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RB Compact Conveyor System (FULL COLLECTION) [DX11]
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Mod category: Block, Modpack
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Aug 4, 2015 @ 3:12am
Mar 15 @ 5:32am
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RB Compact Conveyor System (FULL COLLECTION) [DX11]

I really want to update all my mods to working order and with new models. It is alot of more work than it was before and my free time is limited and my motivation goes up and down...

Update (2019-03-15):
I focused on the issues regaring crashes on placements on the compact and micro tools. I have NOT updated anything else at the moment.

-Fixed crash on placement of blocks (compact tools and micro tools).
-Fixed issue involving tools not showing up in the toolbar (compact tools for now...).
-Added in research (compact tools for now...).
-Added PCU values (compact tools for now...).

This mod replaces my old Reloadable Rocket Launchers mod. It have the same modID as before so it will download this automaticly but you may have to add it in to your game again from the modscreen due to the namechange. I will release a stand alone version of the Reloadable Rocket Launcher mod without the conveyors.

This will act as collection of all current and future mods relating to the Compact Conveyor System. And some extra parts. If you don't want all of it you subscribe to the divided mods below.

Compact Micro Tools

Compact Conveyor System (BASIC)

Compact Tools

Compact Turrets

Compact Reloadable Rocket Launcher

Compact Cargo Containers

-Added a 1x1x1 Small Compact to Small Vanilla Conveyor adapter. DONE!
-Incresed the Welding- and grindingarea on the micro tools(2 blocks depth, 3 blocks width and height.
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jobob Jul 27 @ 10:22am 
This mod is fantastic work! The only feature I would request is to make them "scrollable" when placing to swap between blocks... they take up a whole row on my already full UI.
Hoovy Simulator 2 [FIN] Jul 11 @ 2:35am 
Hey, I noticed that your micro drills try to be grinders and spin in the same direction as the grinders do (grinders work fine)
Skallabjorn Jun 28 @ 4:31pm 
I recognize that thruster, a very very long dead mod.... not part of this one
Madman_Andre Jun 28 @ 8:16am 
semi-related, but what is that tiny 1x1x1 thruster on the front of the repair drone in the 5th pic? the one with the micro tools?

Because that looks hella cool, and I've been looking for an ultra-compact thruster like that for a while now.
Skallabjorn Jun 16 @ 3:20pm 
Yes, Raven has returned to Modding !! Hip hip Huzzahh!
GadenKerensky May 8 @ 6:37am 
This mod has been updated? There is a god.
L.H.Pug May 7 @ 3:35pm 
I love this mod, I use the turrets, adaptors, and small connectors in almost every build. Only thing i would love would be an update to the new style of the game. But Thanks for the great mod!
fluffybobcat24 May 7 @ 5:17am 
This is some Awesome stuff. Very professional work, here. I love it!
Keep up the good work, man.
Med288 Mar 19 @ 11:43am 
Well Take your time and work on it if you feel like it.
Ravenbolt  [author] Mar 19 @ 3:06am 
@Med288 I really want to be back. I got a lot of ideas in my head. But as I said, motivation goes up and down. :P