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Inventory Dejunker
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Aug 1, 2015 @ 6:08am
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Inventory Dejunker

Requires SKSE!

You know this feeling... A bunch of gems and the thing you pick up is - behold - a wooden bowl! Or you walk through a city and some dude you helped somewhen gifts you the most valueable treasure you can conceive of: a bottle of mead. I think you get the point.

This mod protects you from the hassle of seaching your inventory for some crap to drop.

HOW IT WORKS=================================

Whenever an item is added to your inventory the mod checks if it's on the junk list (a blacklist of sorts). If so, the item is either dropped or destroyed - depending on your choice.

STARTING THE TOOL==============================

Go to the riverwood trader and by the ring from Lucan. If you are too lazy to do so, open the console and type in:
1) help "InvDej ring" (with quotaion marks) to get the ID
2) player.additem <ID> 1


Hold one of the following keys while adding an item to your inventory.

1) "add key" (default: numpad +): adds the item to the junk list and drops / destroys it
2) "remove key" (default: numpad -): removes the item from the junk list and prevents dropping / destruction
3) "suppress key" (default: numpad *): allows adding items without checking the junk list (in case you need a specific junk item and don't want to remove it from the list)

Hold all three keys down until the animation stops to open the config menu.


SKSE 1.7.1 or higher


It is possible to add quest items to the junk list and if you do so the dejunker will attempt to drop / destroy them. Although the most quest items cannot be dropped / destroyed there might be exeptions! The dejunker will always display a message notifying you of the removal of items regardless of whether they were actually removed.
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Lukong1515 May 7, 2016 @ 1:11pm 
Could you make it a spell where if you add the Item to a "Dimensional Bag of Junk" it well sort out the Other items...I wonder if should mention this to the person who came up with "Dimensional Bag" mod
ragdoll Nov 24, 2015 @ 12:35pm 
very useful i must say