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Russian Front
Genre: Strategy
Platforms: PC, Mac
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Jun 19, 2015 @ 5:48am
Jan 26, 2016 @ 7:48pm

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Release date: Q3 2015
Russian Front

Russian Front is an operational-level wargame in which you battle for the Russian Front - the pivotal moment in World War 2.

What people are saying...

"The interface is just so clean, intuitive and functional that I was able to get past the learning curve in no time at all, and get right down to the business of developing tactics to beat the game." - Mark D.,

"Passed Inspection: Low price, Good AI, good depth of play" - Armchair General (Review score: 91%)

Game Details

Experience grand strategy across the entire theatre of the Eastern Front; the military conflict that many consider to be the iconic attacker/defender scenario. Command massive armies at your fingertips, in this fully 3D turn-based simulation of one of the largest military campaigns in history, playable as both Germans and Russians.

Start in the early days of Operation Barbarossa and follow the German invasion of Russia through to its ultimate failure. Or start later in the war and jump straight into the Russian counter push to Berlin. A massive 108 turn campaign will take you from the opening stages to a final, overwhelming Russian offensive. Four shorter Operations, spanning 16 turns each, take place from June to December of each year and offer a more condensed experience.

The bitter weather on the Eastern Front was as much a danger as the opposing forces, and the game reflects this with a seasonal cycle that has a profound effect on your tactics as you struggle to hold out through the vicious Winter until reinforcements arrive in Summer. Players must also deal with fog of war effects, and will be able to cut off their opponent's supply lines, while making sure their own stay secure.

Key Features
  • Play the colossal 108 turn campaign, or pick from 4 other points in history to start from.
  • Large 3D map representing the entire Eastern Front; stretching from Berlin to Stalingrad.
  • Play as both the Soviet and German army, each with unique tanks, vehicles and uniforms.
  • 4 Historical Operations: Barbarossa, Case Blue, Citadel and Bagration.
  • Real historical Corps and Armies from several countries.
  • Strategically reinforce units in vital locations.
  • Selectable difficulty to tailor your experience to your play style.
  • Hours of Gameplay


Developed by: Electric Rune, LLC.
Published by: HexWar Games Ltd
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Tą gre wybrałem ponieważ przypomina mi ta gra strategie o nazwie Frozen Front 1942 , rzadko kto ma komp systemem Mac, chciałbym żeby w sklepie na steam była za darmo albo za 1,21 euro wedug mnie ta gra tyle jest tyle warta ;)
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the map looks horrible on this! Cant vote for this one...(no need for 3d)

but all the other ones..are voted on :)
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Looks well done, voted
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cool game