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Genre: Arcade
Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Jun 30, 2015 @ 1:02am
Jan 26, 2016 @ 7:42pm

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Mooch is avalaible on Steam Store
We got the green light
Release date: Summer 2015
The Story

Somewhere deep underground, Puppet Master creates minions to work as slaves in the deep mine. These little fellas don’t realize that there is a much bigger world outside the narrow corridors of the mines.

One of the puppets named Blink accidentally finds out that there is a free, beautiful, and colorful world outside. He decides to take matters in his own hands and to escape with his friend Tula. Unfortunately, they are caught during the escape. Tula is torn apart by machines and pieces of her soul are scattered all over the Puppet Master's underworld. Blink is thrown into a prison deep underground to wait for his doom.

Our hero manages to escape the prison cell. Without hesitation, he decides to collect all of Tula’s soul parts in hope to revive her and escape towards freedom.

The Game

Watch out for every step.

Your task in game might seem simple, but be aware - one bad move and Blink would fail. Even simple corridor could be a deadly trap. Puppet Master’s machines wait for our hero and the only way to survive is to outsmart them.

Mooch is an Indie game set in a grim world ruled by deadly machines. Player needs to help Blink with escaping from prison and get him thru mines to the Puppet Factory.


This game tests a player’s agility. Some of Blink`s enemies can be outsmarted by using unusual tactics.

This is sneak peak of three Blink’s enemies with theirs unique abilities:

Protector – This machine tries to track down the main character. When it notices our hero it follows him until he losses track. Will you try to run away from him or decide to overreach him?

Kamikaze – This very dangerous machine charges toward Blink, and when it touches something it explodes.

Mosquito - Boss in prision world

Edge Crusher - Boss in mine world.

The Wheel - Boss in mine world. Watch out for his laser gun.

Worker bot - It looks like a harmless little robot. Do not get fooled.

Game design

Game graphics were hand-crafted! We decided to combine world of puppets and machines in order to show how beautiful and anxious the Puppet Masters underworld could be.

Game was designed in top down 2D view. Main character can be controlled by mouse and keyboard or gamepad. Main goal is to collect soul pieces and avoid danger. Way of doing it depends on players and their game style.

Example maps:

Game features:

  • Dark mood - game idea is to build anxiety while trying to survive. One of goals was to show how Puppet Master creates place to live for his subordinates.

  • Hand-crafted graphics - game assets are hand drawn.

  • 3 unique worlds & 72 levels - of immersive gameplay

  • 9 deadly bosses – during his adventure Blink has to deal with various bosses. Every one of them have its own look and combat style. There is no chance to face the same type of boss twice.

  • Over 25 types of enemies – in order to accomplish his mission Blink will have to survive against various enemies and traps.

  • Levels that require various tactics - levels combine different types of enemies, so collecting Tula’s soul pieces might be really challenging.

  • Secret passages - many hidden tunnels that help you to avoid deadly machines.

  • Gamepad support - players can use both gamepad or mouse and keyboard.

  • For Windows, Mac & Linux - game is compatible with these three OS.

  • Easy to start, hard to master - playing Mooch is really fun but passing advanced levels requires some practice. You won’t be bored!
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