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Spark the electric jester
Platforms: PC, Mac
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Aug 7, 2015 @ 8:01am
Apr 10, 2017 @ 4:22pm

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Get ready for april 6th!
Major kickstarter update + release date!
Release date: February 2017
- Demo: Click Here.[]
- Kickstarter: (Funded, Check out our stretch goals!)
- Soundtrack:

Spark the electric jester is an action/platformer video game heavily based on classics from the 16-bit era, such as Mega Man X, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Kirby Super Star.

You play as Spark, an electric jester frustrated by the loss of his job! On one beautiful day, robots decided to take over the world. Seeing as Spark’s job was taken by a robot, he decided this was the perfect opportunity for his revenge! Spark will have to travel through the world and be engulfed in high-speed thrills and tons of action against the robots and the one who has taken his job.

Spark is not just an electric jester, though. Spark can also transform into other Jester types with the right items, such as the Wind and Gravity Jesters, which are playable in the demo. Go check them out!

How’s the Gameplay?

Speed your way through numerous non-linear paths to explore and clear stages, uncovering hidden passages and unlocking new power-ups along the way! This game takes obvious influences and references from your favorite classic 16-bit games.

Felipe Ribeiro Daneluz (LakeFeperd): Programmer, Designer, Artist.
Falk Au Yeong: Composer;
James Landino: Composer, Sound Designer.
Andy Tunstall: Composer, Sound Designer.
Pejman Roozbeh (Funk Fiction): Composer.
Michael Staple (Maxie): Composer.
Paul Bethers: Composer.

Felipe, Falk, James, Andy and Pejman have done some work in the past in the fan game Sonic Before the Sequel and Michael joined later for its sequel: Sonic After the Sequel.

Release date: Around spring 2016.

Follow me @LakeFeperd for updates.
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Ronnie42 Jul 6, 2017 @ 9:18am 
Kind of looks like Ristar...
LakeFeperd  [author] Apr 13, 2017 @ 7:20pm 
indeed my friend. :^ )
I'd rather be dead Apr 13, 2017 @ 2:34pm 
YAY, one more sonic-like shitty game...yeap...
LakeFeperd  [author] Apr 3, 2017 @ 11:44am 
haaang in there!
LakeFeperd  [author] Apr 3, 2017 @ 11:44am 
it's coming!
frag Apr 1, 2017 @ 3:53pm 
Wew, five days till launch.
Yasuka Takaya Mar 31, 2017 @ 9:18am 
hello from Russia. Can't wait for release. Gotta go fast >.>
The Nick Killer Mar 29, 2017 @ 5:13am 
Also, another question, I played the demo again, just the tutorial to see if the game works fine, and the control scheme with my gc controller (Last time I used keyboard) is really uncomfortable to play. Can you change the controls for controllers in the full game?
Storm Mar 28, 2017 @ 1:28pm 
esse lakefeperd menino bom
Little Syrup Mar 25, 2017 @ 4:15pm 
Looks like my library will have one more acquisition on April 6th...