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The Many Glitches/Exploits of Borderlands 2 [Updated]
By Tin Jam and 1 collaborators
These are a few of the exploits and glitches I have learned from my past experiences of Borderlands 2.
As well as new glitches that are found by myself and others.
Feel free to put your exploits in the comment section.
Double Shot
This glitch allows you to shoot any reloadable weapon twice immediately, it has two methods:

The first method is to hold down fire, hold reload, and then tap melee, release fire and release reload.
If you have Silence The Voices as Kreig, you may hit yourself, but it will not deal damage.

The second method is to hold down fire, hold reload, then swap weapons, release fire and release reload.
This method can be used with Moxxi weapons to gain health since you'll be firing while swapping weapons, or it could be used to base damage transfer with the Flakker.

This technique will not give you additional (more than 2) shots. So if you are using the shadow of the seraphs or have the Tw0 Fang skill it's not that useful.

This will only work if you have at least two shots left in the magazine.
Duel Trade Duplication
This exploit allows you to duplicate valuable items, for this method you will need a friend.

First you need to get your friend in a game with you and then send him a trade offer, put in whatever valuable item you want into the trade menu and then click duel, your freind will also need to click duel for the duel to begin. Your friend will need space in his inventory otherwise it will reject adding new items.

When the duel begins drop the item and then either run out of the duel stadium (which is the big blue dome surrounding you) or ask your friend to kill you. After this happens your friend will get a copy of the item and you will be able to pick up the same item on the floor which you dropped and then both you and your friend will have a copy of the item.
Base Damage Transfer
This glitch works with the Flakker, Sawbar, and Pimpernel.
This glitch transfers the base damage of another weapon onto the unlisted projectiles of certain other guns. For most of the guns you need to be a gunzerker, place the high damage weapon in your right hand and your transfer weapon with the unlisted projectiles in the left.

For the Flakker, it can be done with any character because the unlisted projectiles have a delay to them. For this version of the glitch, shoot the flakker, then switch to the high damage weapon as fast as you can, this can be coupled with the swap variant of the double shot glitch.

The weapon with the highest base damage in the game is the all torgue damage prefix Ahab (derp Ahab) from the Scarlett DLC. Second to that is the all torgue damage prefix Nukem (derp Nukem).
The pelet multiplier from the high damage guns do not count towards the transfered damage.
No Ammo Consumption Vladof Launcher
This is a simple glitch I discovered today but I am sure has been discovered by many other people. The glitch allows you to shoot your vladof launcher without it consuming ammo many times in a row (as many as you want). This will not work with the Mongol.

With a full clip, fire as many times as you like so long as you have at least 3-2 shots in the clip (3 for even clip, 2 for odd clip), then switch away and back to the launcher (doesn't matter how fast), and it will regain all the ammo necessary to reach its nearest no ammo consumption value, the best thing to do is to shoot only once as you will maintain ammo forever, but you can use it to regain ammo if you accidentally shoot twice; shooting three times will always result in a loss of ammo and shooting twice may result in a loss of ammo.
Grog Nozzle Drunk Effect Induction
This is a very simple glitch that will allow you to induce the Grog Nozzle's drunk effect for a very short time, it is most effective in singleplayer but can also work in multiplayer to limited effect.
The Drunk Effect adds 6 projectiles to your gun for its duration and decreases accuracy.

Simply hold the grog nozzle in your hand and hit the tab (or inventory) button.
Once you exit your inventory, you will have the drunk effect active for the next 2 seconds, so quickly switch to another weapon and fire (I recommend using a Double Shot alongside this).

If you're in singleplayer you can swap the grog with the weapon you want to switch to in the inventory to get even more time with the drunk effect active on that weapon.

The Grog Nozzle itself is a Mission Item from The Beard Makes the Man, a quest given by Claptrap in the Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep DLC. It is NOT a quest reward! It is given during the quest and will go away as soon as it is completed, it will only be in your inventory in the same playthrough you have the quest active in, and only in your game.
However, during the $10k Loot Hunt, the Grog Nozzle could drop from the Gold Golem for a week, so some people might have legitimate dropped Grog Nozzles that you might be able to get from them.
Otherwise, you can use Gibbed Save Editor to give yourself one.

Gunzerker Infinite Money Shot
This glitch allows you to have infinite ammo on your right hand, and if done correctly, can give you an infinite money shot chain. This glitch will only work with guns that consume one ammo per shot,
and requires a vladof launcher (the mongol doesn't count).

To do this correctly:
- Lower your gun's clip to 1 (waste some bullets)
- Shoot your vladof launcher until the previous shot didn't consume any ammo
- Enter gunzerk on two guns that are not the launcher or the gun (so you dont get a clip refil)
- Hold fire with the gun (right hand), and quickly shoot the launcher once (left hand)
Psycho Invincibility
This glitch will make you and your vehicle invincible within the area you use it. It will deactivate when you travel to another area. It freezes invincibility frames from Buzzaxe Rampage.

Get near a catch-a-ride
Activate Buzzaxe Rampage, and during the animation quickly open the catch a ride and get in a car

If you have Release The Beast you can lower your health to under 30% and then do the above, this will allow you to keep the buzzaxe rampage ready for use.
Stacking Assassin's Rising Sh0t
For this glitch I recommend having the DLC's because you will need to be at a respec station with enemies nearby, The Hayter's Folly respec station in Pirate Booty DLC is best. Also I recommend having a low level Hive for this as well. (dont use high damage weapon)

Once your at the respec station shoot at a enemy with the weapon at hand, once you reach five stacks quickly respec before it goes away and put the points up till rising shot again.

Once you are done with respecing you will see that the rising shot is permanent, and then you can do it again reaching 10 and resepcing then reaching 20 and respecing. This glitch is time consuming and if you are using a low level hive as I recommended the enemies will not die and you can just keep doing it.

I also recommend listening to DJ Khaled's "another one" while doing this to motivate you to stack more
Stacking Commando's Expertise
This glitch allows a guest axton to move very very fast by stacking his skill 'Expertise'.
It is the skill to the right in his middle tree, it can be buffed using the Legendary Solider CM.

The expertise skill gives you extra aim speed, swap speed and movement speed when aiming down sights.

If you are on PC you can use the "Drop Weapon" key while aiming down sights, this will stack expertise. Pick up your gun and do it again...

If you're not on PC or wish not to use the drop weapon method, make sure you have a full inventory and have a gun on the ground, hold E while aiming down sights on the gun to force equip it, which will drop the gun you had previously equipped, stacking expertise. This method is significantly slower than the previous method in terms of how long it takes to reach the desired speeds.

"Gotta go fast" - Sonic Ogilvie Maurice the hedgehog
Stacking Gunzerker's Off-Hand Amp
This is a new glitch, discovered by Shadowevil1996 accidentally on stream.

Whenever you load into a game as host, you will recieve a bonus to your amp damage, but only on salvador's left hand. It does not matter if you have an amp on when you load your game, it will still give you the stack.
This stack transfers between characters and so you can stack it indefinately by save & continuing as much as you want. It does not add stacks when you transition between areas.

Each stack adds 2 to the amp multiplier, so after the first stack it's 2x, then 4x, then 6x etc.

The glitch will only work on standard amp shields (no bee), so you will need to deal with the amp drain effect, best mitigated by an amp shield with all hyperion parts, or having a gaige join your game and give you buck up stacks.

You will get a bonus to amp damage when you're not the host, but this bonus is based on the host's stacks, your stacks will not go away until you have quit Borderlands2.exe, so you may continue your game as host and still have your stacks.

The best place to stack is the Badass Crater Bar because it is the smallest map.

Here are shadowevil's videos on it:

Extra Information:

If you have cheat engine and use it to unlock the console (removing the 'say' interrupt) you can use the Open command to load without returning to menu, making it even faster.
Using ShowLobbyUI to switch characters mid-game does not give you stacks.

VOGChamber_P is the best place to open using console, and it is even more effective to copy that package and rename the copy to something else, then opening that copy.

Any item that has the regular amp shield accessory part will multiply the amp, including a modified bee shield. The multiplier given by each stack is multiplied by the sum of how many items you have equipped that have the amp shield accessory. Giving a maximum of +8x per stack (a modified class mod, relic, grenade, and shield).
Stacking Little Evie's Action Skill Recharge
Little Evie takes away a small portion from cooldown when you kill someone with it the reload glitch exploits this making your cooldown instant!

Have the Little Evie and another weapon equipped.
Empty the magazine of the Little Evie and once the reload animation starts switch to the other weapon and back.
Repeat as many times as you like (20 is a good number).
Unequip the Little Evie and every time you kill an enemy your Action Skill will recharge.

Where to get the Little Evie:
In the DLC Pirate's Booty in the Magnus Lighthouse near the elevator there will be pirates and a hut near that will spawn a minelayer called "Mr. Bubbles" This is an easter egg to Bioshock.
After you kill him there will be a little girl next to him when you press e on her she will take out the Little Evie from her pocket which is a unique blue rarity maliwan pistol.

A new video by Joltzdude confirms this glitch is still possible!
Stacking Mechromancer's Buck Up
If you like the Mechromancer this glitch will help you out.
In the Best Friends Forever skill tree you will see a skill called Buck Up.
It is located in the second tier in the center of the tree.
What this skill does is when your shield is depleted deathtrap recharges your sheild but deathtrap's AI is like a potatoe (very dumb) and if you remove your sheilds or have no shields deathtrap will still keep hitting you with the recharge ray.

To activate the glitch go near a level transition.
(for instance from The Highlands to the Thousand Cuts)
What you do is you remove your shield and spawn deathtrap, once there is a blue hue around the edge of your HUD, enter the level transition. If the blue hue remains after transition, you've successfully stacked.
Repeat as many times as you like and then put your shield back on.
This glitch will remain active until you exit to the main menu or select a character.
Stacking Morningstar's Critical Bonus

The Morningstar can be obtained from the quest Hyperion Contract 873.
Equip the Morning Star and empty the magazine, once the reload animation begins quickly switch to another weapon. Keep doing this again and again and again (Im talking 100-200),
After one critical hit your critical damage will skyrocket, and increases every stack. However for each stack you also get an additional morningstar voice on your character, which can get very very loud and annoying quickly, you may want to mute 'voice' volume.
If in OP 8 you can get 999999k (Max damage) with 200 stacks.
Thanks to Audrey for sharing this glitch.

Clarification: This glitch will work for 15 seconds but the stack can be revitalised by using any sniper rifle.It will completely stop working after entering a vehicle or change characters.
Drop Merging and Mass Dupe
These are three really glitchy glitches that can be performed by the guest and host working together. It allows for the merging and duping of weapons. I highly suggest watching the videos.

Drop Merging is when the guest, while swapping weapons, spams the "Drop Weapon" key fast enough that it duplicates the gun, and in doing so, stores the gun's stats onto the player. This can be stacked forever, giving you infinite merges.

Inventory Merging is very glitchy, and happens when, after doing the drop merging, the host and the guest force equip duplicates of a gun that is currently on the floor. Their inventories are considered the same because they are both holding the exact same gun. Not copies of the same gun, the actual same gun in terms of the code.

Because it considers your inventories identical, any changes made to the guest inventory will write to the host, so if a guest, who is a higher level, equips a gun, it will be equipped by the host, regardless of the host's level. I think this may also work for DLC guns that the host doesn't own.

Finally, Mass Duping can be done by either drop merging with a no free equip slots and a free backpack, picking up all of the duped 'same' guns and letting them go straight to the backpack, do not let them enter equip slots. Alternatively, once Inventory Merging has completed, if the host uses the "Drop Weapon" key the duped gun will drop, but will not leave his inventory, allowing the host to drop the gun as much as he wants. However, you will still need to pick the guns up into your backpack like with direct merging, this second method just allows the system to work faster and consistently.
Teamkilling Weapons
There are some weapons in BL2 which the player can use to kill both enemies and friendly players (as well as vehicles that they may be driving or even your own vehicle)

After firing, some guns can be dropped and their projectiles will hurt allies too. They are:
Tunguska, Storm, Thunderball Fists, The Hive, Landscaper, SWORDSPLOSION

Make sure that as soon as you fire them you drop them, either from your inventory or with the Drop Weapon key, otherwise they will not deal damage to allies.


The best items for teamkilling are the Tunguska and Landscaper because the Tunguska has an enormous blast radius and the Landscaper leaves unsuspecting mines which can be a nasty suprise for your friends.

Also, while not a gun, the Love Thumper's Roid Nova can harm everything around you.
It can also be activated by sawblades while driving a technical, resulting in the destruction of your own vehicle!
Miscellaneous Glitches
This is a section for glitches or videos about glitches that don't really have a specific purpose.

----- PATCHED -----
The Following glitches are patched on the current version of the game.
[Patched] Inventory Weapon Merging
Weapon Merging allows you to make the game think you're holding multiple guns at the same time, this will carry over specific effects.

Say you want to merge the critical effects of the Lady Fist into another gun.
first you would have the gun in the first slot and the Lady Fist in another.
While you have your Lady Fist equipped you will swap to the gun but while it's in the swap animation you quickly press tab and go to your inventory.
Swap your Lady Fist with the other gun.
The gun will now have the Lady Fist's critical damage bonus.
If you swap to the Lady Fist or unequip either the effect will deactivate.
[Patched] No Ammo Consumption
This glitch uses the Weapon Merging glitch in order to merge the -1 Ammo Consumption effect of any non-legendary Vladof Launcher into any 1 ammo consumption weapon (So no Unkempt Harold or Sand Hawk)
It will effect every weapon you have equipped, and unlike merging, the launcher can be unequipped (and it is recommended you do so).
In older versions you didn't need merging and you could perform this for any ammo consumption guns.

Put a gun in first slot and the Vladof Launcher in the second.
Have your valdof launcher equipped and fire a shot then reload but once the reload animation starts switch to the other weapon and open your menu and swap your launcher with the gun in the first slot.
Every gun that you have equipped will now have -1 to their ammo consumption.
This effect will deactivate if you swap to your vladof launcher or exit to the main menu or select a character.

Another method:
Shoot a non-legendary vladof launcher once.
Have a full inventory and hold E to swap it with another weapon.
[Patched] BAR Health Stacking
This glitch will stack the bonus maximum health that your BadAss Rank gives.
You will need to be constantly regenerating health.
It will deactivate if you exit to the main menu or select a character.

Equip the Hoplite shield.
Equip an item that regenerates your health, or spec into a skill that does it.
Disable BAR, exit the inventory, enable BAR, exit inventory.
Repeat as many times as you like, each time it will add the BAR bonus.
[Patched] Evil Smasher Stacking
Used normally, Evil Smasher does not level up beyond Power level 1. However Evil Smasher can glitch to higher Power level. The glitch was patched following the April 2 update patches.

Step-by-step Instructions to Power Up Further
1. Empty clip of Evil Smasher completely.

2. As soon as Evil Smasher STARTS to reload, switch away to another weapon, say Infinity.

3. Swap immediately back to Evil Smasher. Repeat swapping away and back as many times as
needed to gain Power level.

Power Up occurs at the BEGINNING of the reload motion. So wait about 0.5 to 1 second into Evil Smasher reload motion. THEN swap away. When swapping back to Evil Smasher there is no need to wait.

By swapping back and forth, it is forcing the Power Up effects to stack on top of each other. Multiplying the stacking effectively looks like Evil Smasher's characteristic explosion and Power Up sound cue become bigger and louder.
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Magic Gonads  [author] Jul 1, 2018 @ 11:40pm 
No. You need a drop weapon key which only exists on PC.
76561198207816343 Jul 1, 2018 @ 10:08pm 
im really late but does Drop Merging and Mass Dupe work on console?
Magic Gonads  [author] Nov 15, 2017 @ 2:04am 
Unless the game updated very very recently that is not true
The Big Tenkowski Nov 14, 2017 @ 1:04pm 
Expertise glitch was patched.
Bingus Oct 28, 2017 @ 9:50am 
Nevermind, i just saw the "guest Axton" part. I'm trying to do it on SP lul
Bingus Oct 28, 2017 @ 9:49am 
Was the Expertise glitch patched? I tried to do it but it's not working.
ZERO Jul 12, 2017 @ 6:52pm 
if you guys have discord and want some just insane mods add me ill give them to you (i have no life)
Magic Gonads  [author] Jul 11, 2017 @ 9:00pm 
Until you save & quit or otherwise change characters or quit
gatcha Jul 11, 2017 @ 5:20pm 
how long does the morningstar glitch last?
Morrighant May 22, 2017 @ 12:38am 
Is the duping patched?