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Gothic 1 - DirectX 11 and HD Graphics Guide
By Toxia and 1 collaborators
This guide explains how to get Gothic 1 running with DX11 and HD textures as well as actually improving performance on modern systems.
DISCLAIMER: I did not make any of these modifications, I merely found a working configuration to get the game looking and running as great as possible.

Following these steps will get your game to look as good as possible while actually increasing the game's performance on modern systems.

Be warned, this may not work on every computer as DX11 for Gothic 1 is still in development, although compatibility has improved in recent times.

To have the best chance of it working be sure to follow these steps exactly. Step 6 is the only step you can skip, but without it your textures will just be default. Do not skip any other steps or your game won't run at all.

If a link is broken you may need to google for a mirror of the file.

1. Install a fresh copy of Gothic.

2. Install the 1.08k patch.
This is the official latest patch for the game.

3. Install the Player Kit.
The player kit allows you to run mods.

4. Install the System Kit.
Follow the instructions on the first post of the thread and be sure to download the Gothic 1 version of the System Kit.
The system kit modifies the engine to allow many modern features such as high-res support, widescreen, higher render distance, removes FPS lock, etc.

5. Install the latest Gothic 1 DirectX11 mod.
Put these files in your Gothic\System folder.
This newer version of the preview release is made specifically for Gothic 1 and does not require any additional files to get working as was the case previously.

6. Install an enhanced graphics mod.
This is Freddy's graphics mod, you can try other graphics mods if you like but this one definitely works with everything else in this guide.

7. Run the game from the executable.
When the DX11 mod checks for updates, just close the window.
Known Issues
These are some of the graphical issues you may encounter while using the DX11 mod:
  • You may occasionally get a black screen after playing for a little while, sometimes while saving your game. Don't worry, this is not a crash so your save data will be fine, but the game will need to be forcefully closed and restarted.
  • Some of the trees have incorrect collisions and you may walk in to invisible walls when walking near certain trees, but I didn't find this to be too gamebreaking or annoying, just something to be aware of.
  • In underground levels such as mines and temples you may get a really annoying bug where you're able to see through walls at a certain distance, but not when you get closer. I'm really not sure how to fix this.
As I mentioned, you may not be able to get this to run on your system, but before you give up, try these things as they have helped some people:
  • Unplug/disable all but your main monitor.
  • Even though you are running the executable, try disabling Steam overlay for the game.
  • If the game crashes on load, try it again, it may just be having trouble with the intial resolution.
  • Be sure the game is running in your native resolution, both in the gothic.ini file and in the in-game options menu.
Guide Changes
- Added link to the updated DX11 preview build for Gothic 1 - working far better than the previous solution! (Thanks iGooseman)
- Removed step that required use of Gothic 1 drawdll as the new Gothic 1 DX11 mod does not require this.
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Black BucK Nov 22 @ 7:06pm 
elex is eurojank crap
pietrofxq Nov 22 @ 7:02pm 
What I recommend is: DO NOT INSTALL THE ENHANCED GRAPHICS MOD. It does make the game way beautiful, but I had so much crashes it was not worth it. I had to reinstall the game when I tried to cast the Rain of Fire spell and it gave me a crash everytime. Reinstalling until the DX11 step I was able to get the game working fine again and with full screen - no more black screens and random crashes.
iGooseman  [author] Nov 5 @ 12:21pm 
@Corsario Negro My spanish is not so good. You want a more detailed Guide? How much more detail?
Corsario Negro Nov 5 @ 3:40am 
Guia muy mal explicada, solo remite a los enlaces y apañatelas como puedas, en dos veces de instalarla no he podido iniciar ni el juego, hasta que no expongas correctamente con detalle como se implementan y aplican dichos mods, valoracion negativa a tu guia.
Corpsegrinder Nov 3 @ 2:45pm 
Do install all EXCEPT "an enhanced graphics mod". It wiil break your game. It will crash randomly, it will not load saved games randomly. I have tried 4 hours to make it work properly, but that DX graphic mod is source of all my problems and it is buggy as hell. You have been warned.
iGooseman  [author] Oct 11 @ 6:52am 
@》 B l a c k B u c K 《 Just buy Elex! It's very good. :D
Black BucK Oct 10 @ 8:40am 
game looks beautiful but it crashes so much :/
Black BucK Oct 10 @ 8:39am 
did all of this and game started to crash all the time, is there a way to do it without installing the player kit or the latest patch ? before installing those two i never had problems with crash
Elspin Oct 7 @ 11:29pm 
I had the white screen issue as well, the fix was to go to the nvidia settings and add gothic to the list of programs forcing dedicated GPU (was that what you meant pickle rick?)
PICKLE RIIICK Sep 29 @ 5:16am 
Solved it: enable dedicated GPU when starting the game. (right click on it)