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Nietono no Shana Beginner's PUG Guide
By LeGenD oF hiMaRi and 2 collaborators
This guide contains useful information to help make the transition from pubs to PUGs easier for new players in Asia.

A community initiative by:
Based in South-East Asia, Nietono no Shana is currently one of the largest Source Gaming communities in the region, hosting servers for pubs, Dodgeball, SlenderFortress and a variety of other game-modes.

So you happened to stumble upon ShanaPUGs while looking around the main group ShanaHub, or maybe you were invited to join the server by a friend. Either way, this guide is to help you get started on your competitive TF2 experience.

PUGs aka Pick Up Games are a little like matchmaking for TF2. 12 players will join the server and play in the main competitive format of TF2, 6 versus 6. Players range from all skill levels, providing an excellent platform for having fun and practicing your skills.

Whether you're new to TF2, or a seasoned pub player, PUGs provide a fresh new experience and let you test your mettle against other skilled players in a fun and casual setting.

Nietono no Shana server IPs
Server #1 -
Server #2 -
Server #3 -
Ultiduo -
Password - shanamatch

When official UGC or AFC matches are being played, some of these servers may have their passwords changed.
Getting Started: Mumble
Before you begin, ensure that you have Mumble[] installed. Mumble is a low-latency voice chat application widely used in the TF2 competitive community for communicating with teammates in-game. Mumble is compulsory for ShanaPUGs. Even if you are uncomfortable with speaking to others or do not have a mic, you should still be present in Mumble to listen to any calls that your teammates make.

Mumble Details
Port: 64738
Username: Your name

Once you have entered the server, click on the Self tab and Register so that you can join channels.

Scroll all the way to the bottom to find the PUG server sub-channels. To join a channel, simply double click on the name of the channel.
Getting Started: In-Game
Starting a PUG
When there are 6 players on each team, all players will "roll". Rolling means that everyone will immediately join team Spectator. The last(slowest) two players to roll will be the Medic Captains for that match. The medics will then have a Melee fight to determine who gets to pick players first. Captains must pick players who are marked +1 first. After all +1s have been picked, the medics will move on to the free pick phase, allowing them to pick anyone. Remember that while it is not a rule, it is polite to pick players that have rolled over those that have not.

After the roll, players who did not play the previous game and have rolled for the current game must announce in chat that they are "+1". This ensures that everyone gets a chance to play. Players will still be considered +1 if they replaced another player in the previous PUG.

Each PUG lasts about 30 minutes. As such, please ensure you have time to finish the match. If you have to leave urgently, ask for a sub in chat, and wait for someone to replace you before you leave. Leaving because you did not roll fast enough and have to play medic will result in a lengthy ban.

The server rules can be found on the ShanaPUGs group. Please join the group to receive announcements when PUGs are starting.
Medic Heal Order
Whenever a new round starts, there is an optimal order that the medic should heal his teammates in, to give the most effective overheals to each player right before the mid-fight.

Demoman > Roaming Soldier > Scouts > Pocket Soldier

Take note that medics should always use the ubersaw since the 25% Uber on hit is very useful.
Rollouts for Soldier
Rollout is the process of getting from the spawn point to the middle point. Rollouts are very important as they often decide which team wins the mid-fight. Winning the mid-fight determines which team has the starting advantage.

Below are some examples of the soldier rollouts for the common maps played in PUGs.

Roaming Soldier Rollouts
The roaming soldier should always be wearing Gunboats. These rollouts may seem difficult but you can master them with practice.
Badlands and Gullywash
Granary and Process

Pocket Soldier Rollouts
Rolling out as pocket soldier is relatively simple, just keep in mind you should use shotgun and escape plan.
Rollouts for Demoman
Below are some examples of the demoman rollouts for the common maps played in PUGs by Thu.

Badlands and Gullywash

Granary and Process
What is offclassing?
While the standard 6v6 lineup consists of 2 scouts, 2 soldiers, 1 demoman and 1 medic, there are situations where one of the other 5 offclasses (Pyro, Engie, Heavy, Sniper or Spy) would be more effective. Normally, either the scouts or the roaming soldier will switch to one of those classes, this is called Offclassing.

When should I offclass?
Each offclass fulfills a specific role that would be more difficult to achieve as a standard attacking class. For example, when the enemy team is going to push into the last point, teams often have an engineer/heavy to defend the point, or a pyro to counter the enemy uber. When a team is at an uber disadvantage, they might run a sniper or spy to try and get a pick on the enemy medic.

Disruptive offclassing
While you often see frag videos of 6s snipers getting double or triple kills, you need to keep in mind that when you are running a sniper, your team is essentially fighting at a 5v6 disadvantage until you manage to get a kill. As such, you should only offclass when it is beneficial to your team. While we at ShanaPUGs encourage using a variety of strategies, if your team tells you not to offclass, please listen to them as it is often because your offclass is unnecessary.

The Medic, Pocket Soldier and Demoman should never offclass as they play key roles in the standard metagame.
I hope you found this guide useful in helping you to grasp the basic concepts of PUGs. If you have any doubts, please do not hesitate to add me or ask in the comments and I will answer them to the best of my ability.

Please consider sharing this guide with friends who you think might be interested in getting into competitive or playing PUGs in Asia.

Special thanks to
Hemaera - Medic heal order video
Thu - Demoman rollout videos

All media used in this guide belong to their respective owners. If you are uncomfortable with your content being displayed on this guide, please contact me and I will have it removed ASAP.
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Adrien Feb 24 @ 6:43am 
Try having a group for dm servers
Adrien Jan 2 @ 6:08am 
how can i join a shana pug exactly
rea* Aug 3, 2017 @ 7:34am 
thank you
Cat with a flute Jul 20, 2017 @ 8:43pm 
BWENASDIYAS :) May 27, 2017 @ 10:23pm 
This help
LeGenD oF hiMaRi  [author] Mar 21, 2017 @ 11:05pm 
It is the responsibility of the player who has to leave to get a sub. It doesn't matter whether you have to leave because you are busy or any other reason. When you leave you are basically ruining the game for 11 other players who committed their time for the pug, so the onus is on the leaver to get a replacement. If you can predict that something will crop up within the next 30 minutes, then do not join a pug at that time.

If i misinterpreted your question and you were speaking from a spectator's perspective, no one is obligated to sub if they do not wish to replace a player.
new shotgun yeeeeee Mar 21, 2017 @ 7:56pm 
Could you clarify whether or not we can choose to not sub a player? I feel like we are forced to sub even though we are busy etc.
bourdon Mar 9, 2017 @ 12:55am 
How to rocket jump as scout?
XYLØ | flexxiNG Jun 8, 2016 @ 7:04am 
how to have stablw ping im from the philippines i have stable net but when i join in pug i get high ping around 300 but my normal ping should be 100
D.❤ -iwnl- May 28, 2016 @ 5:32am 
Thank you :D, I was getting kicked a lot for not understanding wat to do.