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Grand Magus
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Jun 20, 2015 @ 5:14pm
Dec 17, 2016 @ 1:21am
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Grand Magus

Ten of you enter the Arena and only one will emerge the Grandest of Magi.
Spawn with 3 Spells and battle your foes to earn new ones.

Outmaneuver the other Magi and come out on top.
Configurable spell progression and game modes!

Four spell progression:
* On Kill: Get a new spell every x kills with a spell.
* On Use: Get a new spell every time you cast a spell.
* On Death: Every time you die you get a new set of spells.
* Every X Seconds: Get a new spell, rotating through each slot, every X seconds.

Six win conditions:
* Kills: Reach the number of kills to win.
* Kills in time: Get the most kills in the time limit.
* Stock: You have a configurable number of lives, be the last magus standing.
* Rounds: One life per round, win the most number of rounds.
* Spells (On Kill only): Progress through the number of spells to win.
* Spells in time (On Kill only): Progress through the most spells in the time limit.

Spawn with a Blink, Euls, Force and a modified magic wand.
Wand now absorbs 30 spell casts for an even bigger burst heal.

Feel free to give feedback :)
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Aug 18, 2015 @ 5:25pm
Suggestion Thread
Simo Häyhä
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✪YaKo Jul 11 @ 1:19am 
fix maps pls very nice maps, PLS FIIIIIIIIIIIIIX!!!!!!
✪YaKo Jul 9 @ 6:47am 
Fe3ix Jun 20 @ 11:52am 
Special Wall Of Greenshore Feb 28 @ 4:41pm 
thank you so much for making this map <3
liquidmasl Feb 25 @ 3:04pm 
fix this pllss
bg [] Feb 23 @ 8:17am 
The four*
bg [] Feb 23 @ 8:17am 
You can do so that you can play the three of us ???
Killra.Stealer Jan 27 @ 5:35pm 
hey again again again :)
Something in the update broke the mode select. if you could fix that it would be great <3
Much love killra
Killra.Stealer Dec 16, 2016 @ 5:42pm 
Hey again. Some spells stopped doing dmg after the 7.00 patch. The ones i have found is: Lazer, mist coil and brain sap if you have time to fix it it would make my day <3
Killra.Stealer Nov 20, 2016 @ 8:07am 
Hey i really enjoy this game, great work!
We have a problem thou. We play 1v1 new spel on use. If someone get a spell they allready have that person have to keep playing with only two spells for the rest of the game(or one if it happens two times) as i guess you cant have two of the same spell?. Would be great if you could fix it <3