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The mods I use to increase game enjoyability. (See Individual mods pages for more descriptions)
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I Yield! I Yield!
Created by ThunderRolls


I Yield! I Yield! is a simple yet useful mod that makes it so when enemies say their yield lines, Like we're routed ...
Alchemist's Compendium
Created by RGM
Immersive in-game reference book, listing all Skyrim ingredients and their 4 effects. The book lists 2 ingredients per page, with a small picture of each ingredient and lists all 4 effects, 57 pages in total, and includes info on all the DLC ingredient...
Alternate Start - Live Another Life
Created by Arthmoor
Misery and despair have haunted you all your life. Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse, you've been arrested and thrown in the dungeons. Your trial was supposed to be weeks ago, only nobody has come for you. It's been so long since seeing dayli...
+ Amazing Race Tweaks! Wood Elf
Created by sp0ckrates
Don't just command animals for a short time--make them followers! Don't merely slow time with a shout--slow time and increase weapon speed at the same time! Don't simply guess where foes are--know exactly where they are with your tracking power!...
Argonian Exports
Created by KrotoR
The boat near the Solitude docks always made me sad. I would swim over there and... nothing! It was empty, not a single barrel. This mod effectively changes that by making the boat into the Saxheel, an argonian trade ship carrying a cargo of argonian goodi...
Back Shields
Created by diwako

DISCLAIMER: This mod is only for cosmetic reasons!
You cab find those shields in the Weapon tab. However if you play an archer character you will...
Camping Kit of the Northern Ranger
Created by The Northern Ranger
This is an amazing little portable camping mod that gives control over setting up your campsite exactly how you want.
It comes with two types of tents, many extra features, and includes custom models for setting up the camp.

Classic Classes and Birthsigns
Created by Sadrin
☼ Classic Classes and Birthsigns ☼
by: Kearsage

☼ Latest Versions ☼
Ver 2.4
- Witchhunter now has Conjuration as a Major Skill instead of Restoration. This brings it in line with skill distribution in both Morrowind and Oblivion.
- Acrobatics Second...
Craftable Dwarven Oil
Created by jeb
Hi all, this is just a small mod which pretty much does what it says in the title.
Head to a cooking pot with 1 dwarven ingot and you can craft 3 dwarven oil.

Leave any problems or ideas in the comment section.
Thanks :3...
Craftable Silver Swords
Created by jreese46
This small mod just allows you to create and temper silver swords and silver greatswords, under the Misc. tab. The sword characteristics are unchanged. The forging materials include steel, silver, and leather strips, and they are tempered with a single s...
Dawnguard Silver Arsenal
Created by Gradius
Four new craftable (or findable) items for your Dawnguard character:
*Dawnguard variants of the two existing silver swords
*Silver arrows and crossbow bolts, low base damage but do +20 against undead, ghosts, and werewolves.
Existing Dawnguard weapons ...
Draugrbane, The Stronger Silver Sword
Created by MHX Divina
Ever wanted a stronger silver sword? Ever thought that the Silver Sword was too weak considering the fact it was a unique weapon? I present to you Draugrbane, the stronger Silver Sword! It can be found in the Riverwood Trader, but you must steal it from Lu...
Dwarven Spider Follower
Created by Tuddywutwut
Adds a Dwarven Spider to Whiterun that will follow you and help fight. He cannot be killed and his name is Skittles.
First mod, so pretty rough around the edges.
I just wanted to have a Dwarven Spider follow me and fight, and maybe you do too.

Dwarven Tinkering
Created by Wang Fire
This is a mod that allows the player to use dwarven constructs as their own via the Dwarven Smithing and Enchanter Perks.

A little bit about this mod:

The Dwarven Smithing perk has two additions to it. Each additional perk allows the player to have o...
Elemental & Mind Shields
Created by johnskyrim
If you like my mods, please give me a like on Facebook!


The Elemental Shield is a classic shield from the game, Runescape. It provided magical attributes as well as resistances from certain magics. I decided to bring it to Skyrim to further my ...
Elsweyr Imports - New Caravan Inventory
No DLC Required

SSE Version available on BethesdaNet and Nexus
Explosive Dwarven Arrows
Created by grimsby
Adds craftable dwarven arrows that explode on impact, just like dwarven crossbow bolts.

1 Dwarven Oil
1 Dwarven Metal Ingot
10 Dwarven Arrows

produces 10 Explosive Dwarven Arrows...
Fine Goods from Morrowind (Dragonborn)
Created by felroki
''Can I interest you in some fine goods from Morrowind?'' I hear a friendly Dunmer's voice greet me, as I stroll the marketplace on my first visit to the captial of the Rift. I immediately turn my head in interest; but as I browse the display crates, I fin...
Fishing In Skyrim 1.00
Created by Arod Snaux
Adds working fishing poles, nets, dwarven boomfishing, working fishing gear, and many other fishing-themed goodies to Skyrim. Stop trying to grab fish with your bare hands! Look for a free pole and net in a rowboat on the Riften canal, or talk to local gen...
Fur Armor Crafting
Created by Aethamus
Craft Fur armor at a forge.

Fur Armor (4 Types)
Fur Bracers
Fur Gauntlets
Fur Shoes
Fur Boots
Fur Helmet

General Tyrin Imperial Follower
Created by GMoon777
General Tyrin is a well balanced Follower the perfect companion for the Imperial player,Tyrin uses custom weapons (2 hander) and armour (heavy) that the player can use if they decide to kill him and take it (much better not to).

He has a base level of 1...
Ghostwalker Headdress
Created by Geistertanz
Claim the unique headdress of a Forsworn intruder in Markarth and walk among the spirits.

Detailed description:
This mod adds the dead body of a Forsworn intruder to the guard tower in Markarth. Next to the body you will find a Forsworn headdress with ...
Heavy Holy Armor
Created by HFH Avenger
(Pictures represent the armor as it appears in different default lighting conditions within the game)

The Heavy Holy Armor set is designed for the Dovaki...
Created by Wheeze
Heimfeigr (literally, Home of the Dead. Pronounced "Heym-fey-gr") is a dungeon from Luftahraan that features during an important segment of the main quest. For this release, it has been taken out of its context an...
Hidden lair - Whiterun
Created by Seerk
Hidden lair - Whiterun

This adds a hidden lair in whiterun, it's in the grate to the right when you enter whiterun. it's nothing fancy, just a simple and free place to sleep and stuff. it's handy when you can't afford a place like breezehome yet ...
Huntsman Style Play v1.6
Created by Jory4001
The Huntsman - Does NOT require Dawngaurd

*NOTICE* - This mod is on hold, I have higher priorities at the moment.

Current Features

- Animal Companion Perks in the Marksman Tree
- New Perks in the Marksman Tree: "Huntsman" for crafting and "Nigh...
Immersive Constellations
Created by Zaku
This is a subtle retexturing of Skyrim's constellations so that they glow the color of their Guardian and with more varied size and detail while the Serpent has been changed to black Unstars that block out the stars behind them. The planets Akatosh, Arkay...
Imperial & Stormcloak Deserters
Created by Kaiser Wilhelm III
This mod adds Imperial and Stormcloak (depending on the city alligence) deserters of the war to the inns of the cities.


This mod has not yet been extensivly tested and may contain bugs, although it most likely does not.
Also, this mod SH...
Inhuman Soldiers
Created by Telvannizer
This update attempts to get rid of the "Gray face bug". Please inform me in the comments if i have been succesful or not!
Josh's Skill Capes
Created by Josh_2
Show off your achievements with these dashing capes.

What is this?

+ Adds 56 custom capes to the game all using custom meshes and textures.
+ 2 capes for each skill, a bright version and a darker version.
+ 3 capes for the 3 main...
Kill Moves - No Blur
Created by ThirteenOranges
Removes most of the Blur effects from finisher moves. See your kills more clearly than ever. Simple.

Sep 2012 Update

- Now more universal removal of blur from kill moves to account for moves added post launch.

- Better title image.

- L...
Light Holy Armor
Created by HFH Avenger
(Pictures represent the armor in different default lighting conditions within the game)

The Light Holy Armor set is designed for the Dovakiin, male or f...
Lunar Forge Patch 2.1
Created by wizkid1010
If you have ever explored the bandit infested Silent Moons Camp you may have happened upon a curious forge at the top of a long stairway known as the Lunar Forge. A nearby book "Notes On The Lunar Forge" describes some unique properties of weapons crafted ...
Mead Keg Backpack
Created by Strange
Who needs fancy magic or sneaking about when you can strap a keg of mead to your back and hit things with a big metal stick.

Version 1.2
  • Fix for Nord vampires.
Version 1.1
  • Now us
Malukah's Imperial Menu Theme (Age of Aggression)
Created by Turbosnowy
This replaces the main theme on loading with the Imperial Anthem for you Loyalists out there - just enable when you want to hear it and disable when you don't - job done.

If you aren't sure, thinking 'Hey I like the main theme, why would I want to chang...
Molten Core
Created by HighWarlordBob

DISCLAIMER: The concept of Molten Core and all that that entails belongs entirely to Blizzard Entertainment. This is simply a fan recreation of the dungeon. My partner and I are not benefitting financially in any way from thi...
More Bandit Encounters Overhaul BROKEN
Created by DankFrenchToast
This overhaul mod aims to add many bandit encounters throughout the world to add depth to the game.

V 1.1
Encounters have been added to all of Falkreath hold, and Southern Whiterun.
In the future I plan to add even more encounters throughout all of sk...
Morrowind Border Trading Shack
Created by Jamey

EDIT: 1,000 Subscribers?! Thanks so much for the support everyone! :) I'll be sure to bring much more to this mod in the future if I can ^^

A very small, simple, but effective mod: The Morrowind Border Trading Shack!

Adds ...
Morrowind Imports
Created by Nazgar
Requires Dragonborn.

Ever wondered why Brand-Shei would boast about his wares from Morrowind but would never have them in stock? Have you ever thought that the Dunmer of Windhelm were odd for not having goods and spirits from their home? This plugin fix...
Mudcrab Merchant
Created by Blakeyrat
Everybody's best friend from Morrowind is back!

The Mudcrab Merchant has 10,000 gold (non-leveled), a nice generic selection of items, and the inexplicable vocal cords of an Argonian.

Where is he located in Tamriel? Well... that would ruin the surpri...
Paladin Follower and Armor set
Created by schirmbf
this mod adds 2 things, the follower, and the gear.

the follower: Sigvar the Righteous (found in dragon's reach) NOTE: if you have done the battle for whiterun on the stormcloak side, this may cause unexpected results.
has 2 unique ...
Pirates of Skyrim
Created by raindance maggie
Do you ever get bored of the regular old bandits and forsworn? Well now there are pirates in Skyrim! Pirates are all over skyrims northern shore, along rivers, lakes, riverside towers, riverside forts, and their own bootlegging island out in the ocean in H...
Real Traders 2.0
Created by Krezmick
Real Traders 2.0
by: SpiderAkiraC (AC3C)


Real Traders:

The goal of this mod series is to make Skyirm feel more realistic and Immerse. I grew tired of alway...
Sabre gear backpack
Created by uCTo4HuK 3aPa3bl
===>>> SABRE CAT GEAR <<<=== Bag-Pack Add-on! v2.0
---> presented by DVAted <---

With the assistance of pro-modellers and modders:
OG-Jay/TreasureChest, tumbajamba


This mod add-on aims to improve on TreasureChest's Fur Bag...
Silver Sword from the start
Created by Flaxter
a simple mod i made because i for some reason always liked the silver sword in skyrim,but didnt want to either wander around skyrim or join the companions everytime,and its not that good at that time,so i made this mod so i could have one from the get-go,e...
Created by snakster
Elegant, PC-friendly UI mod for Skyrim with many advanced features. All improvements seamlessly integrate with the style of the original interface. Version 5 includes better crafting, enchanting, alchemy and smithing menus and several other enhancements.
The Ancient Staff
Created by johnskyrim


If you like my mods, please like my Fa...
The Fur Trade
Created by Crox
This mod aims to make hunting for pelts more rewarding by changing the amount of gold the pelts can be sold for.

The new values of pelts are as follows:

Bear - Cave : 100
Bear : 60
Bear - Snow : 160
Deer : 50
Fox : 30
Fox - Snow: 50
SabreCat : ...
the Silver Armor Set
Created by DoG
The Silver Armor Set is a simple Retexture of the Steelplate Armor. For everybody, who preferes a more colored and stronger version of the steelplate armor in Skyrim.

I made two Versions of this armor:
- the Light Silver Armor (of course a light armor...
The Wolfbane
Created by johnskyrim
If you like my mods, please give me a like on Facebook!


The Wolfbane is a dagger that was originally from Runescape. It was used to prevent the townsfolk of Canifis from morphing into Werewol...
Trenus Valerius - Follower
Created by Jelloshot
Trenus Valerius is an Imperial Combat Warrior who specializes in one handed swords. He has perks that support one handed combat, heavy armor, shields, and swords. He has full Imperial Heavy Armor in his inventory as well as an Imperial Sword & Shield.

Undead's Bane (Two-handed)
Created by danfu777
I've always liked the "idea" of using Silver based weapons in Skyrim, but felt disappointed by their weakness. This mod overpowers the vanilla silver greatsword (not insanely overpowered IMO) and adds a "new" craftable silversword dubbed "Undead's Bane (2h...
Undead's Bane - Silversword
Created by danfu777
My first mod (kind-of a test upload)!

I've always liked the "idea" of using Silver based weapons in Skyrim, but felt disappointed by their weakness. This mod overpowers the vanilla silversword (not insanely overpowered IMO) and adds a "new" craftable si...
Useful Dawnbreaker
Created by absol_89
Summon Meridia by your side! Auto lighting without any DLC needed. 15 damage, 8 crit damage, 20 fire and frost damage hurting stamina, with 20 extra damage to daedra & undead. Ice explosion on hit and a rare fire explosion on critical hits. Meridia's bane ...
Wieldable Lantern
Created by Gunner
-V 2.1-

Adds craftable lanterns to the world of Skyrim!

Recipes can be found at all major holds on the genernal goods merchants.

Copies of a journal "Omus's journal on Nordic lanterns" uncovering ancient Nordic lanterns can be also found in the ge...
Royal Knight - Armor - Weapon Npc
Created by lagrie

- Royal Knight Armor
- Royal Knight Leggings
- Royal Knight Gloves
- Royal Knight Helmet
- Royal Greatesword 2h

- Edmun the royal Knight NPC
- Hall of Honor location

- Custom music added to the...
Created by rebel-o-conner
This mod adds craftable backpacks which increase the carry capacity by 150. 6 different colors.
It adds also a craftable duffle bag which increases the carry capacity by 300 but decrease the sneak skill by 10.

The bags use the body slot 47 and can hav...
Bloodier Combat
Created by MissStyx
Important note:

Currently, because of a bug in the engine, this mod will cancel out some vanilla perks. I believe the only ones it affects are:
Bullseye (archery)
Warmaster (Two-handed)
Limbsplitter (Two-handed)
Paralyzing Strike (One-handed)
Hack ...
Created by Hvergelmir
Brows is a Hvergelmir's Aesthetics mod that replace all Skyrim vanilla brow textures with completely new high resolution hand painted - from scratch - eyebrows. The aim is to be as photo realistic as possible, without actually literally copying eyebrows f...
Detailed Cities
Created by Dex
Detailed Cities is a graphical enhancement modification for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Detailed Cities adds more than 1000 extra assets or modifications to the cities of Skyrim, giving each city a more vibrant feel. Detailed Cities primarily uses assets ...
Detailed Outskirts
Created by Dex
Update: I have been away for awhile now busy with life and work, blown up computer, but just to let all my devoted followers there will be an update soon.

Detailed Outskirts was made to bring smoother transitions to the Detailed Cities mod in conjunctio...
Duel - Combat Realism 8
Created by LogRaam
Please visit the Nexus Page for more information:

Duel Combat Realism is a mod that improves the combat system of Skyrim, making them more realistic. It will allow you to cover yourself with your sh...
Enhanced Blood Textures 3.6b
Created by BakaKemono
A blood overhaul mod

Bloodier combat experience with higher resolution and detailed textures. Additional features such as killmove animation spasms, blood drops when low health, damage based blood amount, blood pools, and green blood for spiders and oil...
Eragon - Zar'Roc
Created by darman96
This Mod adds the sword of Eragon to Skyrim.
It´s my first mod so be gracious to me. :D

// How to use:

You can craft it at any forge.
It´s under the steel tab
You need the Steelsmithing skill.

1 Flawless Ruby for the red version
1 Fl...
Formal Legions
Created by DreadnaughtVCN
Do you dare oppose the might of the imperial legion!?

---------------------------------------------------------------- DESCRIPTION---------------------------------------

It always annoying that the Imperial Legion in skyrim wore Milkdrinker armo...
Crowded Cities (v5)
Created by Velvokay
This mod adds tons of new NPC's to Solitude (more holds will gradually be added!) that will roam the streets! During the day nobles, farmers, and regular citizens will walk the streets, occasionally stopping by shops and merchants to browse wares and then ...
Immersive Patrols
Created by Koda
Dawnguard and Dragonborn DLC Required!

No DLC? Use this! Immersive Patrols Vanilla.

Adds fully functional, scheduled patrols of almost every major faction across all DLCs incl...
Improved Skill Books
Created by elGrecoLoco
Appends the skill improved to the name of every skill book, and loots skill books to your inventory without reading so you can save them for later.

By popular request, I added a script to every skill book that allows you to loot ...
Isilmeriel's LOTR Weapons
Created by Tomato
SSE version here (not 100% certain on stability):

*** Please take a brief moment to read this description before asking questions in comments ***

Also available at [url=skyrim.nexusmods...
Lore Weapon Expansion - Relics of the Crusader
Created by InsanitySorrow
Druid Gameworks - Project Dreamtime[]

Grab the Main Lore Weapon Expansion Release -


Lore W...
Main Menu Spinning Skyrim Emblem
Created by Brumbek
This simply makes the Skyrim emblem on the main menu spin 360 degrees every 8 seconds to help you appreciate the nifty emblem's curves and reflections. I also improved the normal map using Bethesda's HighRes texture as a base. Enjoy the simple things in li...
Malukah's 'Tale of the Tongues' Menu Theme
Created by Turbosnowy
This replaces the main theme on loading with Malukah's cover of the in-game bard song 'Tale of the Tongues' written by Jeremy Soule. - just enable when you want to hear it and disable when you don't - job done.

If you aren't sure, thinking 'Hey I like ...
Mercenaries (Unlimited Followers)
Created by rmbackslash
(FIXED !!!) Hire as many Mercenaries and Mercenary archers you can afford. They act like followers, guard trade, individual or group commands!

Talk to "Saad" near the Guard Shack in Whiterun (south entrance). He will contract mercenaries to you. These M...
More Grass
Created by MadMonkey119
Increases the density of grass in Skyrim! Making for some more scenic and beautiful landscapes.

This truely increases how much grass there is, not the height/size of the grass. It has very little to no FPS reduction....
Created by Erika
Many armies in wildness land , stormcloak and imperial fights against each others, they patrol land and attack forts,
travellers also travel between cities ,
adventurers explore Skyrim world,
bandits look for unwary people.

All tihs for a world more...
Reversed Daggers
Created by Manic Zombie
By Maniczombie
Current Version 2.1


Adds a (Reversed) Variation of most usable daggers in the game and smithing recipes to create a reversed dagger or change it back. To Reverse a dagger take it to the Anvil at the blacksmith with 1 ingot...
Created by Chingu
Walk at the same speed as other NPC's including fast walking guards and others
(this file on the nexus:

update notes:
walking speed has a slight increase

also I recommend to those who want to...
Towns and Villages Enhanced - Riverwood
Created by Aplestormy
Towns and Villages Enhanced: Riverwood
Make Riverwood (more) beautiful!

Adds over 1500 new items to Riverwood, including:
  • Trees
  • Shrubs
  • Alchemist Plants
  • General Flora
  • Light source
Catari Race
Created by Disciple16
Catari is a humanoid race. A mix between Brenton,and khajitt.In addition to their quick and perceptive grasp of spellcraft, even the humblest of Catari's can boast a resistance to magic. Catari's can call upon the Dragonskin power to absorb spells. They ca...
Playable Guard - Race
Created by DreadnaughtVCN
You were a guard like him till you took an arrow in the knee.

Description: What the name says.

Disclaimer: You join the guard in my OTHER mod.

And yes i "KNOW" that you could take guard armor as a nord and dress up!

DLC: None required

and ...
Angel And Fallen Race Beta 1.0
Created by
once you subscribe you might want to move the mod up in your mod list.... this should have the wings animations if you have trouble with it

when flying you cant fly out of town or into town or the spell to la...
Noldour Race
Created by Disciple16
Noldour is a humanoid race. Part Argonian and part Nord. Being that Noldours are mixed race they can use battle cry,and water breathing. Noldour works with male or female. Noldours are very skilled in combat.

Other mod that I am using in the photo is **...
More Hair Colors!
Created by Slipcoc
What this mod does, is it adds 17 more hair colors to each race! Now, you can have a yellow beard, or you can even be a ginger that has no soul! The possibilites are endless!
Please let me know what you think about this mod...
To change an already existi...
More Beards Please!
Created by MACHINESofGOD777
Ten new facial hair options.

*Clean shaved, with trimmed mustache. Stubble with trimmed mustache*
*Three options of beard and goatee. A total of six with beard beads*
*Two other options are goatee with large mustache*

This fa...
Vampire Followers Reloaded.
On Nexus already. So I decided to upload it on Steam Workshop.

Some ENB deceptions of course. If you want to have the best quality, please use ENB and Facelight.

You can find them at High Hrothgar and Throat of the World.

Dawnguard and Dragonbor...
Follower Random Clothes
Created by akwakwak
This mod replace the default outfit of followers by simple default clothes, can be copy of armor with 0 armor ratio or unanchanted clothes and unplayable outfits:
- 1 clothe
- 1 pair of boots/sandals
- 1 pair of gloves (for some sp...
Stormcloak Cavalry
Created by Darkknight957
Ride with the Stormcloak Cavalry or Command the Stormcloak Cavalry.

They are in the Stormcloak and Player Factions

This is a simple mod that should work with most mods.

During the day they patrol the roads of Skyrim from Markarth to ...
Marry Carlotta and Adopt Mila Valentia
Created by The Great What
This is an Extremely simple mod that allows you to adopt Mila Valentia; the little girl in Whiterun whos mother runs the vegetable stand in the market. And marry her mother. Carlotta will be able to move into any of the Standard homes, however to have Mi...
Entire Eyes
Created by Mugo99
This mod makes every race(Minus Beasts) be able to have all the different eye colours from all of the other races and the mod also makes every eye unisexual meaning that they can all be used for both sexes....
Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Edition [Multilingual] / Новые модели тел и лиц для девушек [RUS]
Created by Wehrwolfmann
Original version of Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Edition.

Версия: 3.3с
CBBE - это заменитель стандартных женских тел на более соблазнительные и детализированные пышные формы.

Если вы любитель текстур HGEC от TES4: Oblivion, то данный плаг...
Pale Elves
Created by Charlemagne
Elves are pale right? Except those dark elves. Not in TES though, here they made high elves yellow (because being high they are valuable like gold?) and woods elves brownish gray (because they are made of wood?) Of course, they are free to do what they wan...
Cross Breed Race - Non Dawnguard
Created by BongOfWar
Story -:

A Bad experiment went wrong after the collapse of the Winterhold college and the result was this crossbreed of Nord and Khajit only recently escaped from captivity they seek to earn there place in society and prove there worth even though they ...
Steal from children
Created by PuckeL
This little plugin allows pickpocket on children.

You'll be surprised what a child carries around. :-)...
Playable Snow Elves
Created by wysterianinja
Note: You do NOT need Dawnguard to use this mod. It is also incompatible with the Dawnguard vampire quest. If you find it to be incompatible with any other DLC quests, please let me know and I'll add it to the description.

Ever since discovering Snow El...
Castle Gonduin
Created by DarthWayne
This mod adds a castle to the mountains southwest near Riverwood that can be used as player home. The castle is abandoned due to a curse that lays on it. After completing a quest and lifting this curse you can rebuild it part by part and make it a comforta...