Victoria II

Victoria II

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How to form the GREAT Soviet Union!
By Bolshevik Remover
So you is looking to be the laeder of the GREAT Soviet union? Look no further, Comrade! In this guide, I am explain you how is unite all under STRONK Soviet rule!
Hello, comrad. Yuo am very noble man that yuu want to save mother Russiya from greedy Tsarist dog. In these giude I are accurate explain creation of STRONK Soviet Union! Success are garanteud!
Tsarist BAD!!!1
First I are explaine how the great Soviet Russian people are is PRESED OUT by the TSARIST DOGS!!! The tsarist animals is bad. Is holdings back the graet Russian people to develope. Surrounding lands is industrializings quickly but our monarchist sog head of state am holdings us back to do the sam.

Here yuo is picture to accurate explaines sutiation.

Step 1
Preparations if yuo want am create Soviet Union:
  • Yuo havings choose start date 1836.
  • Yuo have pick dirty capitalist tsarist Russian Emprie
Now yuo are notise great Soviet Union am not formed yet. Proceed to Step 2 if you want are learn how am turn weak corrupt Russian Empire to STRONK Soviet union.
Step 2
Yuo is starts game Russian Empire. Wait am til GRAET comunism is unlocked now took folowing steps;
You am to make bad decisions to let people suffer bad for tsarist mistakes*
  • set tax to 100%
  • disband al troops and navy
  • trains only irregular
  • destroy al factory
  • are decalre war austria
  • are decalre war german empire (if not formed decalre war prussia, bavaria, hanover)
  • put al troops in blob and sends to berlin
  • do no accept white peace

If steps am folowed correct german and austrian now am occupy big land. also big port leningrad am blockad.
Step 3
wiat until militancy and concuoisnines are at max now folowing step
  • accept paece if big lands am takings by german and austrian
  • do notin to counter unhapines
  • wiat until graet soviet revolution am beginnings
  • if comunist am rise up go am lookings soviet music for background
  • am graet red army capturings st. petersburg and moscow
  • tsarist pigs am kiled and GRAET SOVIET UNION IS creater.
Yuo am now creator of GRAET AND STRONK Soviet Union!!!!!!!1111 URAAAAAH!!!!!! Me are hapy to have helped yuo out. I wich very many fun polaying as graet soviets comrade!!!!!!! FOR THE METHERLAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 DEATH TO TSARIST PIGS, ZA STALINAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

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Commie scum.
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i have no idea what this guide talking about.....
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Good, I might buy this game!
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I can't rate this guide.But I can share it *budm tss*
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