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Garry's Mod

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Custom Pony Player Models
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Jun 24, 2015 @ 1:39am
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Custom Pony Player Models

Please read Description before use.

This addon is an addition to the Pony Player Models.

Before use install Pony Player Models(More stable) or [ mlp ] Customizable Pony Player Models!

Русскоязычным сюда[].

Addon features:
  • another folded wings model
  • new wings model
  • new accessories
  • taunts(+ inchat animation)
  • pony hands
  • normal hitboxes
  • customizable

How to use:
P.S. If you know how use PPM addon, read only "Ingame usage".

How to set player model:
Press "C" -> Player Model -> select "pony" or "ponynj"(without jigglebones), and respawn(kill in console & spawn)
Type ppm_setpmodel or ppm_setpmodel_nojigglebones in console.

How to spawn ppm ragdoll:
Press "Q", select Addons, select Pony Player Models, spawn player_default_base_ragdoll.mdl(this model have more bones, than player model) or use utility menu
spawn standart PPM model

Ingame usage:
Press "C" -> select Pony Editor OR write ppm_chared3 in console(Warning! May render bug, but after command entered try close console by pressing console key). Make sure, that you use pony or ponynj model, otherwise you can't modify your pony!
If you select alicorn or pegasus kind, then you can fly by using double jump. CTRL - fly down, SPACE - fly up, ALT - stop you.

Acts usage:

Console commands(if server don't block acts):
act wave - wave taunt
act dance - dance taunt
act bow - bow taunt

Console commands(serverside):
cppm_active <0-1> - Activate|Deactivate CPPM.
cppm_allowfly <0-1> - Allow|Disallow alicorns & pegasus fly.
cppm_airvelocity <0-1> - Allow|Disallow use SPACE, DUCK, ALT key to control fly state.
cppm_usealicornhorn <0-1> - Allows|Disallow to alicorns use special horn.
cppm_usealicornwings <0-1> - Allows|Disallow to alicorns use special wings.
cppm_usehands <0-1> - Activate|Disactivate pony hands(work only with C_ models!)

Have problem?

Q: My pony looks white with green tail and mane.
A: If you see it only in PPM_Editor3(ppm_chared3 command in console), then open & close console by press console key.
Q: This don't help me.
A: Make sure, that you use direct 9 and upper(open settings - video - advance - hardware dx level). If you had direct level 8+ or lower, then write in console mat_dxlevel 90 or 95(in main menu, overwise you gmod lag and some textures not works as need)

Q: I got errors in console, or any error with pony(error texture and etc.).
A: 1) Try reinstall firstly PPM, after CPPM.(Or just deactivate)
2) Don't try install more than one PPM. It cause problem.
3) Remove conflict addons. (Addons that can replace CPPM model, or another PPM)
4) If stage 1-3 don't help you, open bugs thread, maybe also problem already fixed.
5) Launch singleplayer - > write in console cppm_developmode 1 - > close server - > start server. Open console. Found all string what started in "CPPM", send this strings to forum bug thread. I check and answer you soon.

This addon is no longer supported by author.

Author of PPM.
Original author of Pony Models and model sources here[].

Tags for search: Customizable Pony Ragdoll, My Little Player Models, MLP:FiM, Friendship is Magic
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