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Garry's Mod

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City 8 Aftermath Content
Content pack required to play on my Aftermath Half Life 2 Roleplay server.
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[Official] Precision Tool
Created by [XTT] General Wrex



Formerly 'Easy Precision', this tool allows exact movement of objects for accurate building. Push/pull, rotate, and sn...
vFire - Dynamic Fire for Garry's Mod
Created by vioxtar
vFire adds a realistic, firey experience to Garry's Mod.

Default fire is replaced by one that looks and behaves like the real thing - it grows, spreads, attaches to surfaces, animates, and burns everything (it can) to a crisp.
Fire Extinguisher
Created by Rubat
Extinguish fire! A classic fire extinguisher, just like in Half-Life 2: Beta. And it pushes physics objects too!

It uses custom ammo, which can be replenished by jumping into water or picking up another fire extinguisher....
Clockwork: HL2 RP Content
Created by Mr. Brightside
This is a content pack ONLY. For use with Clockwork Half-Life 2 Roleplay....
PAC Gear
Created by B4 RSK
Re-uploaded after being removed for the workshop
All models belong to their rightful owners
Will take down if the original author requests it....

Gives you the ability to personalize your player model's look by placing objects and effects on yourself. You can go from putting just a hat on your head to creating an entire new player model. PAC can also work on vehicles or props.
Equipment Pack
Created by Pingu
This addon adds loose equipment props.
Nothing is required to download.
This addon does not add any characters or ragdolls.
This is not Bonemerge props. You are free to put them anywhere you want.

You can use these props for customizing your chara...
Half-Life 2 Tools
Created by Rubat
A set of Half-Life 2 inspired/themed tools. Fully compatible with duplicator.

Tool list
  • Headcrab canister tool ( sbox_maxenv_headcrabcanisters )
  • Ammo crate tool ( sbox_maxitem_ammo_crates )
  • Item crate tool ( sbox_maxit
Improved Stacker
Created by [IJWTB] Thomas
Improved Stacker Tool
The Improved Stacker tool is a complete rewrite of the original Stacker tool and includes many bug fixes and new features that both clients and server owners can benefit from.
Unlike the other versions of the tool, t...
CCA Technology Props
Created by Lemon the Immortal
Various brush-based props for Combine technology. Includes folded constructs, combine crates, and combine pushcarts....
Easy Bodygroup Tool
Created by Rubat
An improved bodygroup tool, also supporting skins! And it works on effects too!

Right/Left click on an entity to select it.
Reload to select yourself

If the entity is highlighted with halo effect, then open context menu and ma...
No Collide Everything
Make an object have no collisions with everything including or except the world.
This tool can also disable self-collision on ragdolls and other objects with multiple collision meshes.
Div Foliage And Props
Created by Rastifan
Some foliage and farm props for your convenience.
GBombs 4
Reupload of G-Bombs 4

G-Bombs 5:
Placeable Particle Effects
Created by Rus Rakieta
======== What is this addon about? ========

Placeable Particle Effects is an addon that lets you place or attach (weld) various effects to spice up your work, like screenshots, artwork, animation, or whatever you are makeing.

======== How...
ZONA Stalker Props Pack [1/4] [Base]
Created by Neon
EN: Description
  • Huge pack of props in Steam Workshop!
  • About 1850 props in this pack!
  • No missing materials!
I'm not an author, all credits go to GSC Game World
Special thanks: z-o-m-b-i-e, razor, maver1k_XVII[/q
Metropolice Pack
Created by DPotatoman
Click green subscribe button under the addon media. Make sure that you've restarted the game if you subscribed while running it. Make sure that you have read F.A.Q.

Visit F.A.Q. in the disccusssions section for answers and t
HL2TS2 Reskins
Created by Sheeplie
*Update* If you need a version with faceposing, check out JC Denton's version of this addon*

This is a pack containing some- but not all of TnB's Half-Life 2 Tacoscript 2 models. I o...
Combine Armored PMs and NPCs
Created by FaSale
This pack is outdated.

Tags: playermodels , combine , roleplay , units , citadel , hunter , heavy ;...
UU-Branded Prop Pack
Created by Angry Teapot
This is a small pack filled with reskins of the models from the "Bioshock Infinite Prop Pack", which now have the Universal Union's labels on them.

Made as a pack of server content for Lemon Punch HL2RP

(Note; All hexed. It won't overlap with the ...
Extended Properties
Created by Rubat
This addon adds a lot of properties to Half-Life 2 and Garry's Mod entites such as turrets, rollermines, suit chargers, flashlights, dynamites, NPCs and anti-antlion thumpers. There are over 72 different actions for different entites and NPCs.

Fixed NPC Footsteps
Created by Cpt. Hazama
Guess what? I predicted it! See ladies and gentlemen? If you want something finally fucking fixed in Garry's Mod, just fix it yourself through modding to provoke the devs to do it themselves

Tired of the shit show the GMod devs did with "fi
NPC Tools
Created by Silverlan
I'm done with gmod and I don't take requests, so please stop spamming the comment section. There won't be any updates or new packs.
If you want to check out my new projects (Not gmod-related), you can go to:
Bioshock Infinite Prop pack
An assortment of props from Bioshock Infinite. I do not own and did not transfer any of these models from Bioshock but have been re-uploaded after vanishing from the workshop since they are essential to the HL2RP server.

If the owner is planning to re-u...
[Swep] Combine Sniper
Created by Kenzie
This was made for Vengence-Gaming RP.
Vengence-Gaming RP:

If you re-upload this I will send the Royal Canterlot army after you

Q: How do I turn on the laser?

A: There is no way to turn the laser ...
Created by Atle
City Eight v3b

It baffles me we’ve come this far with the updates, considering a mountain of Source SDK limitations, nonetheless, we got there in the end. I’d like to thank everyone involved in this m...
C8 V3b Content Pack
Created by Atle

City Eight v3a Content Pack

This pack is required for C8 V3a to work. Without this pack you'll see missing materials and model errors. Subscribe to this pack to fix that. Credit to the original Ci...
Food and Household items
Created by CHILI
This pack contains well over 200 props, mainly food but also cleaning products and other types of groceries.

McDonald's Food
Kinder Surprise + Box
Chips bags
Cillit Bang
Wine bottles
Much, much, more...

[TFA]Junk Weapon Pack
Created by YongLi
Block system has been added

model from original game file
i animated them and made them into melee weapons
take tiny memory usage
TFA is needed...
Special Effects
Created by Draco_2k
All kinds of fancy visual flair at your fingertips.

Fire, sparks, smoke, steam, electric arcs, light glow, starfield effect, and charged balls of energy. Everything you need to give your ultra-professional cinematography that extra edge.

[TFA] Blacklight Assault Rifle
Created by Sean
The standard assault rifle model from Blacklight: Retribution ported into Garry's Mod. This is my first SWEP I've made in Garry's Mod (And no, I don't mean I made a few horrible ones and decided not to show them, THIS IS MY FIRST SWEP.) Hopefully I'll impr...
[simfphys] armed vehicles
Created by Luna
Adds a weapon implementation system to simfphys vehicles. Included vehicles can be found in your simfphys tab under "Armed Vehicles"


[simfphys] LUA Vehicles - Base
Created by Luna
simfphys is a vehicle entity script that is primarily aimed for four-wheeled-ground-vehicles. These vehicles can be edited ingame, thats cool i guess, but don't put all sliders on max and expect good handling lmao.

Do not save or duplicat...
Beta Metrocop Sounds
Created by cryptic
These are the sounds from the HL2 Beta which can be used for example in Half-Life 2 Roleplay. All content is created by Valve.

If you want to listen to them write play then followed by anything below to play them:

Example: play npc/metropolice/mc1que...