Left 4 Dead 2

Left 4 Dead 2

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870mcs from BO2
Created by T-Max
Custom shotgun. Replaces default pump-action shotgun....
AK47-IronBeast from CrossFire
Created by ClearSkyC
This is Super VIP weapon from CrossFire.

About some features:
animated texture
3D jigglebone flame eyes

CrossFire - Model/texture/sound
ClearSkyC - Animations, sound editing, texture modifications, original compile.


Ax Bass (Adventure Time)
Created by Prophet
"Some kind of lute..."

Not really, just a battle axe converted into a bass guitar by Marceline, from Adventure Time[adventuretime.wikia.com].


If you like it, don't forget to rate. Thanks! :)

Batman Arkham City - Bane (Tank)
Created by PHY0N1X
From Arkham to Apocolypse!...
Carbon Fibre - Autoshotgun
Created by Mavericks
Carbon Fibre camoflauge from Black Ops 2 on the Auto/ Tactical shotgun.

Was tested on maxed-out settings, so might not be as visible or sharp on lower settings.

Let me know any feedback etc. and Thanks for trying :D...
Created by Cele
Hello,my 2nd compile for L4D2,this time i will show u a beautiful beast ever in the whole COD,it has cool white gun body and looks decorous,it let me feel like Spartan,that is the ARX160 from COD:G
Relacing M16
COD:GHOSTS Fabarm FP6(Chrome Shotgun)
Created by Cele
Its been long time since my previous release,some people concerned me stopped the steps of the series of CODG weapons,dont worry,i didnt quit,just some problems about the sounds.Now i will present u a shotgun named Fabarm FP6 from COD:G

Replace Chrome S...
COD:GHOSTS M9A1(Pistols)
Created by Cele
OK,this little thing has ruined me 3 months,yes,i have been making this since 3 months ago and many unexpected probelms screwed my progress,so i prepared to make others first,the ripper,the SC2010,and it finally has been released after 3 months intermitte...
Created by Cele
Today i will bring u a new release with first try on particle effects,this gun is a really cool and powerful thing but it may not give u a good performance in game due to its huge scope,i tested myself,indeed.

Replacing Hunting Rifle

HUD icon:
COD:GHOSTS MK14 EBR(Military Sniper)
Created by Cele
Another long break since previous Ghosts weapon,today i will show u the MK14 EBR,i didnt use its original scope due to the exported LOD,it kinda sucks,and GM6 scope for instead

Replace Military Sniper

HUD icon:
Created by Cele
This is an op and pay-to-win weapon in CODGhosts although i didnt buy it,and the progress that i made this gun was really frustrating because of its strange design and i dont have much experience to animate fictional guns,anyway its been released now,enjoy...
Created by Cele
So finally the AK47 replacement,why not the AK12,because a FAL could be fitter for this replacement,it has a low fire rate and 7.62x51mm full damage.

HUD icon:

COD:GHOSTS Vector CRB & Honey Badger(UZI & Mac10)
Created by Cele
Actually i have done this job before that FP6,but like i said before,sounds stopped me,so i changed my mind and try to use sound from gamebanana instead of one extracted from the game,in fact i dont like CODG sound much either.Considered of possibility of ...
Crescent Rose Scythe (Fire Axe) V2
Created by Jacey
Preview Image provided by ReeMeowMeow with alterations by Anfrien.

* Model and Textures designed in the 3D Custom Girl program by an "Unknown User"
* Revised by Anfrien (WinterMyth)
Killing Floor 2 (Beta) M4 Combat Shotgun Sound for Auto Shotgun
Created by CyberMan1011
Replaces the Auto Shotgun's firing sound with the firing sound of the M4 Combat Shotgun from Killing Floor 2 (Beta)

Credit goes to Tripwire Interactive for the original sound....
Pain Pills - coca cola can
Created by TOG | K1CHWA
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retextureed can to look like coke
Mr Lankey model rigging/compile, original release
Splinks re-compile, fix
Urik_Kane can lid textures
K1CHWA pnt,overlay,vmt reedits
PAYDAY 2 Medic Bag
Created by Salad

Replaces the first aid kit with a medic bag from PAYDAY 2. Uses MaxG3D's animations.

FYI, it appears on the heisters' sides in the screenshots because the heisters have a custom medkit attachment poin...
RIP Katana
Created by Tя!cky ツ
Retexture of the Katana, May they Rest In Pieces!

Titanium Black Blade Series with Sharpened Edge.
Has Glow effects with full length graveyard on t
Questionable Ethics
Created by Ethan
Ellis half-life 3 T-Shirt
Created by PuDinho
Ready the description

Pessoal lembrem-se esta camisa foi baseada em minha idéia , não copiei ideia de outras pessoas , mas se verem uma postagem da camiza Half-life 3 do Ellis (ADDON) que tem uma data de pos...
Resident Evil - Beltway (Coach)
Created by YurippeNara
Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City

Hunk ~> Louis

The game works normal considering this and other add-ons (Four Eyes, Vector, Beltway, Spectre, Bertha and Hunk)

El juego funciona normal teniendo en cuenta este y otros add-ons (...