Star Ruler 2

Star Ruler 2

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dolynick's Faction Add-On v2.0.3.024
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Jul 21, 2015 @ 7:51pm
Sep 19 @ 11:12am
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dolynick's Faction Add-On v2.0.3.024

Adds various popular Sci-Fi factions to the game. It offers custom races, subsystems, sounds, pre-configured designs and some reworking of base game systems. There are also several shipsets available for use as well, see below.

Currently Included Factions
Those factions marked with (WotH) require the Wake of the Heralds expansion/DLC for access.
Stargate: Atlanteans (WotH), Asgard, Goa'uld (WotH), Tau'ri (WotH), Wraith
Star Wars: The Empire, Republic/Rebels
Battlestar Galactica: Colonials (WotH), Cylons (WotH)
Star Trek: The Federation (WotH), The Klingons (WotH), The Borg (WotH)

Gameplay Changes
-Planet, Star & Galaxy sizes are greatly increased. Ship scaling has also been adjusted to provide more visual disparity between Size settings.
-FTL drives have been adjusted accordingly for increased galaxy size, but sublight engines are at a greater disadvantage than in the default game.
-Shields systems have been modified and can be considerably stronger.
-Many new weapons and subsystems have been added, some generic and others faction themed.
-Additional Government types with different benefits have been added.

Optional Shipset Packs
There are a number of shipset pre-configured packs available for use in conjuction with this mod:
-DOF-Shipset-Star Wars
-DOF-Shipset-Battlestar Galactica
-DOF-Shipset-Star Trek (Partial race support only)
-DOF-Shipset-Homeworld 2 (shipset only)

Please note that if you do not use a particular shipset, pre-made designs will still function but they will default to models other than their proper respective ship. You may tailor your system load by enabling only those shipsets you require for your game session.

Non-Steam Downloads
Non-Workshop downloads for DOF mods can be found at

Foundation Mods
The following mods were used as starting points and may or may not have portions still in use.
All credit for the remaining portions goes to their respective creators.
-Astronomical Names (by wolfenray73)

Known Issues
-It is best to wait for the mod to complete loading (all icons fill in from white boxes) before attempting to start a new game. Some users may experience crashing if they do not wait.
-Some things may not work correctly upon first in-game loading of the mod. To be sure, restart the game after first enabling the mod. Starting the game with the mod already enabled should be fine.
-The high number of added shipset resources (when enabled) may cause problems for older hardware.
-Balancing: There may be any number of balancing issues with the factions. I do want some semblance of balance but it's a work in progress.
-Keeping a high hexcount (eg: Colossus) hull selected or moused-over (so the design is displaying) can have significant tps performance impact.

Special Thanks
-Dalo Lorn for his help in getting to know the coding aspects of the engine.
-GGLucas for having the patience to deal with my questions on how to handle and implement some things.
-The Copyright Holders of the various materials referenced in this mod for their imagination and hard work in its original creation.
-piccolo255 for coming up with a fix for system links in map generation.
-vaaish for Oko default designs.
-Artists credits for empire portraits are containted in portrait_credits.txt.

Change Log
-Revised Spinal Mount Hull system.
-Tractor Beams now have subsystem size Mass Limits for how much they can affect. There are no hard limits in place, but very large objects will now require larger tractors to move.
-All orbitals have now been assigned a mass that will determine how difficult they are to tractor (subject to adjustments).
-Increased the size of Black Hole explosions.
-The First lifestyle now costs only 1 point instead of 3.
-Increased the range of Stellar light by 50%.
-All standard map types now default to "Flatten" enabled.
-Increased the "seeable" range in a nebula from 500 to 2000.
-Fixed an issue where Hangar Bay subsystems would not apply their effects after a retrofit if the previous design did not already include them.
-Revised Rebel/Republic MC80 Liberty designs.
-Added new MC75, MC80, MC80 Wingless, MC80B, MC90 destroyer designs to the Rebel\Republic.
-Revised sizing of Home One designs of the Rebel\Republic.
-Added CIS (Confederacy of Independent Systems) as a playable faction.
-Removed CIS ship designs from Rebel/Republic and added them to the CIS faction designs.
-Added designs to complete CIS flagship, support, exploration & station fleet.
-Empire Super Star Destroyer Hulls may now use Spinal Mounted weapons if available.
-Power Generators are now available to satellite hull designs.
-Ancient Cores for supports now also give power.
-Corrected base game Disruptors to do less damage the closer a ship's shields are to full (as per the tool tip).
-Base engine thrust increase has been removed (back to vanilla levels) making non-FTL sublight travel very slow.
-Starting FTL income has been doubled.
-Reduced the cost of Slipstream rifts by 50%.
-Gate FTL type now receive a +25% boost to sublight engine thrust.
-Gate FTL maintenance cost reduced by 0.05 to 0.1/s.
-Packed Gate acceleration bonus increased from +1.5 to +3.0.
-Reduced the FTL cost to unpack a Gate from 100 to 50.
-Sublight Only FTL type now receives a +100% boost to sublight engine thrust.
-The First now default to Slipstream FTL.
-Increased First Replicator base acceleration from 5.0 to 8.0
-All weapon travel speeds have been reduced back to default vanilla levels.
-Base raiding range has been increased from 3000 to 6000.
-Implemented some tweaks to the AI for Jumpdrives, Hyperdrives & Slipstream (motherships) to make the AIs use of them better.
-Addressed and issue that could cause Wraith Hiveships, Asgard Valhalla Stations, Cylon Colonies & Worldstars to loose their ability to access construction menus if Hangar Bays were included.
-Adjusted Atlanteant Drones so that they should always at least be able to reach the edge of their indicated range before expiring.
-Increased the resistance factor of Asgard Naquadah and Trinium armors.
-Fixed an issue that was causing the damage buff from Hangar Bays to be applied potentially much higher than intended.
-Stations now have their own version of Hangar Bays that provides somewhat slower buff gain (to offset the ease of devoting more hexes and lower maintenance cost).
-Asgard Valhalla Stations may no longer incorporate Gate or Slipstream subsystems.
-Added new Atlantean City Ship hull subsystem.
-Added new Unlock research for Atlantean City Ship hull subsystem to Cannonical Ancients research tree (replaced unuesable Colossus Hull unlock).
-Replaced Atlantis & Epheus designs with new Atlantean City Ship based designs (all FTL variant types included).
-Added 26 new empire portraits (Artist credits can be found in portrait_credits.txt).
-Assigned new default portraits to the stock races.
-Redid all the old custom faction portraits to be higher resolution and quality (to match the new ones).
-Made changes to address a UI bug where very wide design spaces could collapse into flat lines in the ship popup blueprint display.
-Fixed AIs not applying the correct shipset for the faction by default and starting with a random shipset (No need to manually assign the default to AIs anymore at game setup).
-Increased the damage resistance factor of Wraith Hiveship hulls from 0.25 to 0.5.
-Wraith Sinew now has a small amount of damage resistance.
-Reduced the mass of Wraith Hiveship hulls by 25% (This is primarily for cost issues with fli
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Assasinwar Sep 25 @ 11:39pm 
alright, my bad. thanks for the amazing work tho
dolynick  [author] Sep 25 @ 10:57pm 

The beta I believe you are refering to was for v24. v25 has already been released so the fix was already released and an entirely new point release after that already.
Assasinwar Sep 25 @ 10:29pm 
is it possible to get the beta then? since it has a bugfix that is pretty needed to play?
dolynick  [author] Aug 21 @ 9:03am 
@EternalDevote Sorry about that. It is a sneaky bug that should be fixed in the next release. It's currently beta testing and I hope to release it very soon... but it keeps getting additions and tweaks to pretty important core things, so it's been delayed a few times already.
MysticVoid7x9 Aug 21 @ 2:44am 
sounds like a bug that is fixed in the current beta that has to do with hangers
EternalDevote Aug 21 @ 2:30am 
Are the Wraith bugged for anyone else?
After awhile all the hive ships just lose the ability to actually build anything, the button completly disappears.
I could trigger it most of the times just by researching the first "Armoring" tech at the game start next to "Bulkheads".
This is the only mod I currently have installed.
I've reinstalled both the game the the mod itself and cleared all the settings from the documents as well.
ShadowDragon_79 Apr 23 @ 11:09pm 
Thanks, I'll check.
dolynick  [author] Apr 23 @ 11:06pm 

That most likely means that either your game version is older than the version the mod is made for (IE, you need to patch) or, more likely, you have another mod already enabled that conflicts with it. Scroll to the end of the description and it will usually tell you in bright red letters what the problem is and why it can't be enabled.
ShadowDragon_79 Apr 23 @ 12:33pm 
The "Enable"-button for this mod is green for me, but darkened and I can't click it... :/

Any idea what's wrong?

The separate shipsets do work fine, though. :)
dolynick  [author] Dec 16, 2017 @ 9:52pm 
The Texture Details setting is main game control for controlling texture load. The other tool being selective use of the DOF shipsets themselves. If you're looking to run them all, then the Detail level is the thing you may want to adjust. It all depends on your system of course.