of the plane. After connecting to the server you will be met with a list of Spawn Locations which you will be able to chose from. Kavala, Zaros, Selakano, Pyrgos, Athira, Sofia, or Random. Once you have made this decision and click the Spawn button you will begin your descent into Exile by parachute.
Spawn locations may be different depending on the map and the server you are playing Exile on.

You will be able to steer your parachute and control its speed in order to find the perfect landing location. Be sure not to hit the ground going too fast or your fresh new beginning on the island will be cut very short.

You will dropped into Exile with nothing but a stylish orange jump suit so after you land you can immediately begin searching for items in the area, or scan the land on your way down to find that spawn vehicle to get you from point A to point B. If you look hard enough you may just find the bicycle that will save you countless steps. If you have no place better to be then, it's time to start gathering materials/clothes and weapons and find yourself a place to call home.

You will be able to steer your parachute and control its speed in order to find the perfect landing location. Be sure not to hit the ground going too fast or your fresh new beginning on the island will be cut very short.

You will dropped into Exile with nothing but a stylish orange jump suit so after you land you can immediately begin searching for items in the area, or scan the land on your way down to find that spawn vehicle to get you from point A to point B. If you look hard enough you may just find the bicycle that will save you countless steps. If you have no place better to be then, it's time to start gathering materials/clothes and weapons and find yourself a place to call home.

The loot spawns directly on the ground/floor, not in containers. You will be able to find building-category related loot, thus military buildings will spawn military loot etc. There are high-loot areas where you can find rare items.

Different types of loot will spawn depending on what type of building you are in
For example:
  • Military buildings will often spawn Helmets / Uniforms / Chest Rigs / Backpacks /Ammo & Weapons
  • Civilian Buildings will spawn weapons and ammo as well, but only low grade weapons like 5.56. They will also spawn items like food & water / building supplies / fuel / attachments etc.
  • Medical Buildings will spawn Doc2go (Medpack) / Axes & building supplies more frequently than the other buildings.
  • Selling items or using the waste dump will now earn you respect. Current ratio: 10 pop tabs = 1 respect

Keep your backpack clean as possible, when looting you want to keep Military clothing such as Uniforms / Weapons / Chest Rigs / Backpacks & Helmets in your backpack. These items will only go into your backpack so its important to carry Ammo & Food in your uniform and chest rigs. Military items sell for more than civilian clothing and is a good source of income when first starting out.

Here is a visual aid below to help you understand the different building types:

Understanding the "HUD" Icons
In Exile we have changed some of the ways Arma 3 will notify you of Connection, Voice and your players status in Exile. Here are some of the new HUD icons you will see in Exile:

Being a Bambi

The "Bambi Status" Icon signifies you are a bambi!

Condition Status

This icon appears when your thirst goes below 25%, better drink fast!

This icon appears when your hunger goes below 25%, go stuff your face!

Connection Status

This is the "Red Chain" in Arma 3, your are loosing conneciton.

This is the "Yellow Chain" in Arma 3, you are about to loose your connection.

Combat Status

Shows you are in "Combat" and can not log out, or build anything.

Shows you are "Bleeding" out and you may perish if you do not stop the bleeding!

User Togglable Options

This is your "Auto Run" Icon, will let you know you are currently in Auto Run. Key #0

This is your "Ear Plug" Icon, shows you have your earplugs in! Key #5

Surviving Exile "Basics"
Exile uses simplified survival mechanisms, which boils down to hunger and thirst. Both of them are bound to your ingame activity. If you like to camp, you will not become thirsty/hungry fast. But if you run for ages, you will become thirsty very quickly. As a side note, they have removed fatigue completely, so you can basically run forever, forest!

You can consume your food/water by double clicking on said item. Also filling water bottles works the same way, but need a water source to fill the empty bottles. You will find the "Fill Water Bottle" in the recipes list. Water sources include the ocean (salt water) if consumed you will loose health and die. And dirty water which you can find from pumps or water collectors. Dirty water will not kill you but should only be consumed in a pinch. Food comes in two forms either they can be eaten right when you pick them up i.e. EMRE, Moobar, Raisins, etc. OR they will require a can opener to be consumed.

You can cook Salt/Dirty water in a "cooking pot" by a fire to turn it into fresh water. You will need an "axe" to chop the wood need to make the fire and "matches" to start it. Canned food items can also be cooked to boost how much hunger they will fill when consumed.

You can find water sources in the cities, here are some water sources below:
Surviving Exile "Acquiring Water & Food"
Buying Water & Food
You can buy water & food from the "Fast Food" vendor for Pop Tabs in trader city:

Once you consume your water from the trader keep your empty bottles, you can use them to collect water for future use. You will also find food & water by looting, so buying isn't your only option.

Finding Water Bottles
You can find "Fresh Water" by looting towns and villages, but the best way to stay hydrated is to collect dirty or salty water. Then boiling them to fresh water, It will always be a good idea to have an "Axe" / "Cooking Pot" & "Matches" on your person so you will not go thirsty.

Collecting Water: Select the bottle
Another way you can get fresh water other than the water sources listed above is the ocean! For this example of how to fill your water bottle we will use the ocean! So to collect water you will first need a "Empty Water Bottle", as you can see in the picture below i have it selected in my inventory.

Choose what type of water to fill
Once you have the bottle selected you will be given and option for "Details" or "Recipes". You will want to select "Recipes" as seen below and select "Fill Salt Water"

Craft "Fill" your water bottle
As you can see that it is all green on the right side, this means you are ready complete your task. If you have any red on the right side it means your missing one of the components to complete your task. Also note with this crafting system you can do all your bottles or just some using the quantity selection on the bottom left as seen below:

Boiling to "Fresh Water"
Now that you have dirty or Salt water you can now make a "camp fire" and boil your water in a "cooking pot" to make them "Fresh Water". The process works in the same fashion, you will need an "Axe" / "Matches" / "Cooking Pot"
Surviving Exile "Consuming Food & Water"
Watching your Hunger & Thurst

Now you would be supprised on how easy it is to die from not paying attention to these two vital stats. This is located at the bottom left of your screen below your chat. Will look like this:

Once those hit %25 they will change to the color RED. This is a critical time and you need to pay attention to this and satisfy your characters need for food or water.

Consuming Water & Food

Open your inventory and double click on your water bottle or your food item. You should see a information screen detailing your water or foods statistica gains. On the bottom left of your information screen you will see the "Consume" buttom. Click it and you will eat/drink your item. Some examples bellow:

Exile Items & Vehicle Levels
All items & Vehicles in Exile are separated into 6 levels and are color coded for your convenience:
  • White: Level 1
  • Green: Level 2
  • Blue: Level 3
  • Purple: Level 4
  • Gold: Level 5
  • Hot Pink: Level 6
The higher the level the more "Respect" will be need to purchase said item or vehicle at the vendors. While at the vendors if you mouse over a item you will see a "Tool Tip" that will tell you how much "Pop Tabs" or "Respect" you need to aquire it.

As well you can double-click an item to see the main attributes of it. A magazine will show the damage, tracer count, maximum speed etc. While a vest will show attributes like armor and capacity. If you ever wondered which backpack is the largest or which sniper has the highest range, now you know to double click the item. (Double Clicking in the vendor will purchase the item, only do this while item is in your inventory!)

Currency "Pop Tabs"

Pop Tabs
Exile's ingame currency is called “Pop Tabs”. That's the tiny thingy that you use to open a canned drink. In the most recent update pop tabs have become a physical object and can be seen in your inventory and your XM8.

There will be a trader city where you can interact with NPCs. This trader city is the “Mafia” of Exile. There are different types of traders for different types of items. You will have full control of where to buy to or sell items from. For example, if you are not wearing a helmet and buy one, you will equip it automatically. If you carry a weapon with attachments and sell it, the weapon will be gone but the attachments will still be in your inventory. On top of that, you can directly buy and sell things from your vehicles cargo. Also, there is a “waste dump” where you can sell the content of your vehicles at once, so you can “clean” your base much faster.

There are also vehicle traders, where you can buy the base version of a vehicle, aircraft or boat. Beside the respective vehicle trader, you can go to the “vehicle customs” trader and buy new skins for that. We have planned to add more customizations over time, like custom car horns, bottom lights, nitro boosters, smoke defense systems etc.


Lockers are now located at trader city which is where you can store your pop tabs. You can store up to 999,999 pop tabs in the lockers currently, and they are completely private. To access the locker walk up to it and use your scroll wheel to go to inventory. You can also store pop tabs inside vehicles, crates, and safes. By default you can only store 10,000 tabs until the server owner changes the amount in the config files.

Respect is some sort of score that your character will gain over time. If you frag someone, you will gain respect. If you kill a bambi or a mate, you will lose respect. Respect is required to interact with the Mafia. For example, if you want to extend your territory, you will need respect. Thus you are forced to leave your base if you want to extend your base.

Default Respect Values
Server administrators will be able to change these values, im am useing default values for these examples.
  • Bambie Slayers = -500 respect; Kill a player that has just spawned and has no weapon, can also be set to a time value for when a player will loose the "Bambi Status"
  • Friendly Fire = -100 respect; Kill one of your own and you loose =(
  • Enemy Kill = +100 Respect; Kill an enemy player base points
    - Distance Bonus = +10 respect respect; For every 100m of distance from you to the target
    - First Blood = +100 respect; Be the first one to kill after a server restart!
    - Kill Streak = +50 per kill
    2 * 50 = +100
    3 * 50 = +150
    4 * 50 = +200
    5 * 50 = +250
    **Server admins can set the "Kill Streak Timeout" clock with "killStreakTimeout = 120" (default - 2 minutes)
  • Humiliation = +300 respect; When you kill a enemy player with an "Axe"
  • Passenger Kill = +400 respect; Shoot and kill from a passanger position in a vehicle
  • Road Kill = +500 respect; Kill a pedestrian while driving/piloting a vehicle =)

    Selling items or using the waste dump will now earn you respect. Current ratio: 10 pop tabs = 1 respect. Respect now also has a level system which makes it so you must raise your respect in order to purchase better weapons, equipment, items, and vehicles. The current levels are as followed:

    Level 1 = 0 Respect
    Level 2 = 5,000 Respect
    Level 3 = 10,000 Repect
    Level 4 = 15,000 Respect
    Level 5 = 20,000 Respect
    Level 6 = 25,000 Respect

    You do not have a maximum amount of respect that you can reach, these levels just make it so you must invest time and effort into the game so you can buy better gear, much like a level up system in a standard MMORPG.
Trader Cities
Trader CitIies are scattered throughout the map, there you can buy and sell items to earn or spend your Pop Tabs. There are two types of traders, safe zone traders, and unprotected traders. Safe zone traders are located within a blue circle and make it so that vehicles and players cannot take damage within the circle. Unprotected traders have no protection and you are able to be damaged and have your vehicles destroyed while there. However some servers will have custom features added to these traders making it that so each trader has its own unique characteristics.

Trader Cities are home to many kinds of traders:

Aircraft Trader-
Buy Aircraft Vehicles

Aircraft Customs:
Buy Aircraft Paint Jobs and customize your ride!

Armory Trader:
Buy/Sell Weapons / Ammo / Attachments

Equipment Trader:
Buy/Sell Uniforms / Chest Rigs / NVGs / Matches & Cooking Pot etc..

Fast Food Trader:
Buy Food And Water & Sell items

Hardware Trader:
Here you can buy Safes / Building Supplies Etc.

Office Trader:
Clans and Flags (Plot Poles)

Special Operations Trader:
Buy/Sell Grenades / UAVs / Explosives and much more!

Vehicle Trader:
Buy/Sell Wheeled vehicles

Vehicle Customs Trader:
Turn that old rust bucket into the vehicle of your dreams.

Waste Dump Trader:
Trade all your hard earned dump items in for hard earned Pop Tabs. Here you can land your bird beside him and sell all your cargo in one quick interaction!
Note: You can sell your vehicle at this trader.
Exile's Combination Safe & Code Locks
Basic Storage (Unsecure)
Now with all this looting or building your going to need some storage and places to put materials while you build. So the first thing we will look at is the Wood Crate. Its free, and holds a decent amount of MASS. Its a good idea to build a few of these if building a medium - large base. Its a great way to build up supplies then go build a bunch.

Code Locks
This will be used to lock your Vehicles, Doors, Gates and is also comes equiped on your Safes.

Code locks can be purchased at the "Hardware" Traders, prices may vary depending on the server providers settings.

Combination Safe (Secured)
This is the best way to store your goods, a Combination Safe! You can purchase these at the "Hardware Trader" in Trader City. Once you have placed your safe you will be able to unlock it useing the scroll menue as seen below:

You will then see the keypad infront of you, enter code "0000"
Now you will have unlocked your sefe and you can access your safe and set a new pin. When your ready to set your pin scroll menue to "Set Pin".

It will then ask you to enter your old pin first, which for first time set up is "0000"

Then it will give you the keypad again, and you set your new pin. Do not forget your pin number! Thats it, now you have a secure place to store your items in your Combination Safe.
Vehicles in Exile
Exile vehicle Spawns
Exile spawns two different types of vehicles on the map. Normal vehicles like cars and choppers off the spawn zones and vehicles, like bikes, close to spawn zones. Both of them are non-persistent, so they will de-spawn on server restarts. If you want to keep a vehicle forever, buy a "Code Lock" for it then scoll menue the car and select "Claim", this will make your vehicle persistent and make you the owner. Vehicles that you purchase at traders will be persistent out of the box and come with a codelock already.

Buying A Vehicle
When purchasing a vehicle you will see a menu like this, scroll through till you find a vehicle you can afford. This vehicle's stats will then be displayed on the screen and can be used to compare whats best for you. Before you are able to purchase the vehicle you must enter a 4 digit pass code to stop others from being able to unlock your car. Once this pass code has been entered you do not need to enter it anymore, it will just simply lock and unlock your vehicle.

Locking and Unlocking
When unlocking and locking your car, you will see a code lock appear as seen below, you can use your numpad, or click the numbers to unlock the car with the pin code set when purchasing the vehicle. The numpad must be used when unlocking and locking the car.

Refueling Your Vehicle
When refuling your vehicle, you need to have a "Fuel Canister (Full)". 1 Canester puts in 20L no matter if its a heli, plane, or car/truck. You can re-fill at gas stations if needed.
Example Bellow:

You will find the "refuel" option in the scroll menu while looking at the vehicles you want to refuel.

Draining Fuel from Vehicles
"Drain" will work in the same fasion as "refuel" you vehicle, You will however require a "Fuel Canister (empty)" to drain 20L of fuel.
*You can not drain fuel onto the ground. You must have Empty Fuel Canaster(s) to drain fuel.

Repairing your Vehicle
To repair your vehicle you will need 1 roll of duct tape and be the most recient pilot or driver.

To reapir the damaged vehicle you will use the scroll menue on vehicle and click repair. As of now this is how vehicles are repaired.

You can Hotwire a vehicle with a Knife! Knifes are by default fairly rare so hold on to them.

Refueling Truck
If you and/or your group are lucky enough to find a Refueling you can use it at your base to refuel all your vehicles there! Great for basses on the outskirts of the map.

Repair Vehicles
Great for your Mechanic! He can have a moble repair station and follow your convoys.
**Currently not implimented
Territory Control
Territories can be purchased from the Mafia. The larger your territory the more "Pop Tabs" you need to have to purchase it. You need to pay protection money every now and then to keep your territory. The larger your territory is, the higher the protection money. Territories can only been placed 300m from each other however can vary depending on server settings.

Mafia Territory Breakdown
So basically what it comes down to is your going to want to own your own land, that only you and your mates can build on. Land can be purchased from the "Mafia" by purchasing Flags in the "Office" at the trader city. Each flag starts with a 15m radius and can be upgraded using pop tabs.

**For example: p = Pop Tabs
5000 pop tabs / 15m
10,000p/ 30m
15,000p / 45m
20,000p / 60m
50,000p / 150m

All the way up to 150m or 10 Levels.

Levels of Territory Control
So once you own the territory these are the different roles you can assign other members of your group or party. You can do this on the XM8 inside the territory option.
Owner - Can control who is Moderator of the group, originally purchased Territory.
Moderator - A individual given access to Place, Move or Remove objects in your territory.
Member - Can access base laptop and vitrual garage.

Stealing a Territory Flag
In order to ensure that your base will be protected you must defend your territory flag. Enemy players will be able to steal your territory flag if they are able to gain access to it. If your flag is stolen it can be recovered within 2 DAYS from the office trader at the main trader.

Mafia Protection "Base Maintenance"
In Exile you will have to pay "Protection" the the "Office Trader" in order to keep your base that you have built. In order to do this you will need pop tabs. It will display when you will need to purchase protection by or risk loosing all the hard work you have done. You can find the "Office" trader at the Main Trader City.

**This is used as an example. this may not represent the default values on release
The XM8 "Overview & Settings"
Start The XM8
At first you will see a tablet that is off infront of you, click the little X at the bottom to turn it on. It is always off by default. So if you log out or die you will have to turn it on agian, if you need to use it. But once you set always on in the settings you will remain on the 8G network.

Once it is on you will see the main menue: As seen below
Here you will have some quick information as well as some other options that you can select by clicking on the icon. You can see your Kill / Death Ratio, Pop Tabs & Respect on the left hand side for a quick reference.

Click the "More" tab to take you to your settings options.

Connect to the 8G Network
In the setting section you will see an option to "Show Your Device" on the network.
You will select YES. This will allow you to see who else is on the network and invite them to your party.

Once connected you can send or recive party invites. As you can see you have some other options you can set such as party colors, play beeps on notifications etc..

The XM8 "Managing Families & Parties"
There are two different types of groups in Exile.
There is not a member limit for either Families or Parties.

Parties are temporary groups of players who want to play together. The only thing that a party offers is ingame markers of your party members.

Families are saved in the database and will persist. Familes are meant for friends to share ingame pin codes, persistent map markers (that is on our todo-list!) and such. Also, both parties and families can have a name, whereas families can also have their own territory flags.

Setting Up Your Own Party or Family
These steps mirror each other, as in the steps are virtualy the same for families and parties

Party Setup: Open your XM8 and click on the party icon, here you will be able to create your party. First type the name of your party then click on "Host Party". Now you have just set up your party and are ready to invite your friends.

Inviting Frinends or Players to your party: Open up your XM8 and select the "8G Network" Icon, here you will see a list of people that are connected to the 8G network on the server. Select there name and click "Invite to Party". Once they accept thier invite they will now become a part of your party, and you will see them in your HUD.

Accepting a Party Invite: Once you get a notification saying you have been invited to a party open your XM8 and select the "Party" Icon. Here you will see a big notification that you have been invited to said party, from here you can either accept or decline the invitation.

Managing your Party or Family

In your XM8 you will be able to manage your Party, Territories and Family. You will be able to Kick, Promote and Demote players. Its up to you to decide who will be able to invite to the party, build in your territory or kick other players.

Party Member List
Your party members will be listed in the top left of your screen. It has three colors indicating damage.
  • Green = Good
  • Orange = Medium Damage
  • Red = Critical damage
The XM8 "Managing Territories"
By selecting the territories icon on your XM8 it will give you a drop down box that will allow you to choose which territory you want to manage. Also below you can select whom you want to be able to have build rights and manage the territory with you by permoting or demoting.

You can also select the "Radius" to show the allowable build radius of your territory.
*As your territory level increases so does your build radius and allowable objects
**For more information on territories refer to "Territory Control" in the table of contents.

The XM8 "Sloth Machine & Other Features"
Sloth Machince
The Sloth Machince is a fun feature added to pass the time when waiting for your slow ass friends.
Place your bet and spin to win!

Health Scanner
Want to see a breakdown of what your ailments are. See where you were hit, maybe just give yourself a once over. Exile has added the health scanner into the XM8 so you can check your condition.

You can find the health scanner under the "More" Icon: As seen below

The XM8 "Setting Off Breach Charges"
This is very simple, once you have you charges set stand back and click "BOOM"

Making Breach Charges:
You will require a "Fool Box" In order to craft these charges. Each charge will take a certain amount of time to place depending on the level of the territory.

Fool Box Craft Table:
Breaching Charge Wood: Duct Tape (1) & Explosive Charge (1)
Breaching Charge Metal: Duct Tape (1) & Explosive Satchel (1)
Breaching Charge Concrete: Breaching Charge Metal (3), Mobile Phone (1), Duct Tape (1), & Zip Tie (1)
Crafting & Construction
Crafting / Cooking
We have defined a couple of crafting recipes that you can craft. Some recipes require tools, like a cooking pot or special environmental conditions, like a water pump. You can craft multiple items at once. Crafting itself is always instant, so you could craft 300 wood floors with a single click.

Building Options Legend
Here are the options for building:

Exile will feature three building modes (free, grid, snap) that allows changes to rotation, elevation, distance to the player and the option to build with or without physics being simulated. The option to build with or without physics is great to have full control. For example, if you want to build a ramp, lift a wood floor into the air and enable physics so it will fall down. If you want to create a helipad, disable physics and the floor will float!

Below I have included a video to demonstrate the building system. This video is a little dated but the machanics of it are the same.

Special thanks to SKL for allowing use of his video!
Crafting & Materials
Here we will go over what all the items are you can find to build Portable Generators,Flood Lights & other items you can craft to make your life of Exile easier.
**More items will be added as the developers update Exile.

General Ingredients

Wood Log
You can make your Camp Fire & Work Bench with this raw material. You do however need an "Axe" to harvest wood.

Cooking Pot
You can use the cooking pot by a fire to boil your dirty or salt water to fresh consumable water.

Box of Matches
Are used to start your fires. But be careful you can only use a box of matches so many times before you run out of matches!

Camp Fire
With a camp fire you can cook your water to make it fresh, and craft objects that require a fire.
1 Camp Fire requires 2 x Wood Logs to craft and a Box Of Matches to light the fire.

Junk Metal
Can be used for making "Metal Boards" & "Metal Poles"
  • 2 x Scrap Metal - Will give you a Metal Board
  • 4 x Scap Metal - Will give you a Metal Pole

Metal Board
Metal boards are used to build "Portable Generators"
1 Portable Generator requires 4 x Metal Boards

Metal Pole
Metal Poles are used to build "Flood Light Kits"
1 Flood Light Kit requires 1 x Metal Pole

Light Bulb
Light Bulbs are used to build "Flood Light Kits"
Flood Light Kit requires 1 x Light Bulb

Craftable Items
Here I will show you what items you can make in Exile with some basic items listed above.

Portable Generator Kit
You can power your Flood Lights at night to drown out NVGs or have general lighting in your base.

Flood Light Kit
You can light up the outside or inside of your base with these bad boys. Needs a Portable Generator to power them.

***As more items become available I will add them to the guide.
Exile Items
There are many items in exile, and I am only going to list Items of note and not thinks like drinks and food items. That is pretty self explanitory, as they will all show thier attributes in game. As far as some you may need to know if your new to Exile, I will List them and briefly explain what they are for here.

Craftable Items:

Portable Generator: Used to power Flood Lights and Objects requiring power to function.
Flood Lights: Will light up your base with HID power!
Water Barrel: Used to Collect water and can be used to fill water containers.

Crafting Table:
Portable Generator: Meatal Board (4), Fuel Canister Full (1), Extention Cord (1) & Fire
Flood Light: Metal Pole (1), Light Bulb (1), Extention Cord (1) & Fire
Water Barrel: Empty Plastic Bottles (20), Fire & Work Bench

interactable Items
Some Items you interact with to either use to Craft other items or access Base or Server Features

Foolbox: Used to craft Wood & Metal Repair Kits & Wood, Metal and Concrete Breaching Charges
Laptop: Used to access Security Cameras & Base or Server Features
Security Camera: Place around your base and view through your Laptop
Defibrillator: Can be used to Revive a dead player before there timer runs out (This is Server Optional, and may not be active on some servers.)

Fool Box Craft Table:
Breaching Charge Wood: Duct Tape (1) & Explosive Charge (1)
Breaching Charge Metal: Duct Tape (1) & Explosive Satchel (1)
Breaching Charge Concrete: Breaching Charge Metal (3), Mobile Phone (1), Duct Tape (1), & Zip Tie (1)

General Items
Some items you will have to have on your person in order to perform some actions. I will list the item and there funtion below.
Can Opener: Used to open canned food for consumption
Hand Saw: Used to craft wood planks at a workbench
Zip Tie: Used to Bind a Players Hands together and is also used in crafting.
*It goes in your grenade slot, u can select it the same way and use it with the same key. Careful don't blow yourself up.
Axe: Used to Chop Trees into Logs
Sledge Hammer: Used to get meatal from containers around the map
Knife: Used to Hotwire a vehicle! Hold on to them!

Building Structures - "Wood"
Once you're exiled to the island, you can begin scavenging. One of the things you do with those scavenged items is build. Each building material you loot will allow you to craft many different items, in which you can use to build structures, fortifications and also a place to keep those scavenged items for safe keeping. Of course, nothing great is gained without work. Therefore, you must spend time, and gather all the materials necessary to create the items listed below.

Wood Log
An Axe is needed to chop trees needed. The larger the tree the more wood will be harvested.

Work Bench and Handsaw
A Work Bench is needed to create most of your building materials. Before you are able to create even Wood Walls you will need a work bench to turn your Wood Planks into Wood Walls. You will also need a handsaw in order to transform your Wood Logs into Wood Planks, just have the Handsaw in your inventory while you are at the workbench to be able to create Wood Planks.
  • Work Bench (4 Wood Logs)

Wood Planks
Created from (2) Wood Logs and Handsaw, Wood Planks are used at the workbench to craft:

Wood Craft Table:
  • Wood Door (6 Wood Planks)
  • Wood Drawbridge (4 Wood Planks, 2 Rope)
  • Wood Floor (4 Wood Planks)
  • Wood Floor Port (6 Wood Planks)
  • Wood Gate (8 Wood Planks)
  • Wood Stairs (6 Wood Planks)
  • Wood Support (6 Wood Planks)
  • Wood Wall (4 Wood Planks)
  • Wood 1/2 Wall (2 Wood Planks)

Storage Crate
Can be useful for your storage needs, and they are free!

Wood Wall
A wood wall is created from 4 wood planks while close to a work bench. Wood Walls are one of the components of any structure and can be upgraded into 3 different items. Wood Walls must be upgraded to the following before placing them.
  • Wood Door- Wood Wall+2 Wood Planks
  • Wood Window- Wood Wall + 2 Wood Planks
  • Wood Gate- Wood Wall + 4 Wood Planks

Wood Door
A Wood Door can be constructed by combining an unused Wood Doorway with 2 Wood Planks at a Work Bench. A Wood Doorway must be upgraded to a Wood Door before placing.

Wood Window
A Wood Window can be constructed by combining a Wood Wall with 2 Wood Planks at a Work bench. Wood Windows must be upgraded before placing.

Wood Floor
A wood floor can be built with 4 Wood Planks

Wood Floor Port
A wood floor port can be used to give access to either a lower level or higher level of your structure using a ladder.

Wood Stairs
Its stairs, need I say more?

Wood Gate
Used as a large gate (Garage Doors, Large Main Door etc.)
  • Currently Unusable as a garage door though. Good for large base doors.

1/2 Wood Wall
1/2 A Wall, can be used for railings or dividers to organize pathways or base compartments.

Building Structures - "Reinforced" (Metal)
Wood is not the only available base material available. You can upgrade your base using Fortification Upgrade Kits which will then turn your wooden materials into a Reinforced Structure. This increases your defense while also changing how the structure will look.

Fortifacation Upgrade Kit
The only thing you need to upgrade is a Fortification Upgrade Kit. Just have it in your inventory then go up to the structure you would like to upgrade, use your scroll wheel and go to upgrade. The metal board will be consumed and the object will have been upgraded.

To craft a Fortification Upgrade Kit you will need:
  • 2x Metal Poles
  • 4x Metal Boards
  • Grinder
  • Fire
  • Workbench

Reinforced Craft Table:

Reinforced Wood Wall
Reinforced Wood Walls make it so its even harder to get into a base! Also it gives off that beautiful trailer park je ne sais quoi.

Reinforced Wood Door
Makes your doors stronger! Who knew that rusty metal was bullet proof!

Reinforced Wood Window
For those rainy days where you just want to lookout into the wastes.

Reinforced Wood Gate
Makes your gate stronger and gives off the feeling that you truly do enjoy finger painting with blood!

Reinforced 1/2 Wall
Building Structures - "Concrete"
So you have decided a re-inforced base isnt enough and you want to really make your base secure as possible. Well your going to need somthing better than Metal and Wood! To play with the big boys your going to need concrete. But this is going to take alot of work, and is usually better if you have some help. In this section I will list what you can build and what materials you will need to make them. Just to make it a little easier to reference too ;)

Ingredients For Concrete Structures
Here are some materials you will need before you can start crafting your concrete structures.

Some things you are going to need are Bags of Cement & Sand some Metal Poles, Fuel & Canister of Dirty Water
*As shown below the quantity will vary depending on what you are building.

Where do you craft Concrete Structures?
So you have your materials, perfect now you need to find a way to combine "Mix" you materials together. You need to find a Concrete Mixer! It works just like a work bench, you need to be near it in order to use it. Concrete Mixer As Seen Below

*By Default Exile Mission file they will be located in PvP areas (Gona have to work for it!)
**Depending on the Server Host they may be in PvP areas or in safe zones. You will have to look for them. They may or may not be marked, as stated earlier this will be up to the server hosts.

Craftable Table:

Concrete Wall:
  • Bags of Cement: 2
  • Bags of Sand: 2
  • Metal Poles: 2
  • Water Canister (Dirty Water): 2
  • Fuel Canister (Full): 1

Concrete Doorway
  • Bags of Cement: 3
  • Bags of Sand: 3
  • Metal Poles: 3
  • Water Canister (Dirty Water): 3
  • Fuel Canister (Full): 1

Concrete Floor
  • Bags of Cement: 2
  • Bags of Sand: 2
  • Metal Poles: 2
  • Water Canister (Dirty Water): 2
  • Fuel Canister (Full): 1

Concrete Floor Port
*Can be upgraded to have a metal door
  • Bags of Cement: 3
  • Bags of Sand: 3
  • Metal Poles: 3
  • Water Canister (Dirty Water): 3
  • Fuel Canister (Full): 1

Concrete Gate
  • Bags of Cement: 4
  • Bags of Sand: 4
  • Metal Poles: 4
  • Water Canister (Dirty Water): 4
  • Fuel Canister (Full): 1

Concrete Stairs
  • Bags of Cement: 1
  • Bags of Sand: 1
  • Metal Poles: 1
  • Water Canister (Dirty Water): 1
  • Fuel Canister (Full): 1

Concrete Support
  • Bags of Cement: 1
  • Bags of Sand: 1
  • Metal Poles: 1
  • Water Canister (Dirty Water): 1
  • Fuel Canister (Full): 1

Upgrade to Concrete Door
*Upgrades Only Require a Workbench
  • Concrete Doorway Kit: 1
  • Meatl Pole: 2
  • Metal Board: 4

Upgrade Concrete Window
*Upgrades Only Require a Workbench
**Can be Upgraded to have metal rolling window that is bullet proof
  • Concrete Wall Kit: 1
  • Meal Pole: 2
  • Metal Board: 4

Concrete Repair Kit
  • Bags of Cement: 4
  • Bags of Sand: 2
  • Water Canister (Dirty Water): 1
  • Fuel Canister (Full): 1
Building Structures - "Base Defences"
You are also able to create base defence items in Exile. Sandbags, Tanks Traps, H-Barriers & Fences. These are great for quick cover spots, traffic control and security.

Tools Required
in order to make these uniqe items you will require some tools to craft them.
Grinder, Screwdriver & Pliers

Base Defence Craft Table:
*Listed Below are items requiring a "Work Bench"

Sand Bags (Long) & (Corner)
  • Bags of Sand: 6 (Long)
  • Bags Of Sand: 3 (Corner)

H-Barrier (5 Blocks)
Tools Required: Pliers
  • Sand Bag Kit (Long): 3
  • Metal Wire: 2

Metal Hedgehog
*Fire Is Required to build this Item
Tools Required: Grinder

  • Metal Polls: 4

Wire Fence
Tools Required: Grinder, Pliers, Screwdriver & Work Bench
  • Metal Poles: 4
  • Metal Wire: 6
  • Box of Screws: 1
Well I hope this guide will help everyone get a general understanding and provide an easy place to get references from while playing Exile. I will try and keep this guide up to date and add anything that you all suggest to make it more informative. This is not an "Official" guide, but its a start!
Happy gaming everyone and hope to see you on Exile!
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