Legions of Steel

Legions of Steel

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Movement and fire techniques
By Sukhoi
This mini-guide aims at improving your probability to survive in the merciless corridors of Legions of Steel.
Closer could be better
This mini-guide aims at improving your probability to survive in the merciless corridors of Legions of Steel. Other specific tactics may be covered in another article.

So let’s take a simple example.

You’re facing an Assault Fiend in a corridor and this fearsome Machine already shot during its turn, so it doesn’t have any covering fire. Therefore, you can plan your actions without the risk of the Fiend shooting at you.

You have the basic trooper selected. This guy can shoot only once per turn (except if he uses automatic). In this specific situation, he has only 33% chances to hit the enemy. Looking into details, we notice that he got a penalty for attacking a unit which has armor.

33% is not a good probability, so we’ll try to improve it. We can move our soldier up to 4 tiles in walking mode.

Now the accuracy is way better as we have 50% chance to hit the target. So distance has consequences on a units’ accuracy. Make sure to be close to your enemy before attacking him. Of course keep in mind that you also have to protect your soldiers so simply rushing at the opponent would not be an effective approach.
Basic or Automatic Fire?

Distance is not the only tactical tool available in the game. Looking at the firing options, we have by default Basic Firing. Let’s select Automatic Fire instead.

Automatic fire is a firing technique that allows your soldier to shoot twice in one turn, but this reduces his accuracy. At this distance, speed and with this option selected, we can now shoot twice with a 33% chance to hit with each shot. So technically the probability is 1-(0.66*0.66) = 0.55 as the two attempts are independent from each other. So Automatic Fire gives you a 5% better chance to hit the enemy than Basic Firing in this situation.
Command points to improve your luck

Question is: is there a way to further increase the hit probability? In this case you still have one command point (see previous screenshot), granted by your corporal. If you drag and drop the star on the firing screen, you’ll receive an instant bonus. Now in basic firing you have 66% to hit!

And having a quick look at the Automatic Fire probability, chances are now 50% for two shots! So again the probability to hit once is 1-(0.5*0.5) = 0.75 .
Run, Baby, Run... or maybe not

Stances have also an influence on your accuracy. For instance if you select the stationary stance (bottom left menu), your unit will not be able to move but will have an accuracy bonus. In this case we manage to have 50% chances to hit instead of the original 33%. And you can also select Automatic Fire for an even better result. Just keep in mind that you will have no action points so it will be impossible to close the door next to your unit for instance.

Running instead allows your units to go further but not only you lose action points for specific actions (like rotating or opening doors) but also your accuracy is reduced. Let’s rush the Assault fiend and put our daredevil trooper in the tile next to the Machine.

This is a very bad move. Indeed we have only 33% of chance to hit in Basic Fire as we have a penalty for moving fast.

Anyway, the Assault Fiend has actually 2 health points (1 armor point and one real health point) so hitting only once will not be enough to kill it this turn. So brace yourself as he will counterattack!