Cities: Skylines

Cities: Skylines

This item is incompatible with Cities: Skylines. Please see the instructions page for reasons why this item might not work within Cities: Skylines.
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Network Extensions Project
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Jul 10, 2015 @ 4:44am
Nov 29, 2016 @ 5:12pm
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Network Extensions Project

Roads and Highways pack
v. 2.7
*New* First assymetrical roads
*New* CS V1.6 support

From V2.0, Traffic++ roads are now included within Network Extensions for further support, optimizations, and evolutions.

Current support:
-1 lane Oneway [G]
-2 lanes Alley [G]
-2 lanes Road with turning lane [G/E/B/T]
-3 lanes Oneway [G/E/B/T]
-3 lanes Assymetrical (2+1) [G/E/B/T]
-4 lanes Oneway [G/E/B/T]
-4 lanes Small Road [G/E/B/T]
-4 lanes Assymetrical (3+1) [G/E/B/T]
-4 lanes Road [G/E/B/T]
-4 lanes Road with turning lane [G/E/B/T]
-8 lanes Road with median [G/E/B/T]
-2 lanes National Road [G/E/B/T]
-2 lanes Highway [G/E/B/T]
-4 lanes Highway [G/E/B/T]
-5 lanes Highway [G/E/B/T]
-6 lanes Highway [G/E/B/T]
-Road Zoning Modifier Tool
-Road Color Changer Mod support
-After Dark Expansion
-Snowfall Expansion

-[BETA] 2 lanes Busways [G/E/B/T]
-[BETA] 2 lanes Busways Oneway [G/E/B/T]
-[BETA] 6 lanes Roads with Bus lanes [G/E/B/T]

-*New* Plain Street [G]
-*New* Zonable Promenade [After Dark required] [G/E]
-*New* Zonable Pedestrian Tiny Stone Road [G/E]
-*New* Zonable Pedestrian Gravel [G/E]
-*New* Zonable Pedestrian Tiny Gravel Road [G/E]
-*New* Zonable Pedestrian Pavement [G/E]
-*New* Zonable Pedestrian Tiny Pavement Road [G/E]
-*New* Support for Road Color Changer Continued

(Ground / Elevated / Bridge / Tunnel)

Note: Traffic++ V2 is needed to have restrictions on the Busways and Zonable Pedestrian roads

Tested compatibilities:
-Road Color Changer Continued
-Some Roads mod
-Traffic++ V2
-Traffic Report Tool

Known issues/unsupported features (yet):
-Assymetrical roads cannot be inverted like the oneway (if anyone are up to the challenge, send us a message)
-Road Zoning Modifier Tool is incompatible with Fine Road Heights
-Reported incompatibilities with Adaptive Prop Visibility Distance
-Reported incompatibilities with European Building Unlocker
-Pedestrian roads dont allow bus stop anymore (by design)
-National roads dont have lights (by design)

Will not do:
-Tram Roads

Special thanks for the inspiration from:
jfarias' Traffic++
sschoener's Detour[]
some danny's Some Road
Jonathan Bailey's medium OneWay road[]

Source code[]


this mod is not perfect, but we are getting better each day =)
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Abraham Aug 14 @ 7:12am 
Me gustaría saber por que este mod no es compatible con mi juego. Saludos
shaneturner12 Aug 5 @ 9:25am 
Did you read all the comments (including the second page) Peer? There's a newer version (Network Extensions 2)
✪❄☢Peer☢❄✪ Jul 15 @ 12:39pm 
why is it uncompatible?
Madzidzia Jun 19 @ 6:30am 
ten mod jest niezgodny, nie instalować
a powód konsekwencji: niebudowanie się drogi
Zgodny mod autora to Network Extensions 2
Kiedyś ja testowałem i nie chciało się budować
Więc odinstalowałem
ylij174 Jun 8 @ 3:23pm 
Мод не обновлен. Пропадают сетки зонирования. Удаляйте, -удаление мода решает проблему.
pbilk May 25 @ 12:50pm 
This mod is unsupported. Don't subscribe as the current author, not the OG author says. They can't change anything to tell people that except through the comments.
BareJag May 22 @ 6:07am 
It worked once, by then it was great. Some people, like me, won't play for some time, returning for playing later. Why would we bother checking the mods we used when we don't even touch the game?
BeltfedVendetta May 13 @ 8:15am 
...How the hell are 300k people still subscribed to this dumpster fire of a mod and it still has 5 stars when it breaks the game and hasn't worked for over a year?
toruk_makto1 Apr 27 @ 12:32am 
Nexovus Apr 24 @ 11:40am 
Well that was obvious enough but you didn't need to publicly shame me, @Positivity :steamsad: