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Kholat starter guide
By El_Jazon_Razor
This guide is not an achievement guide, or walkthrough. It'll give you some tips & tricks about the game, what to do, your equipment, etc...
Have you watched the introduction video?
Then I don't have much to tell you... Students have disappeared in the Ural mountains, on mount Kholat Syakhl, they've been found dead weeks later, and it's inspired from a true story... Spooky... Ho and you're a daredevil curious hiker that don't seem to mind much about having vision of dead people souls and about beeing chased by a unknow deadly force. Ye be warned!
In this game you found your equipement shortly after the start. It is composed of a log book, a map of the area, a compass, and a flashlight, (and some clothes I guess).
Your compass and your map are your most important equipment in the game, it'll help you travel in this snowy landscape. Everytime you found something interesting it'll be noted on your map, whether it is a piece of paper (diary, article...) a safeplace (tent and fire camp) or a building (in ruin most of the times).

Your log book will be used to glue in diaries, articles, and such. You can sometimes hear a paper sound in the wind, it indicates a note is nearby.

On the map you can see coordinates written, they indicates buildings or places you need to visit. You can see that as an objective list. Everytime you visit one of them, its coordinates on the map will be crossed off just like that.

The compass will give you the four cardinal points. In Kholat North is red & South is black. Just FYI Северная is North (pronounces Severnaya just like in Goldeneye64) and на юг is South (pronounces na yug, just like in google translate). It may also keep you out of danger, we'll see this later.

Your flashlight will light up things in case it gets dark, amazing right? But not only, we'll see this later, again.
By the time you've read this, you're already winded.
The Anomaly
Or ghost, or shade, or whatever you want to name it, will try to kill you from time to time. A good thing to notice it in the surrounding is to always have your compass "open", as when the Anomaly is close by the compass needle will first flicker, then go totally wild. The flashlight will also blink when the Anomaly is close. You can notice its footsteps as well, bright orange fire-like human footstep that disappear after a while. When you notice your compass or light is going nuts, dont panic, try to do a 360° no flashlight to see where it can be. Once you've spotted it, U-turn and use your terrific stamina to put some distance between you and "it". It should disappear after a short moment if you're far enough.

Something interesting I have noticed (eventhough I'm not 100% sure about it, I'm giving it to you) it's that when the Anomaly "flashes" to disappear, passing from dark shadow to small yellow glowing cloud, it actually just turns invisible and stays put for a short duration. So don't rush thinking all danger is gone.

Another important thing about the Anomaly, I don't know why but it doesn't like when you points your flashlight to it. It will usually turn bright orange when you do so, and sometimes rush toward you. Don't get on its nerves, you'll live longer.
The orange cloud
Definitely not full of good vitamin C, and not a sun tan lotion accident, these orange clouds are usually appearing to make you haste passing some areas of the game, forcing you through specific path, or "hunting" you. Don't go into them, as the Anomaly will kill you, but avoid them, by running or hiding into buildings. And don't get out as long as they're not gone, as the Anomaly will kill you, again. I could go on with Will of Orange puns, but it's just not the tone of the game.
The saving system
In Kholat you can't save whenever you want to. The save system is automated, and trigger when you grab a note, or travel using a firecamp. This is important.

Example: you head toward the East, find a note, the game is saved. Then you decide to go elsewhere, to the West for example. As you explore the west area you find notes, and then a firecamp, game saved. You then decide to travel to the center of the map using the firecamp, game saved. Explore East, again, quite a long way, and then you die because, let's say, orange cloud. The saving system will bring you back to the middle of the map and you'll have to walk all the way back to East again, and try to understand why you died. But unfortunately you die again. This can be quite irritating after a couple of time. Quite.

To avoid that, try to always stick to an area, and explore it as much as you can, the notes will act as some kind of saving beacon on your way to the next firecamp.
To use the fast travel, press your use button when pointing at the tent, then click on one of the firecamp on your map.

Here is a list of firecamps coordinates, clockwise from south-west to north :
The one where you start: 31"N 59"E.
Near the church: 53"N 33"E.
On the way between church and altar: 57"N 49"E.
Between altar & hunter's hut: 62"N 62"E.
The one by the forest: 40"N 87"E. I suggest you reach this one by the north.
The one close to the entrance of the caves area: 20"N 80"E.
The one near the north lake: 11"N 61"E. You're likely to find this one just when you need it.

With Patch 1.01 the last save of the game is now in Act 2 (no longer in Act 3), which allow to finish the game and then to go back and explore the surroundings, or find journal pages, etc...
You will spot several coordinates written glowing white on stones, or on the ground, they don't mark the place where you are, I was misleaded by that at first, they actually indicates points of interests, notes most of the times, but also firecamps. Things to look for anyway, so go there, okay?
Lasts things
Go have a look at Kelso's "All Journal Locations" guide, it provides you a fully revealed map, usefull and efficient.

I will update this guide if other usefull things come to my mind, thanks for reading :-)
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saramokus Apr 27 @ 1:49pm 
Thank you for the guide, it helps a lot! Also, I haven't seen this noted anywhere but I found that 10 steps taken is 1" on the map (measured: going directly southwards from tent1 to the first location, that's 7" on the map and around 70 steps). So counting steps might give a vague idea of where you are at a given moment. I know it's a crude measurement as nobody ever goes directly towards N or W or whatever, but might help others as it does help me.
Moonshadow Sep 15, 2017 @ 9:57am 
Thank's great starter.
El_Jazon_Razor  [author] May 16, 2017 @ 7:35am 
Ho, thanks for the info.
SkyL3R Apr 30, 2017 @ 5:52am 
"Северная" is an adjective, like "Northern" and "На юг" means "Southward/Moving southward".
Use these nouns instead:
Север (Sever) = North (Hence the russian letter "C" on the compass)
Юг (Yug) = South (Hence the russian letter "Ю" on the compass)
Запад (Zapad) = West
Восток (Vostok) = East
Silly Feb 25, 2017 @ 5:13am 
Nice tips and starter guide, no spoilers and confirms what I thought to be how it works. I missed the camp map fast travel and did think the coordinates on the rocks were present location, silly me. I die the orange death a lot so need to avoid the fire tree men more :)
Greytega Feb 11, 2017 @ 11:54am 
Nice guide dude
deltaPrime Oct 23, 2016 @ 10:34am 
I understand the compass. I was confused because as I move the cross-hairs on the map downward, the co-ordinates increase.
El_Jazon_Razor  [author] Oct 18, 2016 @ 2:06pm 
On the map North is the upper part, South the bottom part, West is left and East is right

And when moving around with the compass the red will still point north. That's what compasses do :D

So if you move with the red needle poiting in front of you, you're heading north, and if the black part of the needle is pointing in front of you, you're heading south.
It works just like in real life actually.
deltaPrime Oct 17, 2016 @ 12:57pm 
How does the map work? Is north (where the red needle points) up or down?:conwayheadscratch:
DavidEO Oct 16, 2016 @ 12:15am 
This is gay.