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(4 pack L4D1) CPU Candidate Maid Pack
Created by Anila
only for CPU Candidate same as Cosplay pack :3
Uni - Bill
Nepgear - Zoey
Ram - Francis
Rom - Louis

No faceposing
Final Project Mod, Bye bye!!! Tks for use my mod for long time <3...
Anime Pick Up Sound
Oi Pohwaran here (aka Ene)
I am here with a Mod I normaly use for myself.
But since you asked for it I choose to upload it ^-^

This is a Mod that change the sound when you pick up items to more of a "Joink" sound
Just need to Sub...
(4 pack L4D2) CPU swimsuit (Neptunia V)
Created by Anila
that's unfair if only CPU Candidates have pack. So today, ill release 4 pack of CPU. Swimsuit Pack.

Neptune - Ellis
Blanc - Nick
Noire - Rochelle
Coach - Vert

Tks to RandomTBush for the models <3~

06/10/2015: Enable Jigglebone on hair of Vert...
AWP | Miku
Created by XXSefa
Replaces *AWP*
This is the CS:GO Customization skin 'AWP | Miku by XXSefa with Rev animation, enjoy it

>> To get the awp open console >> !Give <your_name> sniper_awp

Original mod by Twilight Sparkle

Read this please

recommend addon for find...
Black Heart Hunting Rifle Reskin
Created by Vintage Sniper
"Step aside suckers, I'll see to this!"
Finally, old Tsundere Norry, er, Noire, I mean Black Heart, as her goddess form, was the final Hyperdimension Neptunia goddess to get her own personlised Weapon. Black Heart opted for t...
Bloody Smoker
Created by Brand Frontier
Aye everyone this is Brand Frontier bringing you another mod to my collection. :3 In this mod, I've added a more bloody feel to the smoker and if you like this you should check out the rest of my bloody textures! This skin looks best in well-lit maps, but ...
Bloody Vents
Created by Brand Frontier
Hello folks! In this mod I have changed all the vents to some more extreme gore! How'd it get there? I have no clue. :D I didn't see a lot of mods that change vents, well, here's one! If ya have feedback or suggestions please contact me ASAP. :) Thanks and...
Created by Ѕeant
And... we got the last one. Finaly!. I hope you liked this weapon collection.
I never though my skins would get subcriptions or likes, I was like "No... i can't upload this shit.."
Well, i want to say THANKS, I'll keep making skins. More collections will...
Candy Shotgun (CHROME Shotgun)
Created by Prophet
"Santa's little helper..."

This is my entry for Gamebana's Winter Warfare contest[gamebanana.com].

This is the Chrome Shotgun version of the mod. [url=http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id...
Chrysalis's Scar
Created by Lucy Fur
Chrysalis reskin for the Scar or Desert rifle
Taking pony requests...
Cinematic Lighting Effects
Created by Red Schism
Changes most light sprites and some particle effects into a more "Hollywood stylized" effect.

Adds horizontal flare to pathway lights, changes 3rd person flashlight glow to a smaller more realistic glow, new sun glare, and changes various other glowing li...
Compa Medkit Reskin
Created by Vintage Sniper
"Come over here, I promise I will heal you"
Compa...er...I was about to say Compo from Last of The Summer Wine, who I used to easily Mix up with Compa, but we know the difference between an old West Yorkshire Codger from a UK ...
CS:GO AK47 NANO - Stars Corporation
Created by dA.Graph/gtx
by - xS9
Edited - PhotoShop CC...
Date A Live Kurumi Voice for Zoey
This MOD replace your Zoey's voice with Kurumi's Voice from the "Date A Live" anime.
!!!Remeber this MOD don't replace ALL of the voice file just the common the non custom once!!!

I have put a lot of work and effort into this Mod. It ain't a easy thing...
CS:GO CT Knife
Created by Twilight Sparkle
"Now this, is a knife!"

After hard work and dealing with random people, i have finally manage to did this, i did, a knife, that's right, this knife it has Valve animations that's a bit bad thing about it some people may like it and some people may don't l...
HD Dark Carnival Retextures
Created by Kat
This retextures the props_fairgrounds folder to a snazzy 2048px (high resolution).
The mod ONLY retextures the the files in props_fairgrounds, nothing more.

• Arcade Games
• Fairground Banners
• Fairground Flags
• Garbage
• Gallery Panels
• Stuffe...
Date A Live Background
This MOD change your background to the OP of Date A Live anime ^-^
Thanks for Subscribing on my MOD ^-^

Tho you need to follow some instructions to install it properly!
- First you Need is "GCFScape" to be able to open the .vpk
- Second you need t...
Zero Sword Replacement for KATANA
Created by Carolina '
Replaces the default KATANA for a Zero Sword(Borderlands 2)
*Glow in the dark*
*Blood added*

Model Credits: Borderlands 2

Machete addon:
Yoshi (Smoker)
Created by Stay Puft
This replaces the Smoker with Yoshi....
Wreck-It Ralph
Created by Doktor haus
Wreck-It Ralph replaces the charger. Has first-person arms too. Get the sounds & music here.

SEGA (Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed) - model, textures
Apoc Hedgie - po...
Vinyl Pump Shotgun (Chrome)
Created by StopAndSmile
Just a reskin of pump shotgun...
Titanfall Longbow-DMR Sniper
Created by Twilight Sparkle
Titanfall Collection
So, after dealing with a lot of crap stuff, I brought to you, the Longbow-DMR Sniper, this weapon will replace the Milit...
Titanfall Hemlok BF-R
Created by Twilight Sparkle
Titanfall Collection
So, for now i bring you guys the Hemlok BF-R, this burst fire rifle will replace the Desert Rifle (SCAR) with custom sou...
Titanfall EVA-8 Shotgun
Created by Twilight Sparkle
Titanfall Collection
Oh god its finally here, a shotgun, so after fixing alot of issues of it and alot of broken bones on the animations i fi...
Diddy Kong (Jockey)
Created by Stay Puft
This mod replaces the Jockey model with Diddy Kong. It's on, like Diddy Kong!...
Dusk and Pixel's Pistols
Created by Runu™
Dusk and Pixel's personal pistols
Commisioned by: Spidey002

Enhanced Water Reflections
Created by Theuaredead`
This is an official reupload of this addon, I've gotten permission from the original creator to reupload this. This mod is in an AS-IS State, and will not be updated, be aware of bugs.

Original Description:
Enables a good unused feature of the Source e...
Created by Zeon
The original ZoneBox. Be fancy!

Skyboxes made by komaokc[gamebanana.com] used for:
Flandre Scarlet SMG Reskin
Created by Vintage Sniper
Requested by a friend of mine...
Remilia Scarlet UZI: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=645854349
UPDATE 15/03/2015 New Custom HUD
Flandre now has her new custom coloured SMG to kill Zombies with, this is the Silenced SMG, not the UZ...
Frontier Justice
Created by ☂ℝΔ¿ℕ₂
Team Fortress 2 weapon Part #4
Frontier Justice Level 5 Shotgun
Replaces pump shotgun
The Frontier Justice is an unlockable...
Frost Hive AWP
Created by Ebina Nana
This is the customization skin 'AWP | Frost Hive' for CSGO AWP model by Meza,replace CS:S AWP. Enjoy it.

Model and animation porting: Twilight Sparkle
Original "Frost Hive" skin editor...
Gauss rifle
Created by Twilight
Gauss rifle from STALKER. (Upgraded 800 Gb Version)

Ultraprecise hi-tech weapon also known as "product №62" was designed by
backroom boys inside exclusion Zone. Its operating principle is based
on the acceleration of the bullet by the system of electromag...
Green Heart Desert Rifle Reskin
Created by Vintage Sniper
"Big Breasts are always better!"
The next of the Hyperdimension Neptunia goddesses to get her own personalised weapon is Green Heart, or Vert's goddess form. Produced in America's finest weapon factory, It contains all the colo...
Hatsune Miku Concert and Credits
Created by Eririn
Louder concert songs (tank themes are loud enough)
Changed intro song to San Kyuu (sasakure.UK x DECO*27)
Changed credits song to Deep Sea Girl

This mod will replace both the concert music, tank themes at the Dark Carnival conc...
HD/HQ Original Molotov Remake.
Created by Alexander
Just a simple remake in high quality and better definition of the original L4D molotov as requested....
Holo Flashlight
Created by Jopagen
Hello everyone. =) This is my first job. I hope you like. If you have any comments about the brightness or you want some lights for yourself write. I will try to do. =)...
Hunter skin PROTOTYPE
Created by Livenomous
Set top of hunter Alex Mercer jacket....
IF Grenade Launcher Reskin
Created by Vintage Sniper
"Sorry Nep, I can't give credit, come back when you're a little, mmmm, Richer!!"
Now works for L4D1 Survivors, and 100% more Allahu Akbar
Now IFFY has her own grenade Launcher, pretty much another tsundere grouchy git, but more or less the Morshu of the H...
Improved Blood Textures
Created by BakaKemono
Adds higher resolution textures for splatters and wounds. Splatter textures cover a wider area while splats/blobs of blood are cover less which helps to diversify the way blood appears.

Note: Blood not layering on top of each other is a bug with the Sou...
Iris Heart AK-47 Reskin
Created by Vintage Sniper
"Yippee Ki Yay Motherfucker!!"
Err...Sadie, you're not Bruce Willis, are you now? Anyway, Iris Heart, or Plutia, is the penulitmate Hyperdimension Neptunia Goddess to get her own personalized weapon, in the form of a sadistic...
Kero Kero Ride [Touhou]
Created by vegetable
Suwako's theme replaces the Jockey music

Original music: www.youtube.com/watch?v=QtOfSm1Xiog...
love live kotori menu music
Created by Kotori
1.City night dance(KOTORI Mix)
3.向着明天前进(KOTORI Mix)
4.告白的晴天(KOTORI Mix)
5.Wonder zone(KOTORI Mix)
love live kotori tank music
Created by Kotori
M249 | System Lock
Created by CombatBowl
Replaces *M60*

CS:GO M249 With Valve Animation
love live menu
Created by Kotori
This model needs to be removed X: \ Steam \ SteamApps \ common \ Left 4 Dead 2 \ left4dead2 \ media in order to use all of the files...
M16 Kawaii Camo(From Call of Duty:Black Ops 2)
Created by The Teleturbans
This is the camo from Call of Duty:Black Ops 2. To unlock this kamo all you have to do is click 'subscribe'. Enjoy this!...
ME!ME!ME! TANK THEME(Original Ver.)
Created by Rayi / Arlukar
Same of music part but different version.
It's an original audio of ME!ME!ME! video.Its pace is very slow, so I had to accelerate its speed.

Nightcore Version:
Melee Weapon Unlock Mod
Created by White again
Unlock all melee weapons on all valve maps!

And: Added Counter-Strike: Source knife on all valve maps!

Dont ask more question like "Why dont work when join 3rd party server/offical server/join other's game/local servers", all I know is that the ser...
Miku Hatsune Replace Witch! [FIXED]
This is the final mod with the same sounds and music but the color now are the originals :D

Enjoy and rate 5 :D...
Noire - Voice Pack [Rochelle]
Created by Eririn
Noire's model can be downloaded here (Credits to Noire Blackheart!):

Install notes:

Empty this folder:
left 4 dead 2\left4dead2\sound\player\survivor\voice\produ...
Neptunia Saferoom door sound
A saferoom sound from Hyperdimension Neptunia
Very simple mod, enjoy!
The sound is from V.

PS: I'm working on a way to get it without White Hearts voice....
One Piece Franky Tank Theme
Created by Reapermike
This addon replaces the regular and finale tank musics but not the concert tank musics with the Franky theme from One Piece anime.
All credit goes to Toei Animation for the song....
Mp7 Unsilenced Red Camo
Created by LATTEH
A MP7 Replacement for the UZI with Red camo.

Like the gun? you can get all Camo skins for it here:
Poi Launcher
Created by Management
Thank you all for subscribing and giving the mod a try. I appreciate all of the comments and feedback that has been given to me. I'm glad so many of you have enjoyed it.

Please be aware that I have not played L4D2 in quite some time, so I won't be worki...
Purple Heart Combat Shotgun reskin
Created by Vintage Sniper
"You'd better stop arsing around!!"
Heh, another weapon reskin, and more Hyperdimension Neptunia Stuff, now Purple Heart, or Goddess Nep Nep has her own Combat Shotgun to be proud of, painted in all the colours she sports. We...
Rancid spitter
Created by Emo Punk Bi Girl
Mostly for personal use but why not give it to the public? This reskin adds a little more cuts and bruises and overall creepiness to the original lacking spitter along with better detail. No offence valve....
Raygun MKII - Call Of Duty:Black Ops II
Created by ClearSkyC
I like this gun!
This gun from Call Of Duty:Black Ops II Zombies.

Activision - Model/Texture/Sound
ClearSkyC - Animations, rig, sound editing, original compile.
UncleGay - texture modifications.

Replacement for The pistol.

If you want...
Pain Pills - coca cola can
Created by TOG | K1CHWA
click subscribe to download
retextureed can to look like coke
Mr Lankey model rigging/compile, original release
Splinks re-compile, fix
Urik_Kane can lid textures
K1CHWA pnt,overlay,vmt reedits
Remember Me Knife
Created by Ground_Control
Olga´s Knife from Remember Me replace the Machete.

Credits: Thanks to Dragon_Child for the model and textures.

Report some bug and rate if you like, thx to all.
Server Browser (Multilanguage)
Created by raziEiL
Adds a server browser button to the main game menu.
Multi-language Addon (supports all languages that have in L4D2)
Titanfall C.A.R. SMG
Created by Twilight Sparkle
Titanfall Collection
Well, here i bring you the C.A.R. SMG, this weapon will replace the Silenced SMG but it also has a particle so its not a...
Titanfall Frag Grenade
Created by Twilight Sparkle
Titanfall Collection
Nothing much just a Grenade passing by, this grenade will replace the Pipebomb and it doesnt come with custom sounds f...
Vocaloid Jukebox Sounds
Created by TimeFreeze
This Addon adds new Sounds for the Jukebox.

Midnightride= Rip Release Megurine Luka
Portal Still Alive= World is Mine Hatsune Miku
Badman= Romeo&Cinderella Hatsune Miku
Thesaintswillnevercome= Sadistic Music Factory Hatsune Miku
Reyourbrains= Sweet...
White Heart Assault Rifle reskin
Created by Vintage Sniper
"ARSE! WANKERS!! SHIT! TWATS! BOLLOCKS!! *And other British Profanity Blanc's been learning*"
Now workswith L4D1 Survivors
White Heart, the hot head of the Hyperdimension Neptunia Crew, that is Blanc's goddess form has her own M-16, that is as effective as...