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Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English, Italian
Players: Single-player
Jul 9, 2015 @ 10:55am
May 11, 2016 @ 11:09am
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Release date: December 2016
  • First Person Parkour
  • Open-World Based
  • Planets Rev. System
  • Post-Apocalyptic Alternate-Middle Ages Universe
  • Exploration and Lore

- Downward is a breath-taking open-world adventure centred around parkour mechanics and the macroscopic environmental changes produced by the planet's alternation in the skysphere. Around the year 1000 A.D., the arrival of three planets disrupt the Earth's equilibrium, bringing chaos and destruction on a level that made the impotent observers recognize it as the Biblical Apocalypse. They named it "The Coming".

- The presence of the three planets affected tides, temperature, gravity, day/night cycle and every aspect of life on Earth, destroying almost all living beings. Our protagonist will emerge from this mist of reality and fiction, and his journey will have strong repercussions on the world of Downward through his direct interaction with the planets in the sky. Exploration is at the very core of the game and, in order to let the player immerse as much as possible in the parkour action, we decided to focus on the unusual First Person Parkour genre.


The Wanderer
"The world has ended. The strong and the wise already perished: only who knows how to escape is still alive."

- Many years after The Coming, our protagonist will cross the barren lands of Downward in a pilgrimage to the East, visiting the ancient and majestic ruins of the past civilizations. He is searching for the mysterious artefacts that appeared with the Coming and that could have a role in explaining the End of the Earth. In a devastated world, our wanderer survived thanks to his knowledge of the environment and its physical prowess. During the game, he will understand through experience how to take advantage of the three planets, to the point of mastering and controlling their movement and their influences on the world.

"For him, nothing more than the art learned in exploring ruins and escaping the mortal dangers of Downward."

- Our aim is to support the exploration with an advanced parkour system, which will help you clear all the challenges on your path and will make you enjoy every cliff.
- We decided to make Downward a FPP because we want to let the player immerse as much as possible in the game. For that reason, we also made DW an open-world game, where you can always reach and re-experience past destinations by following some obligatory steps.

Planet Rev System
"It's been said that we all are born under a star, and that we live under the influence of both the planets and the moon."

- In Downward you will not only be influenced, but you will influence these planets yourself, and you will be required to take advantage of the calamity that each planet casts upon you to see your problems from a different light.
- A flood means swimming to higher places, a fire means burning down some vicious vegetation to open up a new path, while lower gravity allows you to leap higher: the artefacts will come to your aid and in combination with the parkour mechanics will give you unlimited possibilities.

The Artifacts
"We are the poison, we are the cure."

- The Coming did not affect the world of Downward in the same way, and some areas were clearly more ravaged than others. Along with the destruction, in those areas some strange artifacts made also their appearance, which are the objective of our journey. Collecting them will change our Wanderer, giving him powers and wisdom. At the same, side-effect will emerge and, even with the power to control the influence of the planets at will, the Wanderer will have to learn the price of sacrifice. This toll will have a direct impact on the gameplay and on his personal growth.

"Moving shadows in the world of Downward."

- Even if survival in the world of Downward imposed strong sacrifices and changes in all of our protagonists, the attentive player will be able to recognize in every shadow the glory of the past, as many of our NPCs have been borrowed either by History or Myth. As already said, surviving the Apocalypse is no easy feat: those that made it paid the price and as such are all deeply characterized and all will show different personalities and quirks, and all will cover an important role in the main story and in all the side-quests.


The Apocalypse

- In ancient Greek, the term apocalypse had the original meaning of “uncovering” or “revelation”. In the famous Book of Revelation of St. John, the last of the Bible, the Prophet receives from God the confirmation of the ultimate victory of good over evil. The symbolic struggle between such forces brings the end of the current society, and culminates in the judgement of the wicked. In the world of Downward, many recognized the Coming as a sign of such pending Apocalypse, but things went differently than expected...

The Coming

- We are in the Middle-Ages: the wheel of fortune distributes tragedies and bliss, every day is seen as a gift of the benevolent God and a sense of peace and harmony prevail: days and months proceed undisturbed, and every year resembles the previous. Then, the Coming eradicates order and reason. Three nefarious planets, coming from afar, reach the Earth's skies and start to orbit around the Earth, as if moved by a mysterious will. Their different weight, size and orbit completely destroy the Earth equilibrium and ecosystem.
- The presence of these bodies make the waters move unpredictably and flood the lands, while in other places trees and plants burn spontaneously. Gravity itself, still undiscovered, starts to fluctuate violently in some areas of the planet. Even more frightening, the day and night cycle is forever lost, and light and darkness are only the result of the capricious interaction of the three despots. Almost all animals perish along with Humans, while the most unfortunate survive.


- Hopefully, the game will be developed in several languages: in English, in Italian - which is our native language - and in all the other languages that the Kickstarter will allow us to reach. Additionally, over than in Italian (our native language) and in English (on which we will base the game), based on the results of the campaign we will try to expand the scope of the localization in order to reach all of our backers and GreenLight supporters.

- The strong points of Greenlight is that it let us enter directly in contact with the public. This is paramount for us, because we keep in high consideration the gamer's point of view and the feeling of the Community, which are for us all indicators to follow to develop something that meets our supporters' expectations.

Thank you for your attention toward our project. If you need, leave a comment and ask us any questions: we will clear your doubts and take your opinions into consideration!

Yours in Leaps,
Caracal Games Studio

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