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Actual Cannibal Shia Labeouf [Hunter]
Created by Molkifier
"He gets down on all fours and breaks into a sprint! He's gaining on you! SHIA LABEOUF!"

Replaces most of the hunters voice lines and music with clips from the viral video: "Actual Cannibal Shia Labeouf". Now you too can experience the thrill of ...
SEXY SAX MAN "Careless Whisper" - First-Aid Kit Sound
Are you a fellow gamer who believes that Left 4 Dead 2 should be sexier? I am here to take a stand against the absence of romance in the survival of the human race by creating this mod.

This mod changes the first-aid bandaging sound effect to the well-k...
toxic spitter
Created by birdarangs

spitter goo music replacement...
Created by Ha_ru
Replace the Tank music with HEYYEYAAEYAAAEYAEYAA song

He-man ftw lol...
Smoker's Smoke Weed Everyday Death Sound
Created by Gilboron
Upon request I'm releasing this tiny little sound mod to the public. All it does is add the 'Smoke Weed Everyday' snippet from The Next Episode by Dr. Dre to the Smoker death sound, since, you know, green smoke. Comedy....
Pipebomb Explosion (MY LEG!!)
Created by your dad
"Rev up those friers, because I am sure hungry for one -- Help! MY LEG!!"

Modifies pipebomb explosions (and any other explosion that uses the same sound) to include the "My leg!!" clip that played in Spongebob whenever crowds of people were injured....
Jockey Riding Music: "Ludacris - Move Bitch, Get Out The Way"
Created by shiki
Replaces the music playing when a jockey is riding you with 'Ludacris - Move Bıtch, Get Out The Way'....
Nicolas Cage Flashlight
Created by Izqui
"All those crazy mods from Grand Theft Auto IV and Skyrim can go home now." - Kotaku

"This mod brought me back from the brink of suicide and cured my HIV. Thank you." -Trap Lord

Flashlight texture replaced with Nicolas Cage....
Sweet Victory Credits
Created by Keychain
This mod replaces the credits music for every L4D1/L4D2 campaign with David Glen Eisley - Sweet Victory.
Special thanks to Woozie for showing me how to make this work for L4D1 maps!...
The Finger Bang
Created by Splinks2
Taking your imagination 1 step further.

Pew Pew....
Common Infected Teletubbie Mod *Old Version* *Read Descp.*
Created by That-Dude
CREATOR: Spartan464748, Be sure to check out his workshop wich has a updated version of this mod!

Nokia Hammer
Created by Ground_Control
This Addon replace the Crowbar and sound effects.

Does anyone remember this old nokia? Well if you have one at home and does not work, do as I, create a hammer. :)

Credits: Thanks to 7evenforce by the model and textures.

McDonalds replacement for Burger Tank
Created by Ellie
Ever felt that you couldn't get good burgers and good fries in L4D2 ? Now you can :

- Replaces the Burger Tank in (at least) the No Mercy campaign with a McDonalds
- New walls, floor, table fabric, menus and si...
The Duke Nukem Voice Pack (For Coach)
Created by Lt. Rocky
The start of a more-or-less complete voice overhaul for Coach into that of the one and only King. I fell in love with Mr Lanky's Duke Nukem model import and felt the need to complete the look. As of the current version, this mod uses 800 sound clips of Duk...
Duke Nukem as Coach
Created by Tя!cky ツ
Hail to the King Baby...

My retexture of Duke Nukem as Coach, made jeans Blue, different Belt Buckle, Gloves Atomic other small texture fixes to Dukes Head, Boots, Shirt and Bullets. Changed the FPS Arms to Francis due to Dukes FPS Arms causes his shou...
Chris Walker (Outlast) Charger Sounds
Created by ChaosKirby
Since I noticed that ৡLuciferFlashঌ 's Chris Walker (Outlast) Charger skin mod didn't have sounds, I decided to make sounds for his mod.
Go have a look at his really good Charger skin here:
Mjölnir - Thor's Hammer (Frying Pan)
Created by Arman
The model was originally created for GameBanana's Movie Replicas Modeling Contest.


Arman Ossi Loko - Model, UVs, Compile
Renato Gomes - Textures, HighPoly model, General map bakes
TheForgery - Playtest
Justin Bieber Posters (Replaces Midnight Riders)
Created by The Teleturbans
This is Justin Biebers new concerts coming to town! Its going to be bloody great.
Baby baby baby oh!!
Never say never

Looks like never is never because he didnt show up at the concert....R.I.P Justin Bieber COnfirmed
Share the sad story........
Garrus Vakarian Replacement Sounds
Created by DarK_St3alth
This add-on is a incomplete replacement soundpack for Ellis. It swaps out some of his sounds for Garrus Vakarian ones. Ellis sounds that could not be replaced are still active. This latest version fixes any sound glitches (change in sample rate) that previ...
Garrus Vakarian
Created by Voikanaa
“Fighting a rogue Spectre with countless lives at stake and no regulations to get in the way? I'd say that beats C-Sec.”

Garrus Vakarian is a turian, formerly part of C-Sec's Investigation Division. Like most turians, ...
AOL Defib Sound
Created by Captain Stache
The AOL log-in sound for the defib...
Get No Scoped Death Sound
Created by JSL
Get No Scoped Death Sound!!!...
Portal Gun For Spas Shotgun
Created by James
"I Think Chell rigged that gun or something."
-A Friend of mine

Ever Wanted a portal gun in L4d2? thought it would be cool? wanted it to kill zombies? well your in luck!
This was a request :)

Thanks guys! this is my most popular add...
Gay Sex Healing Sounds
Created by jizzard
Repect Billy Herrington...
I am Very Badly Hurt: Austin Powers Incapacitated Sound Mod
Created by ArcticFrenzy
this mod makes it so whoever you are not playing as quotes this when they go down. It is not very loud, but the origional sound is not very loud aswell so its meant to be roughly the same as that one...
Created by Splinks
Hey, ya you. Wade Wilson here, but you can call me The Crimson Nutcase.

Okay not much time and we all know you hate to read alot, so we only have one chance to get this right; Now listen up Player. Here's the gist, some guy named Splinks made my job even...
Baby BOOM!!!
Created by Doktor haus
Splinks' baby replaces the oxygen tank. Has a custom collision model and gas leak sound replacement.
Basically: Shoot... *giggle*... BOOM!!! Doktor haus does not endorse baby explosion if it can be avoided. If your baby shows signs of exploding, please con...
Old hunter v1.0
Created by I Like The Way
This is a failure of the works , Old hunter v1.0
Momiji from Ninja Gaiden (Rochelle)
Also from Dead or Alive 5, i bring you, as my big comeback mod, the sexy ninja: Momiji!
It's in beta btw, but the mod is fully functional with all the extras (facial expressions, physics etc...)

I will be making more mods in the future, That's right! I...
The "Oh My God" Mod
Created by Gabe-O-Saurus
When you fall off a ledge, your survivor will scream:


Now works when you get caught by a smoker!...
Created by Thievius
Replaces the incoming horde sound to Connie saying... well, that, from Attack on Titan Abridged...