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HuniePop Guide to Alternate Token Movement
By Winter Raven
Yes, there is an alternate method of token movement that increases your affection gaining ability by 10-20%!!
Why haven't you heard of this before??
Because it is a counter-intuitive, subtle, game mechanic that has been used by a few, but never published.
Most people concentrate on the emotion evoking aspects of the game. I like those too. I also like understanding game mechanics and using that to your advantage.
First let's look at the standard method of token movement. It's pretty simple, Kyu taught it to us in the tutorial puzzle. Remember she told us to match the romance tokens in the center of the board. Because you can only move one token at a time, we clicked on the single romance token and dragged it between the other two (screenshot on left). It matched, they dropped, and Kyu gives you words of encouragement. This is the standard method: click on a token and drag it to a matching position.

Now for the alternative method. It will only work in a situation where a one space move will make the match. In HuniePop a token can be moved as many spaces as you want. In the alternative method we do that, but it is not the matching token that we move.
Now look at the puzzle board on the right. This time I clicked on the sentiment token and dragged it all the way left. This alternative still matches the romance, but it changes the way that row is ordered. See the differences, it set up a sentiment 4 match, a joy match, and puts the two talent tokens together. It's a better move!
Second Example

This shows the standard movement to match the center sentiment.
However there is an alternative that will set up a 4 match.

This time I click on the talent and drag it down two. That sets up this talent 4 match.
This ability to create 4 matches really pays off when you have the date gifts of Suede Ankle Booties and Leopard Print Pumps. They are the most powerful date gifts and are essential in late Alpha dates.
Third Example

This shows the standard movement for the 3 talent tokens in the center.

This is the standard movement to match the 3 romance tokens in the top center.

This time I clicked on the sexuality token and take it 2 places to the right. With this alternative I get both matches in 1 move, very efficient.
Fourth Example

This example is interesting because there are 3 different standard moves and 1 alternate move that is just a little better. This shows the puzzle board and the first standard move.

These show the other two standard moves to match the 3 sexuality tokens at the bottom.

The alternate move is to click on the far right sexuality token and move it all the way to the left.
See what that does? It sets up a romance 4 match (Momo's favorite).
This alternate token movement technique is not necessary to get all the achievements or even reach Alpha Date #100. What it does do is increase you success rates on dates. If I had used this method the first time I got to Alpha Date #100 it would have taken 120 dates instead of 160. I think it is challenging to have more play options open to consideration for each move. Also you can set some awesome records with this technique.
Take a look at this:

Yes folks, I got a quickie on Alpha date #64. Look at that affection goal! I couldn't have done it without the alternative method and all the 4 matches it helped me set up.
Good luck and have fun out there.
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Alienatedlabor Jun 19, 2018 @ 1:30am 
might wanna not spoil an unlockable girl in the pictures though.
Shena'Fu Aug 22, 2015 @ 2:16am 
If you play Puzzles and Dragons, this is very obvious. P&D has way crazier non-intuitive moves. This is child's play.
kcabshere Jun 30, 2015 @ 7:58pm 
I hate that I didn't think of this on my own. >_< This is what I needed to up my game and get thoese achievements. Thanks for putting this up :)