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Temporal Warden In Depth Guide - How To Be An Unstoppable Ranged/Melee Hybrid
By Yusu
Welcome to my guide on one of the most complex and fun classes in ToME!
Temporal Wardens are incredibly flexible, can easily deal with basically any situation when played right (like clearing the Room of Death without any problems on lvl 41 or so on Insane), dish out crazy amounts of damage even in the early game and are generally super mobile and survivable through tons of teleports
Because all of that, especially in conjunction, happens to be right up my alley, they are by far my favourite class right now and so I completed the game 4 times (1x on Nightmare Adventure, 1x on Nightmare Roguelike and 2x on Insane Adventure) with them.

Since I only play on Nightmare or higher this guide will be directed towards higher difficulties and include a lot of min/maxing. Some of that can be skipped on Normal but if you want to have an easy time, I recommend following my advices
"Why would I want to play TW?"
I am kind of repeating myself here but whatever, doen't make it wrong... Temporal Wardens are basically everything you've ever wanted from a ranged/melee hybrid class. They are really durable, extremly mobile, dish out very high amounts of damage and are super fun to play. But beware! They also take a lot of practise (at least for me) because they are quite complex (not a bad thing as far as I'm concerned).
My TW Winners
If you want to see proof of my achievements or just generally want to check them out, here you go

My Shalore TW that won Nightmare Adventure: http://te4.org/characters/38290/tome/3c3b17fb-2bfa-458f-b1de-0a3d402c53b0
My Ogre TW that won Nighmare Roguelike: http://te4.org/characters/38290/tome/e88b1e56-3ffe-4a00-a943-c08c845cb3fe
My Skeleton TW that won Insane Adventure: http://te4.org/characters/38290/tome/d2edc41b-7c52-47ae-8554-5350e7a68032
My Yeek TW that won Insane Adventure (my ToMe got disconnected from the servers so that's why he is not registered as a winner-.-): http://te4.org/characters/38290/tome/c952f26f-9062-4902-838d-71d5eea0aab0
Picking Your Race
Higher: Not the greatest (haven't tried them tho), the first two racials aren't really useful for TW, and other two don't do all that much. If you REALLY want to play Higher they are an OK choice but there are way way better races
Conarc: I'm also not convinced about these guys, even though a lot of people seem to play this combination. You don't really need the extra category point and you'll be floating in Generic Points without any Racials to skill. That being said, being able to unlock Fate Weaving is quite nice but that tree isn't THAT great, pretty good though.

Shalore: The best race for TW in terms of offensive power and utility. Grace of the Eternals will make you shoot more than two times a turn in the late game, Magic of the Eternals is just awesome in terms of DPT and Timeless has endless uses (from casting more spells to reducing detremential effects)
Thalore: Not as bad as they initally seem. You'll be skilling Wil later on so Wrath of the Woods will actually do something, having better saves is pretty nice for TWs since that way yxou can get rid of debuffs more easily, Guiardian of the Wood is just awesome in terms of resistances and you can shoot through the Treants you spawn with Nature's Pride
Doomelf: Not as good as they initally seem. Sure, the teleportation skill is kind of cool but it's cooldown is really high and the other racials aren't all that great. Doomelves just seem like worse Shalore to me [Note: as of 1.3.1 the Doomelf's teleport racial is much better on TW because it's more likely you can profit from two (three with Dimensional Shift) teleports. Other than that Doomelves are still pretty underwhelming though so I still wouldn't recommend them]

Halfling: You don't max you Cun so Luck of the Little Folk won't be scaling as well, Insomitable is kind of unnecessary because you can already get rid of those pesky stuns etc. by teleporting, as of 1.3.1 that skill got a little better though.

Dwarf: Worse Thalore... just no

Yeek: Actually way better than you'd think. Dominant Will is just amazing for so many reasons (like taking control of those pesky Worms that Walk or Zigurath Patrols), the Confusion and Silence Immunity is really useful, especially because being silenced basically means your death, the Global Speed increase is really good for your DPT and the Wayists are quite nice to tank some damage. My only problem with these guys is that you are kind of forced to get Temporal Hounds to increase you survivability, but that's fine bauce that way you can spawn so much stuff that you don't really have to worry about melee enemies anymore (they can't get to you, you can kill them through your hounds etc.)

Ogre: Because you want to max Dex second you'll have a lot of accuracy so Ogric Wrath will basically just give you +10% dmg, which is lower than what Shalore/Thalore give you. BUT being able to wield a two-handed weapon in your main hand is really good, especially for Blink Blade and Wind Blade, and you don't really care about Spellpower as TW so there is almost no drawback to that... You can also equip a shield in your bow set, which is quite awesome if you have enough Str. Scar-Scripted Flesh is pretty nice because you will be critting against tough enemies almost every to every secind turn. Writ Large basically let's you teleport with you runes more often, which is both fun and really useful, also, an extra inscription slot is REALLY useful and saved my NM/RL Ogre/Temporal run.

Ghoul: 80% Global speed is BAD, you don't really need con or str, Ghoulish Leap doesn't count as a teleport (as far as I know), you don't max Con so Retch won't scale all that well and Gnaw is bad. Just no
Skeleton: The best combination with TW in terms of defense. All your damage scales with Dex so increasing that is really nice (not a priority though), Bone Armour will be huge because you'll be maxing Dex, Resilient Bones is REALLY good because it basically makes you able to despell any debuff and Re-Assemble is also extremly useful

TL;DR: (note that I have yet to try a lot of these race combos)
God Tier: Shalore (offense and utility), Skeleton (defense)
Tier 1: Ogre (really nice mix of offense, defense and utility)
Tier 2: Yeek, Higher, Thalore, Halfling, Conarc
Tier 3: Dwarf, Ghoul
This is pretty straight forward. Mag > Dex > Con
You max Mag first because it makes some of your spells do slightly more dmg and increases you melee dmg by a large amount (through Strength of Purpose).
Dex gives you almost as much dmg as Mag so you want to max that second.
You max Con last to increase your survivability and get that sweet, sweet 15% all res from Thick Skin. I go for this setup in almost all cases (for exeptions look below)

You could also max Wil last so that you don't fail all your spells constantly after having used some (since it'll decrease you effective Paradox, more about Paradox later) but you have other ways of decreasing your Paradox so it's actually unecessary (I didn't think of that with my first two TW winners). I usually go for Wil when my Race also profits off of that, e.g. Yeek or Thalore
Maxing Cun last might also be an option but I don't really recommend it because the survivability you get from Con is way more important and your damage output is already high enough to.
As for you first three Inscriptions, you'll probably want a Shielding rune, a Regeneration infusion and a Phase Door/Teleportation rune. If you are a Skeleton, get a Heat Beam rune instead of the Regeneration infusion.
Phase Door VS Teleportation: This is pretty much up to personal preference. Even though they might seem very similar their usage is very different. You use Phase Door to get rid of debuffs and gut you All Res up, so it's more a positional and defensive tool while the Teleportation Rune is all about escaping nasty situations. I personally prefer Phase Doors because you basically never run into nasty situations as a TW (because they can control the fight so much) and even if you need to escape you still have other teleportation tools you can use. If you are a new player and aren't confident in your ability to judge an enemies strength I'd recommend you going for a Teleportation rune though.
Your forth and fifth inscription should be a controlled Phase Door rune and a Heroism infusion (Lightning rune if you are skeleton). If you have a controlled Phase Door you should consider replacing your Teleportation rune for a Phase Door rune since the controlled Phase Door is basically a way better escape tool. You might also consider running two controlled Phase Door instead of running a Phase Door/Teleportation rune. (If you are questioning the amount of teleportation runes I'm recommending check out my fight against the two Sorcerers on Insane, which whould appear below this section...)
The Battle in Your Options Menu
Yes, I have a section for this. It is actually quite important to follow this, not only for this class but for your general ToME'ing

First off, to utilize my early game min/maxing, go into the game options, then to the "Gameplay" tab and disable "Auto-assign talents at birth". This will make it so you none of your Talent Points are immediately spent (I don't think you can unskill the auto-spent ones)

Next, go to the UI tab in the game options, then click on "Graphic Mode" and select the tilesize [32x32] or at the very least go for [48x48] (latter should 100% be standart for all classes because this way you can see all enemies that are in you 10 vision range).
The reason you want to go for [32x32] is beacuse this way you can properly use Precognition, your main scouting tool, without scrolling on you screen all the time (btw, this can be sone by holing Shift and Left Mouse Button and the moving you Mouse)

Last, you should 100% change the default HUD settings because those are kind of crappy. Personally, I find the Classic HUD easier to use because you can easily see what is going on with your character. You can enable that one with "HUD Style" under the UI tab in the game options
Then (THIS IS SUPER IMPORTANT FOR ToME IN GENERAL), enable mutiple Toolbars by changing the value of "Icons hotkey toolbar icon size" to "48" (less than that is not useful because you can only have so many hotkeys) and "Icons hotkey toolbar rows" to "2" (that option is only available while in-game for some reason)

Here are some Screenshots of my Options if that helps you
Super Early Game (Pre lvl 4)
Let's be frank, TWs suck before lvl 4, like, really, really badly. Prepare to restart many characters when playing anything above Normal difficulty

What you want to do is skill and abuse your Warp Mines until you are lvl 4. But Make sure you skill them in a way that males you able to remove all the points later. So when you spawn you put (IN THIS ORDER): one point into Warp Blade, Weapon Folding and Arrow Stitching and two points into Warp Mines. On level two you put another point into Warp Mines. THIS IS KIND OF IMPORTANT: If you started as a race with a forced starting area, don't skill any class skill at lvl 3, if you will have acess to a city at lvl 4 this doesn't concern you.

As someone who has [has no] access to a city this is what your Class Skills should look like by lvl 3 (trees I did not list are not skilled at all):
Chronomancy / Blade Threading
1/0/0/0 [1/0/0/0]
Chronomancy / Bow Threading
1/0/0/0 [1/0/0/0]
Chronomancy / Temporal Guardian
0/0/0/0 [0/0/0/0]
Chronomancy / Spacetime Folding
4/0/0/0 [3/0/0/0]
Chronomancy / Speed Control
0/0/0/0 [0/0/0/0]
Chronomancy / Temporal Combat
1/0/0/0 [1/0/0/0]

Put one point into your racial, Precognition (one of the best scouting tools in the game!) and two points into Dimensional Step. At levels 2 and 3 just put another point into Dimensional Step (that skill is even better than the first Skeleton racial).

By lvl 3 your Generic Skills should look like this:
Chronomancy / Chronomancy
Chronomancy / Spacetime Weaving

I really reccomend you watching my Hightlight about the Early Game of TW's (below this section) but if you really don't want to watch a video about this then I'll try to explain it roughly: use your Precognition as often as possible (while you are not fighting) to look where enemies are so that you don't run into a bunch of nasty mages or something and make the enemies run through your mines because that's the most damage you'll do at this point. Also, if you are playing a race that doesn't have a forced starting area "DO NOT ACCEPT THAT MAGES QUEST WHEN YOU SPAWN" it's not worth it, trust me. You'll be dying way too much and it's gonna be a frustating time. NO. FUN. And you are only missing out on an Artifact that's kind of OK.

Early Early Game (Pre lvl 8)
FINALLY you are lvl 4, so now let's start playing actual TW


If you your race doesn't start in a forced starting area, go into a town, remove all the points you put into the Warp Mines and put one point into Blink Blade, Singularity Arrow and Guardian Unity and as many points into Strength of Purpose as possible (if you have some points left just put them into Weapon Folding or Invigorate, it doesn't really matter, just make sure you'll be able to get rid of the point you spent by using that one last and put it into Strength of Purpose as soon as you can skill that again).
If your race does start in a forced starting area, just put one point into Blink Blade (you four latest Class Points should be the three levels in Warp Mines and your one level in Blink Blade) and go with that build until you can go into town, then do what I explained above.
After that get Singularity Arrow to lvl 3/5 ASAP since it's your unly AoE in the early game and it let's you deal with enemies that have high defense because the AoE damage will hit no matter what. Other than that it doesn't really matter what you skill, you'll probably be able to max Strength of Purpose at that point and if you've still got some Class Points floating around put them into Guardian Unity (Once again, skill in a way so you can remove those skillpoints later)

This is how your Class Skills should look like by lvl 7[until you can enter a town, then what's not in brackets]:
Chronomancy / Blade Threading
1/1/0/0 [1/1/0/0]
Chronomancy / Bow Threading
1/3/0/0 [1/0/0/0]
Chronomancy / Temporal Guardian
5/1/0/0 [1/0/0/0]
Chronomancy / Spacetime Folding
0/0/0/0 [3/0/0/0]
Chronomancy / Speed Control
0/0/0/0 [0/0/0/0]
Chronomancy / Temporal Combat
1/0/0/0 [0/0/0/0]


Get Dimensional Shift to lvl 4/5 ASAP. If you are Skeleton and really want at least one point into your bone shield, remove one point from you Dimensional Step and put it into Bone Armor instead. NEVER sacrifice a Generic Point that could be put into Dimensional Shift (as long as it's not 4/5) as that skill is super important for TW and is the main reason you are so durable. If you somehow have an extra Generic Point floating around putting a skillpoint into Foresight is pretty nice since the Defense bonus it gives you is pretty high and most enemies won't have that high accuracy in the early game. [Note: as of 1.3.1 Dimensional Shift isn't as broken anymore because it only affects one debuff at a time now. I still don't think that this changes the build but Dimensional Shift isn't as necessary anymore. You should still max it really quickly though.]

By lvl 7 your Generic Skills should look like this [as a skeleton]:
1/0/0/0 [1/1/0/0]
Chronomancy / Chronomancy
1/0/0/0 [1/0/0/0]
Chronomancy / Spacetime Weaving
3/4/0/0 [2/4/0/0]


Pretty straight forward... use Singularity Arrow to kill multiple enemies (note that it's damage goes up when you hit more enemies) or annoying snakes and use Blink Blade/Dimensional Shift to engage/disengage and remove nasty debuffs. Blink Blade is also really nice against single enemies as it almost one shots most of them. Keep on using Precognition to check your surrounding and evade nasty enemies if need be or spot a group of enemies that you can use Singularity Arrow against.
Early to Mid Game (Pre lvl 22)
This is the point where you really start to have fun... you'll be blinking around all the time while dishing out respectable amounts of damage while not caring about those once annoying debuffs


At lvl 8 you want to skill Arrow Echoes, Blade Shear and Vigilance. Max Strength of Purpose ASAP if you haven't already. After that there aren't all that many BIG points for you to spend... get two points into Guardian Unity, Vigilance and Invigorate and three points into Blade Shear if you don't have anything more important to skill. The order in which you skill those is up to you and your run, just get what seems most important right now.
At lvl 10 you'll want to either grab Temporal Hounds (not really recommended unless you'll be maxing Wil last and are playing Yeek or Thalore), Threaded Combat or Stasis. I don't really think there is one definitive way to go here, get Threaded Combat if you like blinking around more and reducing you cooldowns, Stasis if you really want that sweet, sweet Time Shield and Temporal Hound if you want something to hide behind.
If you go Threaded Combat just put one point in every Skill as soon as it's available (I'll talk about Warden's Call later)
If you go Temporal Hounds get your Hounds to lvl 4/5, Command Hounds: Blink to 1/5 and Temporal Vigour to 4/5
If you go Stasis get Spacetime Stability to 1/5 and Time Shield to 5/5
Continue working on this outline (don't grab any of the lvl 12 spells, they aren't useful) until you get to lvl 20, then grab Threaded Combat if you haven't already (THIS TREE GETS OP AT LVL 22) or Stasis if you got Threaded Combat at lvl 10 and put points to it according to what I explained above.
If you ever have any extra Class Points floating around, get Guardian Unity up to lvl 4 and Vigilance up to lvl 3. You could also grab Warden's Focus if you really wanted to but that doesn't get super useful until lvl 22.

This is how your Class Skills should look like by lvl 21 [with Temporal Hounds]:
Chronomancy / Blade Threading
1/1/3/0 [1/1/3/0]
Chronomancy / Bow Threading
1/3/1/0 [1/3/1/0]
Chronomancy / Temporal Guardian
5/2/2/2 [5/2/1/0]
Chronomancy / Spacetime Folding
0/0/0/0 [0/0/0/0]
Chronomancy / Speed Control
0/0/0/0 [0/0/0/0]
Chronomancy / Temporal Combat
1/0/0/0 [1/0/0/0]
Chronomancy / Threaded Combat
1/1/1/0 [1/1/1/0]
Chronomancy / Temporal Hounds
Chronomancy / Stasis


Get Dimensional Step and Shift up to lvl 4/5 if you haven't already. If you are playing Shalore max Magic of the Eternals.
If you are Skeleton basically max all your racials (Re-Assemble > Bone Shield > Resilient Bones > Skeleton) [SEMI IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT RE-ASSEMBLE: don't get the last point until later because that one makes you revive instantly the first time you die after having gotten it. This makes it so you can continue fighting instead of going into the death area, which is really nice late game when you are facing off really though enemies like the two Sorcerers]
Max Contingency as soon as you have invested some points into Time Shield or have aquired a nice Shielding Rune.
If you have some Generic Points left, skilling Precognition is really nice because it's range and duration goes way up. You could also try looking for some items that give you Con and get your Thick Skin up.
Also, See the Threads is a really nice "scouting" tool you can use to test the strength of certain enemies so you might want to try that out

By lvl 21 your Generic Skills should look like this:
DOENS'T REALLY MATTER AS LONG AS YOU HAVE (Bold charakters may be raised at will)
Chronomancy / Spacetime Weaving AT AT LEAST
Chronomancy / Chronomancy AT AT LEAST


Your game plan doesn't really change all that much from here on out. Start fighting with you bow and use Singularity Arrow against multiple enemies and Arrow Echoes against tough enemies (that's you boss-killer skill). Always be aware of what's going on and teleport out using you bazillion teleportation skills if need be (note that the ranged version of Thread Walk doesn't need to hit an enemy to teleport you so it's basically a delayed teleport). Basically, teleports are your answer to everything... "In trouble?" Teleport, "Got debuffs on you?" Teleport, "Strong enemies get too close?" Teleport.
I'll talk about some basic combos later.
Mid to Late Game (lvl 22 and Onwards)
This is where your damage output gets kind of insane and you'll just be running berserk with almost nothing to stop you


Get 4/5 in Warden's Call ASAP. That skill is pretty redicilous right now because it's basically +60% all damage (plus 60% of you damage modifiers so more like +100% in the late game). Whenever you attack something a copy of yourself spawns at a random space and shoots at or attacks a random enemy with your bow or melee weapons and disapears again. Doesn't seem all that amazing at first but trust me, it's super good. Sometimes these copies even tank a hit or two which can be really useful. Once you got Warden's Call to 4/5 get Warden's Focus to 3/5 (as for almost any TW skill, points above 2/5 aren't REALLY necessary) and 4/5 into Weapon Manifold since both will synergize with Warden's Call really nicely. Other than that just kind of try to Min/Max whatever skill you like best. Note: Putting points into Blink Blade can be really useful because it's range will increase. Also, Blade Shear's Range will go up to 7 when you put 5/5 points into it. At this point you can also put 4/5 points into Blended Threads to maximize your cooldown reduction (note that this is most effective with Windblade).
You might also want to start skilling Speed Control now because you're going to cast a lot of spells and also have some set up spells that take a turn (Invigorate). Get 4/5 points into Time Dilation to maximze the duration. Also get 1/5 or 2/5 points into Time Stop, depending on the amount of set up spells you have (that take a turn)[Update: as of 1.3.1 the duration of that spell increases with your Paradox, meaning that you'll probably have to put a little more points into that]. Putting points into Arrow Echoes is also pretty useful since it will increase it's damage by a lot (from under 400% arrow damage to almost 600%)
Once your fights last a really long time (basically the two sorcerers fight only) you should invest some points into you Paradox managment skills so that you stop failing you casts constantly. Get 4/5 in Arrow Threading and Spacetime Stability for that.

At lvl 50 your TW's Class Skills could look somewhat like this:
Chronomancy / Blade Threading
Chronomancy / Bow Threading
Chronomancy / Temporal Guardian
Chronomancy / Spacetime Folding
Chronomancy / Speed Control
Chronomancy / Temporal Combat
Chronomancy / Threaded Combat
Chronomancy / Stasis
Chronomancy / Temporal Hounds


Just put points into whatever is left to skill... there's probably not all that much left. Get 5/5 into Dimensional Shift and Step and maybe even skill Phase Pulse if there is nothing left (not that great but better than nothing)

At lvl 50 your TW's Generic Skills could look somewhat like this:
Chronomancy / Chronomancy
Chronomancy / Spacetime Weaving
Technique / Combat training


As I said, nothing really changes. Keep on being flexible and don't hesitate to use your abilities.
Try to go for a mixture of utility, defense and offense. Don't go ham on items that increase your damage and ignore anything else since you will be tanking some damage and are going to engage in melee combat and stuff like that. As for damage types to increase, just focus on physical damage, the amount of temporal damage you dish out is neglectable. Also look out for items that give you a teleport ability, those are REALLY useful, especially because you can use them while you are silenced to get rid of being silenced. Also really, really nice are items that give you the out of phase effect (dmg reduction when teleporting etc.) as you will basically always have those up. Having a lot of those items made my Ogre Temporal Warden insanely tanky (I got to a very consistent 77% all res which is insane)
A lot of people ask me about what weapons to use... it's really not all that complicated for TWs. Just get whatever deals the most damage. That usually means using a bow that has 143% attack speed as your ranged weapon and a one-handed weapon and a dagger as your melee weapons. Always look out for daggers that deal extra damage on hit (like +6 nature or something) since those effects don't get a penelty for being in the offhand which results in higher damage (in the early to mid game).
Paradox managment isn't all that important as TW. The only skill that scales with Spellpower and really matters is Time Shield. So once you start failing on your casts you should consider lowering your preferred Paradox (keep in mind that your preferred Paradox is the modified by your Willpower and sustains). In the early game you want your effective Paradox to be around 250, in the late game you can just set your preferred Paradox to 0 if you really want to (the spellpower component is a lot more important in the early game). Once you put some points into your Paradox managment skills (not super recommended until you are about to face the two sorcerers) you can set your preferred Paradox to something like 300.
Your standart Boss-killer-combo is the following:
Time Stop -> All set up skills (those that scale with spellpower last since your paradox will be increasing) -> (make your Time Stop finished, this can be done by e.g. Bathe in Light or just moving) Arrow Echoes targeting Boss -> Warden's Focus -> Blink Blade -> Warp Blade -> Singularity Arrow (or Thread Walk to disengage) -> (at this point Arrow Echoes should be off Cooldown again so use that again)
Note: you can always use the ranged Thread Walk to get rid of debuffs while staying on top of an enemy

Your standart Mob-killer-combo is the following:
Singularity Arrow -> Thread Walk or Blink Blade -> Blade Shear -> Thread the Needle -> Ranged Attacks -> Singularity Arrow or Blade Shear (whatever is ready)
If you have Windblade you can also use this:
Singularity Arrow -> Blink Blade -> Windblade -> Singularity Arrow -> Blade Shear

For Yeeks a nice initiation:
Dimensional Step in range for Dominant Will -> Dominant Will (you'll want to grab either a Necromancer, Summoner or something that's really threatening to you like a corruptor) -> Haste -> Time Stop -> Invigorate -> Command Hounds: Blink on strongest/closest enemy) -> Wayist between you and enemies -> Boss-killer-combo probably
Your first Prodigy should either be Windblade or Temporal Form. Windblade offers insane AoE damage and colldown reduction on Bow Threading skills (keep in mind that you have to have you melee weapons out otherwise you bow will be used as a melee weapon) while Temporal Form increases your overalls DPT.

Your second Prodigy should either be Temporal Form or something that increases your survivability, Draconic Body/Will and Cauterize (saved my Insane run a couple of times) for example. (Keep in mind that as of 1.3.1 Draconic Will is really useful on Temporal Wardens because their ability to dispell negative effects isn't as stupid anymore)
Useful Items and Knowledge
You can use the ranged Tread Walk as a delayed teleport by shooting it where you want to go (doesn't have to hit an enemy)

Blended Threads does more when you are attacking with your melee weapon since you'll be hitting enemies two times (you have two melee weapons) instead of one time with your bow. That means that you'll be using Singularity Arrow a lot. This might change if you have a bow with high Attack Speed though (you can attack three times per turn pretty often later on).

Wind Blade will trigger Blended Threads with every enemy it hits, meaning that you can easily profit from more Blended Threads levels once you got access to that Prodigy.

Always use Warden's Focus on the highest ranked enemy because you'll be taking less damage from any enemy with a rank below that. Keep in mind that the ranged Warden's Focus activates on the target it HITS, not the one you target.

Blink Blade triggers Dimensional Shift twice... pretty good.

Warden's Call also activates any on-hit effects you have on you bow attack, like Weapon Folding and Weapon Manifold.

Blade Shear is really useful against those pesky Necromancers or any Rare mob really because you can insta-kill them with that spell if their HP ist under ~30%. Insta-killing Necromancer is a great way to reduce their effective HP since a lot of that comes from their ability to survive under 0 HP.

Precognition makes it so you can spot enemies from far away. Normally so far away that you have to move your camera a lot to see all of them. This is why it's really useful to lower your tile size to 32x32 or at least 48x48. You can also activate Procognition, rest and still see enemies as long as you don't take an action. There are no real applications for this but it saves you a very little amount of Paradox, which is nice. You can also just use Precognition before resting to get some vision basically for free.

I definitely recommend you hitting up the Training Room of the Fortress regularly because you wanna know the DPT of your bow and melee weapons. This is kind of important because the strength of these weapons drastically changes compared to each other over time. In the early game your melee weapons are usually more effecive, in the mid game they are basically the same and in the late game your bow is way better (if you have a high Attack Speed bow at least).
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Yusu  [author] Apr 27, 2018 @ 7:22am 
Huh, that sounds like a bug @Okim
Okim Apr 27, 2018 @ 4:58am 
How do you get Temporal Form on Skelton?? Only option seems to be fighting future self in Daikar lv3. But he never telelports me to fight worm boss thing. So you cant get it at all. Getting to that point is around 4h :(
Derael Oct 9, 2017 @ 9:42pm 
As for generic talents, Heavy/Light armor training maxed is definitely a great choice, depending on what armor you are using, combat accuracy is good as well, unless you need lots of generic talents for some reason, but even then 1-2 points will do wonders. I'd say, put points there in the late game only if you still get at least 5 effective accuracy per talent point. And max, if you get skills that scale with accuracy like Vital Shot.

Finally, talking about prodigies, won't Arcane might be better than Temporal form? Pain enchancement pairs well with it and high strength, skyrocketing your physical power. Vital Shot is another viable choice IMO, it helps to shut down dangerous foes.
Derael Oct 9, 2017 @ 9:41pm 
Invigorate is another good option at level 4, since its' duration increases pretty fast, and it basically halves your cd, which is a better option then Blended Threads in my opinion, if you don't get Windblade. Perfect to use in the end of Time Stop, and gets massive boost from paradox.

Breach sounds good vs bosses in theory, but not sure if it's worth investing in it. Blade ward level 2 sounds decent if you feel threatened by powerful melees.

Not sure about Arrow Echoes either, damage scaling sounds good, but much of your damage comes from temporal clones etc, and those 3 points won't do that much. It's definitely not the worst investment, but I feel there are better choices like Invigorate, which will boost your overall DPS and survivalbility and not just one skill.
Derael Oct 9, 2017 @ 9:23pm 
My analisys of recommended skills (based on experience):

Singularity arrow feels overrated, it doesn't benefit much from level 3, since damage on edges is very low and it's hard to cover lots of mobs with it since it will hit the frontmost anyway. The same goes to blade shear, it's mostly used to finish low hp enemies and you don't need extra range that much.

Guardian Unity and Vigilance are good enough at level 3, 2% increase not worth talent points IMO, maybe if you have some to spare. The same goes to Time Shield, level 3 is generally enough in early game, you will get less than 40 hp from extra points (with 300 Paradox) and duration is long enough.

Instead, I'd put more points in Weapon Folding and Haste for Shalore, since those synergise extremely well with their racials, you can easily achieve 3 actions per turn with all the buffs for wooping 10 turns. And Weapon folding higher proc chance will extend it even further.
Derael Oct 9, 2017 @ 9:22pm 
I noticed that Paradox heavily affects many talents, such as number of arrows in Arrow Echoes 2-5 (not stated in wiki), Precognition duration (I have 4 turns with low Paradox and 11 turns with high paradox at level 3), control duration on Warp Blade (1-4 turns at level 1), duration of Invigorate (2-5 turns at level 1) and Time Shield power (up to 2 times increase in power and duration depending on level). Overall optimal paradox is 300+, since number of arrow echoes will be 4 starting with 300 paradox, or at least ~225, since below that it will only shoot 2 arrows, wich is very bad. 469 is for 5 arrows, but it's not worth it, because it will only go up during the fight. I'd suggest to set optimal to 225 if you have few paradox reduction or to 300 if you have enough. Fatgiue is also quite harmful, so it's better to avoid wearing super heavy armor, or invest more in Paradox reduction.
Derael Oct 9, 2017 @ 9:22pm 
So far 2 toughest dungeons for my nigthmare TM are Dark Crypt and Farportal random dungeons, after them Dreadfell even with opening all the Vaults was like a breeze. I get unlucky every time with my Dark Crypt encounter immediately at level 24, and Farportal are simply too random. But skipping on content feels really bad for some reason. Overall I feel like Time Dilation and Haste are very underrated, at least on Shalore, since they synergise extremely well with his racials and getting 3 stacks is pretty easy. Also tooltip is kind of lying, since I got 2 turn buff, not 1 turn, so even if you spend 1 turn simply attacking, you won't lose it, and can continue with +50% increased speed almost forever.
Derael Oct 9, 2017 @ 9:21pm 
This game is so strange. I've had quite a lot of trouble with random rares as Tempolar warden, but my first Master fight I've heard so much about was like the easiest fight ever. I spent 5 points in Time Dilation and Haste, then activated Haste, Grace of the Etrnal and Timeless and just used everything I have, killing him 2 times before he even summoned minions and buffs ended.

Blood letter is literally the best rank 3/4 weapon, it seems, since it decreases enemy freeze rezistance and works with your temporal clones perfectly well.
Yusu  [author] Oct 3, 2017 @ 2:14pm 
I do agree on the Combat Accuracy part, I just never got around to changing that in the guide.
Yusu  [author] Oct 3, 2017 @ 2:12pm 
The starting area is a nightmare on insane difficultym that's why I recommend not going in there. And even on nightmare, the benefits are just so minimal that it's just not worth it.