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Defcon Units
By Nieustraszony Wódz
This guide is about DEFCON units.
DEFCON is a game about Global Thermonuclear War. The goal is simple: destroy enemy and don't allow him to do the same with you. To do it player is able to use in-game 3 types of units:
-Ground Forces.

Everyone have diffrent statistics and way to use it.
Fighters are designed to deal with enemy aircraft of all types. They have good firepower and enough durebility to survive some time. They big disadvantage is low fuel limit. That means sometimes fighter will destroy the enemy but will not have enough fuel to return to nearest base. Because of that it's important to use fighters when we are sure they will be able to return home after fight.

Bombers are designed to attack enemy's target. They are very tough to enemy fire, but have low speed. That means during heavy firing they can be simple taken down. They fuel limit is very high which mean they can travel very long distances without any fear. They have two attack modes:
-Naval Strike (DEFCON 3 Required) is used for attacking and destroying enemies naval units such as carriers and battleships. Bomber will flight close enemy ship and will fire to it.
-Shor Range Balisstic Missile (1 per flight, DEFCON 1 Required) is used for destroying enemy's cities and ground units. It has smaller range than Silos'es nukes but still great firepower.

Curiosity: There is an achievement "Brave sacrifice". To get it player must allow 500 planes to crash because of running out of fuel.
Naval Units
Battleships are standart ships in our fleet. They only option is "ATTACK". They will wait for enemy apperance in they range. If enemy unit enter its range it will start firing at it. Battleships are weak alone but in groups with other battleships or carriers are really worthy opponents.

Carriers are designed for providing air suppourt away from our airbases. They contain:
-Fighter Lunch Mode (5 Fighters at start)
-Bomber Lunch Mode (2 Bombers at start)
-Anti Submarine - in this mode carrier will use sonar to detect enemy submarines near to it. If it fight one it will use depth charges to take it out. !WARNING! In this mode carrier will not send airplanes even if seen other ships.

Submarines are hidden and dangerous. They are designed to sneak into enemy territory and wait to lunch their nukes. They have three modes:
-Passive Sonar Mode - submarine stays underwater, In this mode it's not able to attack enemy naval units and it's not using radar and sonar. This means that it will not detect enemy units. In this mode submarine is invisible to all units except other submarines in Active Sonar Mode and Carriers in Anti Sub Mode.
-Active Sonar Mode - in this mode submarine stays submerged but can still detect enemy units. This will also affect with sonar ping to any players with radar coverage. In this mode submarines will automaticly attack enemy units. Not useful if you want to be silent.
-Medium Range Ballistic Missile (5 only) - submarine emerges and lunches powerful nukes. They have longer range than bombers but still lower than Siloses. In this mode submarines are very vurneable for attacks and are visible for all units.

Curiosity: There is an achievement called "wasteful". To get it player must destroy 50 ships with nukes. It's little dificult to do it because they are usually in move.
Ground Units
Airbases are ground units which keeps airplanes. They contain:
-5 Fighters
-5 Bombers.
They can lunch only one type of plane at once. It can be destroyed by two nukes. If hit planes limit is reduced by half.

Radar is used to detect enemies in its range. It have the biggest scanning range in the game. What to say more? It's only goal is to spot enemies. Two nukes send it to dust.


Siloses have two roles:
-the first one is to defend airspace. In this mode it will fire to any nukes or airplanes in its range.
-Inter Continetal Balisstic Missile (only 10) - the most powerful thing in-game. Those nukes have unlimited range and can hit everything.
If silos is hit ICBM limited is reduced to half. Two shots destroyes it.
Defense Condition (DEFCON) is using by USA to determinate current danger level and army preparation to eventual movements.

Defcon 5
In-game: Players are placing units.
Real World: Fade out .Peace. Everything works fine.

Defcon 4
In-game: Players can still place units and detect enemies by radars and other units.
Real World: Double Take. Increased intelligence watch and strengthened security measures

Defcon 3
In-game: Aricraft and Navy authorised to engage.
Real World: Round house. Air Force ready to mobilize in 15 minutes.

Defcon 2
In-game: No changes.
Real World: Fast Pace. Armed Forces ready to deploy and engage in less than 6 hours.

Defcon 1
In-game: Usege of nuclear weapon is allowed.
Real World: Cocked Pistol. Maximum readiness. Nuclear war is imminent!
So it's all. Those are all units available in DEFCOn. I hope you know something new about them now. Thanks for reading!
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The Great Sandworm Shai Hulud Aug 4, 2015 @ 2:42pm 
Good guide, but I wish you went over the strategy of how to use the various units more. Also you forgot to mentioon airbases regenerate fighters, but not bombers.