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Aug 4, 2015 @ 11:08pm
Feb 29, 2016 @ 8:50pm
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Territory Reddit
Nearly ready for Closed Beta!
Release date: Early 2016
Territory is a multiplayer sandbox in which you must rebuild civilization on a hostile alien world. Once you have survived your landing you can make a faction with other survivors you meet on the surface. Factions are able to capture resources points, build bases and upgrade factories in order to hold territory and grow in power.
Ultimately civilization will be established once a single faction expands their domain to engulf the entire planet. Faction founders have a lot of control over how their faction operates, each member can be assigned a rank with customize-able levels of power within the faction. Factions can engage in diplomacy, creating alliances with each other, declaring war on each other and merging into a one larger faction. You can progress all the way from a wounded individual survivor to a commander of an powerful army.
Planets in Territory are spherical meaning you can travel indefinitely in any direction and still find interesting interactions, you can even leave the planet in order to capture smaller ones found within the solar system.
Territory features a range of AI alien enemies to fight and vehicles to pilot.

Key Features:
  • Faction Diplomacy
  • Fighter Jets
  • Pilot-able Carrier Ships with Fighter Jet Hangars and broadside cannons
  • Varied AI Alien Enemies
  • Procedural Weapon Handling (similar to Receiver)
  • Realistic Bullets Physics
  • Jet-packs
  • Base Building
  • Resource Gathering
  • Spherical Worlds
  • Localized Voice Chatting
  • Humvees
  • Drop-ships

Beta Sign-Up:
If you're already keen to follow this game, you can sign up to be notified/included in beta testing here;

The design of Territory comes from a mix of various influences. The player camera, movement and close quarters combat is most like that of Tribes:Vengeance. The strategic / world-domination influence is inspired by the board-game called "Risk". The round world and player progression is inspired by Spore. Weapon handling inspired by Receiver and survival, hunting and base building mechanics inspired by games like Rust and DayZ.

Why do things look so crappy?:
If you see a vehicle or some that looks like it was made in about 5 minutes that's because it probably was. Much of the art is still rough placeholders since I'm more focused right now on making the gameplay fully featured and functional. Once I've coded in enough fixes and features to feel happy I will start slowly replacing each placeholder piece with some final art

Business Model:
The business model is still being decided but rest assured players will not be able to purchase advantages with real world money and gameplay pertinent features will not be withheld for money

I have been developing this game on my own so far, what I have made has taken between 6 months to a year to make.
At this stage I need to the game to be on Steam so I can more quickly/easily distribute and test my builds. If I can have the game being developed and tested using Steam I think I would much more quickly be able to finish up what's missing and get this thing to release on time (hopefully like early 2016 maybe, I dunno)

Character Customization:
Currently I've only made one character model to play as but I would like to make an appearance editor in good time.
This would enable people to choose gender, hairstyle, hair colors, skin colors, eye colors and maybe even different alien races.
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Alexi Apr 2, 2017 @ 12:40am 
I believe that this like should have most of the information you are looking for.
Correct me if im wrong but I dont believe it will be coming out.
JACOB4U Apr 1, 2017 @ 11:40pm 
I have been waiting for this game like 2 years ago, what happened?
Mob Jan 9, 2017 @ 4:55am 
Will the game launch at some point? Was the game set aside?
Alexi Jul 24, 2016 @ 6:05pm 
For those of you who do not check the reddit:
Alexi Jun 24, 2016 @ 6:08am 
Thank you for responding.
Mittens  [author] Jun 24, 2016 @ 5:36am 
yes, I want to finish Kingdoms Rise completely before doing work on other project like Territory, hopefully it won't be much longer
Alexi Jun 24, 2016 @ 1:32am 
hey mittens, i saw your unreal engine 4 kindoms rise videos, is that what your working on?
Alexi Jun 11, 2016 @ 6:25am 
Yeah.... I feel the same way.
Doron2003 Jun 10, 2016 @ 10:09am 
which is quite sad ):
Alexi Jun 9, 2016 @ 9:40am 
He Is Probably focusing on Drone Racing at the moment