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Волейбол | Volleyball 4x4
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Волейбол | Volleyball 4x4

A little funny game, which don't take long time, but give a lot of positive emotions. Quite similar TD, and any arenas! Call friends, pick 1 of 13 hero with his unique ultimate and go forward to the playground!

Currently available heroes:
- Psycho (Axe)
- Cunnier (Meepo)
- Swindler (Antimage)
- Holy Father (Omniknight)
- Illusionist (Phantom Lancer)
- Skunt (Pudge)
- Ropemaster (Slark)
- Soulseeker (Shadow Fiend)
- Faceless (Faceless Void)
- Drunkard (Brewmaster)
- Snowell (Ancient Apparition)
- Colonel (Clockwerk)
- King Scorpion (Sand King)

You can watch video-preview on Workshop page or on YouTube:

Controls are simple:
1. Jump - hero jumps up to 800 units. Recommended to use only if ball fly high over hero.
2. Knock - if the ball is close to hero, he will be thrown to specified point (like Ti ny's toss, but can be used on location). Can be usen in jump. Knock will be casted even if ball was too far in cast time, but get closer within 0.5 seconds.
3 - Jerk - hero makes a jerk forward, overcoming the distance of 900 units for 0.8 seconds. If there is ball on his way, hero throw it to random point on field. With a 5% chance the ball could fly out of bounds. After jerk hero movespeed will be 100 for 1,2 seconds.
4 - Indicator - shows, how far the ball from hero. Knock may be used when indicator is yellow (if in next moment he will be green).

--- RULES ---

Welcome to valleyhall court! The winner of the game will he team that first eamed 21 points. If both teams would he 20 points, the game will continue as long as the gap in the score will not he 2 points. In one passes series one player can't touch the hall twice in a row, in passes series ttam can make 2 passes. The team receive 1 point when:
- The ball touches the opponent's field
- The opponent throw the ball out of hounds
- The opponent touches the ball two times in a row
- The opposing team touches the ball four times in a row

For ultimates you must pay gold. You will recieve 1 gold coin when knocked the ball and 2 gold coins when scored a goal. I will translate thier descriptions later.

Please report bugs, translate errors and wishes in the comments of the Steam Workshop.

Tags: ball, sport, beach, volley, court, web, summer, мяч, спорт, пляж, площадка, корт, сетка, лето
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х0мяк$в$трусах$ May 30, 2018 @ 12:42am 
Drow Rager Apr 21, 2018 @ 3:53am 
Elon Maks Dec 25, 2017 @ 1:51am 
Отличная игра , с друзьями играть весело)
cstrade promo bot Mar 28, 2016 @ 1:22pm 
Забавная игра) Было очень весело играть, с первых релизов очень многое изменилось. Надеюсь, ещё будут обновления, хотелось бы видель больше героев. Очень интересные идеи для ультов, особенно у пьяницы :D
ALOHADANCE Mar 23, 2016 @ 9:05am 
В полне удачная версия чем по 1 впечатлениям, игра действительно продумана и интересна но хотелось чтоб добавили промахи) не всегда же везет и если получиться то лвл чтоб промахи были меньше естественно с сохранением на всю жизнь)