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Barbarians Evolved
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Barbarians Evolved

This mod grants Barbarian Encampments the capability evolve into cities, as well as capture cities from Civilizations and City States. Be warned, for these Barbarian cities will grow in size, expand their borders and worst of all, spawn more Barbarians to capture more cities!

Version 4 and beyond...

New games of Barbarians Evolved should be started through the "Custom Game" screen unless some other mod prevents you from doing so. The "Setup Game" option remains for players to play map-based scenarios.

On the release of a new version, I recommend starting a new game. Backwards compatibility and stability are not guaranteed.

The Barbarian "Civilization"

The Barbarian Civilization is entirely optional addition to your games. The Barbarians will NEVER appear in a random game slot; you must add them. The mod will still change the aggression and capabilities of Barbarians even if the civilization itself isn't added to your in-game, but the Civilization is vastly superior to the tribe.

The tribal barbarians appear in a darker red on black, like old dried blood. The somewhat civilized kind appear in a brighter red... like fresh blood.

Adding the Civilization to your game is a choice you must explicitly make. It changes the politics and diplomacy of the game by giving the nations of the world a common enemy who WILL engage in perpetual warfare.

Barbarians seem to curbstomp the world at around Prince or King difficulty, and can survive for some time on Deity. They are easily overwhelmed with culture and tourism. The hard part is living long enough to pull it off.

The Barbarians, led by glorious "Leader"

The name of the leader has been deliberately left vague for a very important reason. As of version 3, the Barbarians change names throughout the eras. In acknowledgement and tribute to Leuigi's amazing mod Barbarian Immersion Improvements, evolved Barbarians also change names over time:

Barbarians -> Raiders -> Criminals -> Pirates -> Rebels -> Insurgents -> Terrorists

The changes don't stop there.

The Barbarian Civilization automatically evolves one Encampment on the first game turn for every two eras that have passed. This means - for example - in the Ancient Era, they will immediately evolve one encampment, while if you start a game in the Information Era, they will immediately evolve four.

Barbarian units recieve free promotions from the start of the game that allow them to embark, cross mountains, ice, and ignore terrain costs. Now, when you play on Tilted Axis or Highlands, they will cross mountain ranges and frozen seas to come and kill you.

The Barbarian Civilzation can and does produce Great Generals and other Great People. They don't care for air units, but they can build a unique nuke unit. It is recognized by the World Congress (because I haven't figured out how to turn that off)... though as you might imagine, they don't have very many friends...

Unique Units

Build all the Barbarian units you're familiar with, starting with the Brute and Galley, including Hunters (Archers), Spear Bearers (Spearmen), Loanswords (Swordsmen), Horsemen and Axemen.

In addition, evolved Barbarians have two new, unique units:
  • Enslaved Worker - starting immediately, Barbarians may "train" enslaved workers to improve their lands. They are cheaper than regular workers, but move slower and you are limited to four at a time. But, thanks to the power of the whip, they have the same "strengths" as other Barbarians.
  • Infiltrator - starting with the discovery of Nuclear Fission, the Barbarians can produce infiltrator units that can launch a very short range nuclear "dirty bomb". Infiltrators do not need a Uranium resource, but are limited to two units at a time. They look like scouts because, well, otherwise they wouldn't infiltrate very well would they?

Note: Barbarians must still complete their own Manhattan Project to build Infiltrators, as funny as that sounds.

New Game Mechanic: State-Sponsored Barbarians!

Barbarians Evolved introduces a new improvement to the game, the State-Sponsored Encampment. When built outside civilized lands, these produce Barbarians to (hopefully!) harass your enemies. They convert to a Fort if too close to civilization.

By default, anyone can build these Encampments, but the capability is customizable and can be turned off for everyone or for everyone except the Barbarian Civilization.

Unlimited Experience from Barbarians

As of Version 4, the experience cap from Barbarians is removed.

Fully Configurable

Starting in version 4 of Barbarians Evolved, the mod provides a custom setup screen that allows you to configure many of the options previously available only by editing text files. It also provides four preset modes: Barbarians Evolved (the standard), Custom DLL, Minimal and Nightmare (previously known as White Walkers).

To reach this custom setup screen you must select the Custom Game option after loading mods.

The configurable options are:
  • Healing on/off
  • City Spawning on/off
  • City Evolution on/off
  • Turns per Camp Evolution into City
  • City Capture on/off
  • City Capture requires melee unit yes/no
  • Barbarian units recieve promotions automatically, and what those are
  • Barbarians upgrade units yes/no
  • Barbarians allied with which major civilization
  • Barbarians change names throughout the eras, and what those names are
  • Unit limits on Enslaved Workers and Infiltrators
  • State-sponsored Encampment construction allowed or not
  • Colors of Tribal Barbarians and the Barbarian civilization

Please read the pinned discussion topics for more information. There are text based settings files if you are comfortable with that or can't use the Barbarians Evolved setup screen for whatever reason (usually YNAEMP).

What I haven't created a configuration page for is the Barbarian defines. It wouldn't be too hard to do, but I just don't think there's a demand for it. If you think otherwise let me know.

Compatability Notes

I highly recommend you use either the custom DLL preset or minimal presets if using the Community Balance patch, or any other mod that modifies the game DLL.

Really Advanced Setup may not work properly (untested).


I would like to thank the following modders:

Preffect for their Fortress Borders mod which was the start of it all, because it inspired me to try and put a border around a Barbarian Encampment.

JFD for allowing me to use portions of their Germans mod as inspiration.

Leuigi for their Barbarian Immersion Improvements mod - something I peered into to discover how to change Barbarian text strings dynamically.

Xaragas from CivFanatics contributed mod detection code. His contributions were and continue to be extremely valuable.

Everyone on CivFanatics who either a) wrote a tutorial or b) contributed to the Lua and UI reference documentation. You know who you are.

This mod is designed and tested on Civ 5 with the Brave New World and Gods and Kings DLC.

This mod is an ongoing work. If you'd like to help, please post constructive criticism and feedback in the comments, rate this mod, add it to your favourites, etc.

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Dr.supernoob Sep 14 @ 1:00pm 
Does this work with city states evolved?
Mydgard Sep 4 @ 11:47am 
@Free V-Bucks just a hint: you can start on "big island" (map), KI isn't as good on water, than start your game and build up 2-3 bowman and the start warrior and get rid of any barbarians on your start island ... afterwards just defend your cities :)

This works even on deity with barbs on deity as well and angry barbs ... at least if you managed to get rid of the starting barbs on your starting island as soon as possible to avoid getting harrassed all the time ... and also immedeately fight any newly formed barb nests on your own islands.
Free V-Bucks. Sep 3 @ 8:44pm 
This mod just makes the early game a nightmare, is there any way to make barbarians start off weaker and grow stronger as the game progresses? I only use the option that allows barbarians to become city states.
julesbeaulne Sep 1 @ 4:01pm 
Hello! I encountered in my game with this mod a bug that prevents my units from traveling on water. I have Community patch and conquest for unique units enabled as well. Anyone had this bug before?
creverhart Aug 22 @ 10:50am 
nvm just checked forums.
creverhart Aug 22 @ 10:49am 
I encountered a bug that made everything I see into clouds. I have no DLC or active mods.
just.nuke.em Aug 6 @ 11:29pm 
The leader should be Spartacus. Would be fitting.
DOVACAT Jul 20 @ 11:23pm 
I waste one hour, but finally find it,
"No InstaHeal" mod was conflicted.
DOVACAT Jul 20 @ 9:47pm 
ok i try
Mydgard Jul 18 @ 2:29am 
dovacat: just for you, probably you use other mods? try to deactivate em ...