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The Elements Club: Unity Match 02
Genre: Casual, Puzzle, Arcade
Platforms: PC, Mac
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Jul 17, 2015 @ 10:04am
Sep 21, 2016 @ 3:50pm
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The Elements Club: Unity Match is now live on Facebook
Unity Match Top Game Features Overview Video
Release date: Jan 2016
Unlock the power of love and fortune in the world’s first romance match-3 featuring over 55 minutes of live-action cut scenes, over 50 minutes of engaging audio, and 250 levels filled with challenge, excitement, action, and lust.

What do you get when you mix a dash of cane fighting, a bit of Victorian investment strategy, and lots of seductive lip smacking? The Elements Club! Only in the The Elements Club Unity Match video game can you help cultivate a love match. Stir up the romance and unite two souls by mixing and unleashing chemical bonds. Match botanical and gem items to unlock the power of love and fortune.

And just which set of hearts need to be bound together? In the second romance of the series, Lord of Flawless Strength, unite Lord Wesbury, a prophetic animal lover, with Master V, the Lady Gaga of the late Victorian age. Unleash chemical bonds to release needed doses of soul-infusing hope, love, and luscious delights. And when the triple threat of a raging ex-husband, an obsessed fan, and a chauvinist racing horse owner seek to thwart Lord Wesbury and Master V’s romance, dispel enemies with a good round of well-placed chemical attacks.

Over 55 minutes of live action cut scenes.

Over 50 minutes of engaging audio.

250 levels filled with challenge, excitement, action, and lust!

Can Lord Wesbury and Master V overcome all odds? Join in the world’s first romance match-3 video game and unleash the power of love.

"A quirky, yet loveable, cast!" -- Digital Pubbing Review

1) Within Smelt Gold levels you collect diamonds by making matches over gold tiles.
2) Bubble Trouble levels have you filling vials by making matches of like colored elements.
3) On Collection levels, you collect rings by driving them down the grid by making matches underneath each one.
4) On Capture Specimen levels, you collect birds and butterflies before they escape at the top of the grid.
5) Keep the romance flowing by assembling gem/flower bouquets by collecting all parts by driving them down the grid.
6) Encourage your midas touch within Guild Gold levels in which you guild tiles into gold by making a match on top.
7) Score levels require that you reach a certain score by cultivating a good round of match types.

~ The Forge Hammer can break unwanted elements or blocked tiles.
~ Release a Love Potion to remove all elements of like color off the grid.
~ Throw a Lust Bomb to blast away all elements on the grid within its radius.
~ Engage the Chemistry Wand to switch one element on the grid with another.
All tools can be Upgraded with Level Stars for enhanced power.

If you make matches of four-in-a-row, you will start to mix up the chemistry in the Unity Vortex. Four special chemical lieges can be generated to help you stir up the romance.
~ A Particle Liege which scatters 25 random drops of Rubidium that eliminates elements on contact.
~ An Atom Liege which pulses a 2-column, bottom wave of Cesium that eliminate elements on contact.
~ A Proton Liege which pulses a 3-column middle wave of Francium that eliminate elements on contact.
~ A Magnetism Liege which sends out random Phosphorus charges that eliminate hard-placed elements and obstacles on contact.

During game play, you can cultivate four types of power elements.
1) A Heart Fire Element is created by an L-match grouping. It releases a column of fire when matched with like-colored elements.
2) A T-match grouping of elements creates a Soul Link Element which releases an electrifying column when matched with like-colored elements.
3) A match of 5-in-a-row creates a Unity Match Element which eliminates any object on its path. Drag it to unleash its power.
4) A match of 6-in-a-row create a colorful Forever Bound Element that creates a three tile wide explosive column when you swipe it.

Lord Gray: botanist and founder of The Elements Club, a London-based investment group dedicated to scientific endeavors.

Lady Gray: a ring-sucking, shrewd, young businesswoman.

Lord Wesbury: the alcohol guzzling, highly-prophetic animal lover.

Master V: The Lady Gaga of the Victorian age.

Lord Hollingberry: a scent collecting, womanizing, engineer.

Lord Clayworth: owner of a hair dye company and prankster of first-rank.

Lord Casimin: the First Secretary to Chargé d’Affaires of China and amateur cartographer and astronomer.

Dr. Death: the boxing owner of the Death Trap gambling den and collector of body parts.

Mr. Parker-Smith: a master manipulator of the elements and the stock market.

Slate Walker: A Victorian roof-top leaping, gentlemen beating, house breaker thief.

Nemesis Angel: A poetic vigilante with a habit of violently rectifying matters of injustice.


Matt Musgrove, Cassandra Nuss, Matthew Ackland, Julia Aks, Alexander J. Alexander, Richard Halverson, Alastair James Murden, David Vaughn, DeVille Vannik, Aubrey Wakeling and Charlie Woods.

Kazap Company
In association with Tangerine Pop, LLC
On location at Heritage Square Museum
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Köfte Aug 28, 2015 @ 5:03pm 
@KezapMe Yes i still have some ideas, Because i always wanted to make some games.
The only huge problem is money. PC specs: 1,8GHz - 1GB RAM - Service Pack 1 - Intel 2 Duo.
This makes me very sad, Because i have soo much more ideas.
But anyway, at least i can try to help other people.
Can you learn me a bit about how you make the games etc?
KazapMe  [author] Aug 26, 2015 @ 3:26pm 
XGeny, you do have some more ideas, and great ones at that! Thank you for sharing. I apologize at the delay in response, but I was traveling. Some ideas that I am testing out in the first Facebook/Apple run is that of players being able to win real-world things like a personalized telegram, a phone call from a character in the series and tickets to live events. I am really curious to see how players respond to that interaction. The Levels feature is already in motion. Interesting idea with the level editor. Technically we already have one that was built to make the game but it has not be fashioned for players. I will have to think about that as I think more men like to build than women. Would older female players like to build their own levels? I have no idea (Can someone say 'market test!') . Thanks once again for adding your ideas.
Köfte Aug 17, 2015 @ 5:39am 
@KezapMe I have more idea's xD
1: Levels - the more you play, the higher your level get. This is great for Friend vs Friend!
2: Background Skins - Colorful background skins thay can be a steam-item, this item can be sold.
3: Level Editor - A easy level editor to make your own level, choose your own time etc.
4: Tradable/Marketble powerups! - Power-ups that can be sold and/or tradable
5: Thropy's! - A steam-item wich you can win by tournaments, can be sold
Chudah Jul 20, 2015 @ 7:03am 
I love how all match-3 games are now considered Candy Crush clones. That game seriously tarnished this puzzle game genre. I've been playing Match-3's since the SEGA Genesis with Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine! And then there was Pokemon Puzzle League for the N64, a damn fine game. Chuzzles is a more recent one that I absolutely love. Candy Crush is a cheap ripoff of those classic gems.
Saturn Jul 19, 2015 @ 7:23pm 
wow candy crush looks great... oh wait.
KazapMe  [author] Jul 19, 2015 @ 7:15pm 
@XGeny Your idea of a Tournament is quite interesting. As to pricing, it is always tricky when entering into a different market segment. All the Steam users that have been questioned thus far have stated in emphatic terms that the Steam community as a whole HATES pay-2-win. Of course, pricing is not set in stone, so your opinion is welcomed, but it would be great to hear other Steam users who are in agreement.
Köfte Jul 19, 2015 @ 5:21pm 
@KazapMe I know that you have to earn, but why not like the others like you?
My idea: its free-to-play but there is a currency that can help you
Example: I lose, but if i pay an 5+ extra turns for 0.10$

This gives you a way to earn, and them to have to play free
Also make Tournaments where the price can be actually worth something (like an rare steam item) to sell it.

it will attract more people
Goodluck :3
Crestfallen_Rose Jul 19, 2015 @ 2:09pm 
It may be a candy crush-esque game, but I like the 1920s spin on it and the art style is nice; so I'll give it my vote.
dragontrash Jul 19, 2015 @ 10:59am 
Kai-Shin Jul 18, 2015 @ 2:05am 
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