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Toll Booth Turnpike - TLC-A1
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Jul 24, 2015 @ 1:17am
Oct 20, 2015 @ 5:20am
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Toll Booth Turnpike - TLC-A1

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Toll Booth Turnpikes
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This asset has been updated to meet 1.2.1 / AD standards. I would recommend unsubscribing from the A2, as it's been discontinued and merged back into the A1.

=== TLC series of TOLL BOOTH TURNPIKES ===

This experimental series of turnpike structures provides patrol coverage directly through your motorways. At this time these do not generate money, so they are mostly for adding a visual landmark in front of bridges etc. You can find the entire TLC collection above, with more info and direct links down below.

The A1, A2 and L models should be placed on flat terrain, as the base model is designed to overlap parts of existing roads and it cannot curve along bumps. The S1 and S2 are more compact and userfriendly; these can be placed practically anywhere. No mods are required, but traffic mods might be a good idea to solve any wonky lane bias.

The terraform tool is a must if you are building on an uneven surface.

=== INFO ===

Service: Police

Polygons: 2300
Verts: 3100
Texture: 1024x1024 Diff/Spec/Illumination

=== VARIANTS ===

- TLC-A1 - High Speed -
Passive high velocity setup for large amounts of expressway traffic.
Cost: 11000
Upkeep: 0 (Self-sufficient)
Cells: 6x16
Patrol vehicles: 8
Accumulation: 25
Coverage: 1000
3 High Speed Lanes + 2 Lay-by Lanes
All Lanes Open
Status: Published

- TLC-L - High Speed Left-Hand Traffic -
A1/A2 hybrid with left-side lay-by.
Cost: 11000
Upkeep: 0 (Self-sufficient)
Cells: 6x16
Patrol vehicles: 8
Accumulation: 25
Coverage: 1000
Status: Published

- TLC-S1 - Compact One-Way -
Cost: 6000
Upkeep: 0 (Self-sufficient)
Cells: 1x2
Patrol vehicles: 4
Accumulation: 20
Coverage: 500
Status: Published

- TLC-S2 - Compact Two-Way -
Cost: 8000
Upkeep: 0 (Self-sufficient)
Cells: 1x3
Patrol vehicles: 6
Accumulation: 20
Coverage: 500
Status: Published

=== FAQ ===

Q: Does this generate money? Do cars pay toll?
A: No, there's currently no mechanic for this. I'm not a programmer so I cannot add it. Instead, you get eight patrol cars and a 25 police boost, at virtually no cost once built.

Q: Do cars stop?
A: No.

Q: Why does my road surface look strange? Roads are popping thru?
A: It's crucial you build these on flat ground (use the terraform flatten tool, right click and drag). The model vertices are aligned with very little tolerance for error. This makes them a bit harder to use, but looks much better in the end. Refer to the video and screenshots for more details.

Q: Why do cars sink through the floor?
A: In this game, regular roads have lanes slightly underneath ground level. Since I'm mapping these roads underneath the model surface, cars tend to sink through as well.

Q: Can I change or remove props?
A: Yes, props can be modified in the asset editor. Some props are part of the base model.

Q: Can I change/mod road color?
A: No, this is textured based on the vanilla game, but you could try changing the diffuse yourself.
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