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-OLD- Hover: Revolt of Gamers Main Missions Guide
By ALL CAPS and 1 collaborators
This guide is for all of the main missions in Hover (missions where you can obtain DNA-Kits for characters).

Specifically, it covers the missions for Watabax, Otello, Potatox (you acquire the DNA-Kit of the E-Cop in these missions), and Greendy.
Welcome to my guide for Hover's Main Missions! After seeing various posts and questions about certain missions, I decided to make a guide for them!

Initially, I was planning on only doing the Secubox missions, then all of the hard ones, until finally deciding to just be thorough and covering them all for the characters that give you DNA-Kits.

So with that being said, this guide has been arranged by character for easy organization and navigation. Inside each section I'll have pictures and videos to accompany the text so it's easy to follow!

Specifically, this guide will cover (in order), notes regarding the character I used and his stats, tips and tricks that will come in handy, all Otello missions, all Greendy missions, all Watabax missions, and all Potatox missions.

Again, welcome to my guide, and prepare to revolt!
Additional Notes
For this particular guide, I decided to use the default gamer. During my playthrough, just through mainly sticking to the main missions (and also spending a good few hours doing a ton of laps while trying to find the best camera quality), I gained about 7 levels. After playing through all of the missions with each character, I would say they can all be beaten by time you are level 5. Of course, each different character type affects the difficulty of the missions. I found it to be easiest with Otello, and the hardest with Watabax.

My stats at the end of this playthrough were 3/3 Speed, 3/3 Accel., and 1/3 Energy, which I feel are the most important stats for main mission play. With the defualt gamer, the jump stat is already decent as is, while the strength and grind stats really don't come into play for the main missions. Speed and accel. are useful to have in general, and on the later timed missions they could be the deciding factor in passing or failing. Strength could come in handy for any missions regarding gameballs, as you can throw it from further away, saving a little travel time required for going to drop-off points.
Tips and Tricks
There are a few tips that can come in handy when navigating the world of Hover. The first is the ability to respawn, which is done by pressing T. Not only does it take you back to the center of the map, but for some missions it can even make your life easier (such as the random ball delivery missions, or the last Secubox mission). You will always respawn under the giant D-Pad in the sky.

Another trick is with Hoverheat. Using Hoverheat, you can wall climb on a single wall by repeatingly jumping off of it. You can even reach tall spaces by jumping off multiple walls. Granted, as soon as you lose Hoverheat, the amount of energy drained by walljumping will become very apparent, and you'll shortly fall back to the ground.

The rewind abiltiy will also be one of your friends, as in certain missions (looking at you Otello and Watabax), it can be used to save time and energy!

Another cool feature is the tab key, which let's you interact with the hud. You can see previous statements said to you if you need to clarify something, access the "Edit Gamer" page, and see the Game Girls you found!

Another important tip is to grind often. It's an easy way to build energy for Hoverheat, and it will also increase your speed. In the missions for Watabax and Potatox, your speed is decreased while carrying the gameball (to about low 20's). However, while grinding, you can maintain a speed of about 30-34!

Speaking of gameballs, if you fall too high while carrying them, you will drop them. Keep that in mind while doing anything with a gameball, as if you make one mistep, you can possibly lose your gameball. Don't try to rewind either, as that will also make you drop it.
Otello Part 1: Missions 1 - 3 (Race Missions)
The first character you meet out of the tutorial is Otello, so we'll be covering him first!

Otello has a total of 5 missions, more than any other character. Also unique to him is that he is the only main character to give out more than 1 mission type. 3 of his missions are Races, and the other 2 are what I like to call Anti-Propaganda.

His first mission is a simple, straightforward race. Just follow the blue markers (the blue squares), and you'll be done in no time.

His second mission is another race. It requires the usage of the rewind ability almost exclusively. Jump down to the first marker, rewind to the second, and repeat until done.

His third mission is his last race, and while you only need the rewind ability for one section, you can actually use it for two.
Otello Part 2: Missions 4 & 5 (Anti-Propaganda Missions)
His fourth mission is the first Anti-Propaganda mission. He teaches you how to spraypaint (Left Shift and Mouse click), and needs you to cover some posters.

A thing to know about the spraypainting is that there is a short cooldown period after each time you do it. As of the most recent update (0.30), the cooldown is 5 seconds. For the first mission, it's not that big of a deal, but during the second mission, you will need to make sure that you actually did release paint before going to another target.

For the first AP mission, almost all of the targets are on the bottom of the map, close together, and in a straight line from start to finish.

Otello's final mission ramps up the difficulty a little. This time, you have to spraypaint 30 targets within a time limit. The targets are in one single, but large, area of the map. There is no one way to successfully complete this mission, but I found the easist way was to start from the bottom of the map and work your way up. There are also various clusters of targets, so use that to your advantage.

And with that, you've acquired Otello's DNA!

The special trait you get while using this skin is called the Gifted Trait. The bonus is that that ALL stats are boosted by default, but the downside is that Hoverheat offers no bonuses to stats.
Greendy Part 1: Missions 1 & 2
Up next is Greendy, the speed queen!

Because she's all about speed, all of her missions involve Races. All 3 involve a somewhat circular track, with an increasing amount of laps each race.

The first race is a simple 2 lap. Like with Otello's first race, nothing fancy or special is really required here, and following the markers is pretty much all you need to do.

The second race has 3 laps, and is a little bit bigger than the last race. This race tests your grinding ability, as it comes into play at 2 different points.

The first is very early on in the race. After nabbing the first checkpoint, you need to grind on the rail on the left, then jump while going left to grind on the rail going horizontally.

The second time you need to grind is after jumping on a roof after nabbing a checkpoint. You need to grind on the first rail, jump straight, then immediately grind on the second to the next checkpoint.

Besides that, the rest of the race is straightforward.

Greendy Part 2: Mission 3
The last race with Greendy is 4 laps, and the route is pretty big. While grinding isn't necessary at any point of this race, there are 3 points where I would recommend it.

The first grinding point is the same as the last race, except on the other side, since this race starts opposite where the last one started. Therefore, just jump on the straight part of the rail from the last race and ride it to its end.

The second point is almost right after the first. It's a long rail that you can use to quickly access Hoverheat and gain a lot of speed.

Be careful of this pole however. If you don't lean out of the way (lean to the right!) you will smack it and lose all momentum!

The last point is a little tricky to access, but if done, can save time in the race, energy from being loss by turning the tight corner, and hassle from having to jump back on the sidewalk from the road.

Look at my energy trail. You can see I jump between the last two light poles. This jump needs to be timed JUST right, as the rail is pretty close to the wall. Try to jump early enough where you will be close to the wall while jumping, but late enough that you don't clip the ledge and miss the rail.

For reference, here is the rail itself, as you can see, it tightly turns right, but you will quickly regain lost speed.

After you jump off the rail, you now have two options to end each lap. There's the high road, that Greendy takes, and the low road, that I prefer.

The bottom path is simple. Go through the tunnel, then hang left to start the next lap. Be careful, as you WILL lose speed if you turn too tightly, and can even fall off the sidewalk. To prevent both, I suggest grinding as soon as you finish the turn.

If you take the top path, it's a little more complicated. First, you need to wall jump into the small window. The jump off timing is strict, as if you do it too early, you smack the wall, and if you do it too late, you can fly over the ledge. Once up there, you will run for a little bit, climb some stairs, and again, turn left. This time, you need to get back to the bottom as soon as possible, otherwise you will lose time getting back down between all the pipes.

The race as a whole is easy, but small mistakes can be VERY costly, so be as careful as possible.

Once you beat her, you get her DNA!

Her special trait is called the Light trait. She gains a boost in Acceleration, but strength is nerfed.
Watabax Part 1: Missions 1 & 2
Next it's time to hang out with the shy but lovable Watabax!

Watabax's missions involve use of the gameball, as will Potatox's missions. For these particular missions, we'll be dropping them off at various points on the map. While carrying the gameball, running speed will be decreased, and you can't do tricks. However, since these missions involve moving quickly, the key will be to grind whenever often, both to gain speed and Hoverheat.

His first mission is simple. Grab the gameball and deposit it to a drop-off point that isn't too far away. It's a straight shot from start to finish, so you'll be done in no time.

His second mission ramps up the difficulty a little by making the drop-off point high above you, on the opposite side of the map. Also, unlike the previous mission, the gameball isn't going to be near you, so you actually have to run a bit to get it first. This roof is where the gameball will spawn when the mission will start. See where those 2 ships are on the right side of the picture? The drop-off point is over there.

There are actually 2 ways to get over there: the Safe Way and the Risky Way. The Safe Way takes longer, but it's pretty much a sure bet that you'll finish the mission with time to spare. The Risky Way is a lot faster, but involves luck and precise timing.

For the Safe Way, after grabbing the game ball, turn right, and jump to the bridge.

Once on the bridge, turn left, and jump on the roof. Keep straight until you see the shanty houses. These houses will serve as bridge for us to get to the big platform.

Run across the houses, and then turn right. Jump up the small fligh of stairs, then go up the longer set of stairs. You'lll then see a building with a bunch of blue bridges between them.

Use the bridges to navigate to the top of the building. Once you reach the top bridge, you should be facing the direction you came from (you should be abe to see the shanty houses if you look down). Jump up to the roof of the building on your left.

Once you do that, turn left and look up. You should see the drop-off point. Use the two walls to climb up the left side, and throw the ball in. Done!

This is what the route shoud look like.

The risky route is wildly different, as for the most part you don't even move. For this to work, you have to jump on the floating platforms. That ramp down there is the best jumping on point.

The risky part is that you need to start the mission at a time where the platforms will be floating past for you to jump on after you get the gameball. You could wait for them as well, but that means there is a lot of wasted time that could be used just doing an actual run.

Also, you really only have one chance to jump on the platform. If you misjump, you can't rewind and try again, since you will drop the gameball. Also, if you fall all the way to the bottom of the map, it's hard to get back up in time.

If you make the jump, make sure you don't slip off (you can actually slip off the platforms, even if you stand still in the exact middle).

Once you jump on, it's smooth sailing for a while. Soak in the sights and sounds while waiting until the platform finishes its route on the lower part of the map. Once it starts rising, you'll eventually pass 2 bridges. Jump onto the second one (the higher of the two).

Once on the bridge, keep straight until you see a tunnel on your left. Go into the tunnel.

As soon as you exit on the other side, pull a 180 towards your right. You'll see a slanted pillar, which you will need to jump on.

You then need to turn right, where you'll see this orange room jutting from the side of the building. Jump up on it, then turn left.

Keep going until you see the drop-off point. Jump up and throw the gameball inside.

This is what the route looks like.

After looking at the mission a few more times, I actually made 2 more routes. Lazy Route Number 1, and Lazy Route Number 2.

Lazy Route Number 1: After acquiring the gameball, press T. Head towards the direction of the drop-off, and you'll see the blue bridges. Continue as normal.

Lazy Route Number 2: If you happened to fail the jump for the Risky Route, that's okay now. Pick up the gameball and keep straight. You'll see that the platforms are floating low enough that you can jump on. Continue as normal.
Watabax Part 2: Mission 3
Now we are on to the final mission, one that can be frustrating at first but is easily managable. This time, there are 4 different points where you have to deposit a gameball. Like with Otello's second AP mission, they can be done in any order.

This is the spawn point of the gameball. After you deposit on, you have to come back here to nab another.

The 4 points are located north, south, east, and west in relation to this spawn point, and this is the order we will approach each point.. While you can approach them in any order, I found this to be the fastest and most efficient order.

This is the first point you'll visit. The route here is the longest, which is why we want to knock it out first. There are a lot of roofs that can be jumped on, as well as a rail that can be grinded on.

Once you turn around and grab the gameball, keep straight to the southern point. It's pretty far down, so that leaves 2 choices. You can either go fast, and do 2 super bounces, which saves time but means you WILL drop the gameball, or go slow and take the more cautious route. Personally, I prefer the fast route, as if down properly, not only can you easily recover the gameball without losing time, but then you can rewind back to that location you will drop the gameball, which is close to the spawn point.

After getting another gameball, turn right. This drop-off point is the closest to the spawn, and once you reach it, you can actually rewind all the way back to the spawn!

The final point is to the left. It's far down, but not as far down as the south point. You can do a super jump from the highway to the location, but if you miss the jump, you can just go under it. Be warned that you will drop the gameball if you miss. Either way you will reach this point in a short amount of time.

There also isn't really one correct way to reach each point. I do think the way I reached the south point is probably the easiest way.

And with that, you've beaten all of the Watabax missions, and nabbed his DNA!

His special trait is called the Shy trait, which is opposite Otello's special trait. All stats are nerfed by default, but in Hoverheat you gain a HUGE boost.
Potatox (E-Cop) Part 1: Secuboxes
Last but not least we have Potatox, the cutest member of the resistance with the hardest mission in the game!

The nature of his 3 missions are what I call Secubox Hunting, which means you will have to lure Secuboxes, machines of the police meant to seize packages, to various traps. However, this is definitely not as easy as it seems.

All of Potatox's missions involve the gameball, so remember that you won't run as fast and you can't do tricks. Hoverheat really won't be achievable even with grinding, and that is because of the Secubox.

As of this section's writing, Secuboxes are an interesting bea-, er, machine. They're still a little buggy, which can spell trouble during these missions. The key to doing well is to take your time and keep cool. For one, you will rarely trigger Secuboxes when jumping in front of cameras, as for some reason, the camera detection is wonky (ie, it won't notice you even if you are in its direct sight). Therefore, make sure you hear the "beep" of the camera before moving on to a trap.

Even then, make sure a Secubox spawns! First off, know which cameras can spawn Secuboxes. Any camera that has a red grill around it spawns Secuboxes. For the following missions, we'll only be using 4 cameras, but it's good to know for any random gameball missions you do.

Even if you do go to the right camera, sometimes they won't spawn EVEN if you are detected! The sure-fire way I know a Secebox is on my trail is if I hear its distinctive "vroom, vroom" noise, and if a beam of red light is focused on me.

Here's the laydown about Secuboxes: they way that they take packages is basically shocking it out of your hand. If you see blue lightning attacking the ball, along with a zapping noise, that means the Secubox is too close to you, and if this persists, the ball will be ejected from your hand.

Therefore, you should try to maintain some distance. The below is what the distance ideally should be between you and the Secubox. If too close, they can either eject the ball OR get caught on object (which can make them disappear), and if too far, they will disappear. Therefore, even at the ideal distance, you will still need to start and stop, as well as constantly making sure the Secubox is behind you and not getting caught on anyting, while heading to the traps.

A possible way to overcome the lack of Hoverheat during these missions is to use the Otello skin you acquired. Since Hoverheat offers no bonus, and all stats are boosted by default, for these particular missions it's a win-win.

With all that in mind, we are now ready to do the missions!

Potatox (E-Cop) Part 2: Missions 1 & 2
The neat thing about these missions is that they are able to be beaten in any way, like with Otello's second Anti-Propaganda mission. However, with all of the Potatox missions, they build of each other. With each mission, you can actually keep the same order of traps that you went in from the previous mission, while adding on.

This particular camera is going to be an integral part of that. For each and every mission, we will go here first, since it has 2 lures that are relatively close and easy to reach.

Before we jump into the missions, a note I want to make is that for these particular videos, I tend to move the camera a lot. This is to make sure the Secubox is behind me. Even though you probaly don't need to do it as many times I did, I would still recommend it so you ensure that it reaches the trap.

That being said, for the first mission, you only need to trap one Secubox, so it's a pretty simple affair. Go to the camera (from the mission's starting position, pick up the game box and go straight, towards where Greendy's second mission started), get a Secubox on your tail, and head back to the mission start point.

The second mission has 3 traps, which means 3 Secuboxes. This time, we are going to use 2 cameras. First, go to the same camera from last time, but after getting a Secubox, instead of turning back, stay straight, then turn left. Since this trap is furthest out, we want to knock this one out first, and quickly.

After that, go back to the camera, and then to the capture point from the last mission. After that, staying straight, make your away across the street. Once at the corner, turn right, jump up, and keep straight until you see this camera.

This is going to be the other camera that's necessary for the last mission (so much so that we visit it 3 times, more than any other camera). Nab a Secubox, then turn around. Turn right at the small break in sidewalk, jump up, and you've trapped the last Secubox for this mission.
Potatox (E-Cop) Part 3: Mission 3
Yes, this one mission alone is so complicated that it's getting its own section. Also, since this is the mission most people are having trouble on, it's easy for them to jump straight to it.

With that being said, this mission is easily the hardest in the game. You have to trap 8 Secuboxes over pretty much the entire map. Traps, while in clusters, are far from each other, and time is tight straight from the get-go.

Out of all the missions in the game, this one is definitely the most strict. Execution has to be spot on. If something messes up early, you still have a chance to recover, but if late into the mission, you might as well quit and start over.

To get into specifics, you have 6 minutes to trap 8 Secboxes. In a perfect world, that would be 40 seconds per Secubox, leaving an extra 40 seconds to spare. However, factor in travel time and time spent on trying to trigger cameras, and even a perfect run will be cutting it close.

Therefore, before tackling this mission, I would suggest learning the route first, and running through it a few times to get it down.

First, we will repeat the same route from mission 2, in the same order. Jump down to the first camera, go to the trap at the bridge, go back to the the camera, then to the trap from the first mission, then go to the second camera, and finally backtrack a little to the trap in the small enclosure.

Once that's done, go back to the second camera, and grab another Secubox.

See that ledge to the left? There are sets of stairs going down. Procede down all the stairs to see a tunnel in front of you, where the next trap is.

Once you've set that trap off, keep forward until you see a Bloobi's stand, with a camera monitering it.

Once you get a Secubox, climb on top of the stand until you see this small white tunnel, where the next trap is. Once it's set off, go back to the Bloobi stand camera.

After nabbing another Secubox, go back through the tunnel, tightly hug the edge of the slanted platform until you reach this bridge, and then go through the tunnel guarded by two cameras, where the next trap is.

The next step is definitely going to be the most time intensive. You need to go all the way back to the second camera on this route. So, go straight until you reach the long tunnel from earlier, go up all the stairs, then turn left, where the camera will be. After grabbing a Secubox here, head back to the start of this mission. You'll have 2 options on how to set off the next trap.

The first option is to go ento the tunnel, where there will be another small tunnel inside, guarded by a camera. While the trap is right after the entrance to this smaller tunnel, the lack of space means it will be hard to get past the camera, which will trigger a gate if it detects you. Gates last for about 10 seconds.

The second option would be to go up the stairs next to the the tunnel for option 1. This time, you'll come to a different entrance to the same tunnel, again guarded by a camera. The plus side is that you have more room to navigate around the camera, but the downside is that you have to run a little to reach the trap.

Either way is a viable tactic, so do which ever one you're comfortable with. Once that trap is set off, press T. You'll respawn back at the center of the map (with the gameball with you), with this tunnel somewhere beside you or behind you. Go through it to reach the last camera.

Be careful when going down this tunnel, as the camera we will need can actually see you while you're in the tunnel, effectively locking you inside of it for 10 seconds. Regardless, whenever you get out of the tunnel, do a quick 180, and grab a Secubox.

Do another 180, and go up those small set of stairs, and then climbing the small wall it's attached to. Keep straight until you fall off a ledge leading to another tunnel.

Here is the entire route, and the accompanying mission.

Congrats, you've beaten all of Potatox's missions! You now have the DNA (or in this case, outfit) of the E-Cop!

The E-Cop's Special Trait is called the Heavy Trait, which is the exact opposite of Greendy's trait. The boost is that you gain more strenght, but the downside is that acceleration is lowered.
With this guide in hand, hopefully you beat every mission and gathered every DNA-Kit!

Since this was the first guide I have ever made, in a spur of the moment decision when I noticed a lot of people where having trouble with certain missions, any feedback or concerns you have with the guide are welcome. If you want anything added that wasn't in this guide or any of the other guides available, if I can I'll add it!

Shoutouts to Theihe for supporting the making of this guide and Fusty Game for making this awesome game to begin with!
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