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System Recovery
Jun 19, 2015 @ 2:11am
Jul 27, 2015 @ 6:02pm
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Going forward
Where do I begin? Maybe an awkward rhetorical question will do.

It is with great pleasure that I find myself writing an article for SR once more, despite the notable silence since my last couple of articles. (finally!) There's little I can say in defence for the lack of communication - aside from not wanting to repeat what I've already said... the main reason for lack of progress has been a total shift towards my job, where I've been working for just over a year and a half now.

System Recovery still has a notable amount of work left to be done to become a full game -- sadly it's nearly impossible for me to perform major development on two different projects at once. I'm still technically a contractor working on a seperate project, but things are looking positive enough for me to start planning ahead alongside working on the present. Speaking of which...

There is a possibility that System Recovery could get a proper published release
. It became clear to me that I would have bled dry trying to release System Recovery on my own. I don't know the first thing about building public relations, advertising or how to run a business. All I had was a dream, the patience and support of family, and a lot of free time to spend on building something that would end up being a portfolio for a game dev job application - and so it was.
But I'm not going to discard the very thing that brought me to this point, which is why I'm happy to share some great news about the game.

On multiple occasions I have discussed the possibility of taking up System Recovery together with my contractee/partner for a proper game release.
There is a definite interest going on, though it remains to be seen what we decide on when the time comes to choose our next project(s). We're currently involved with two games, both of them close to release, which means we'll find out relatively soon where System Recovery is headed in the near-ish future.

The implications of this published release would mean I would be able to provide a much more streamlined and constant workflow dedicated entirely to the game (with frequent communication), while having decent quality assurance to make sure it ends up being a great game, not to mention that with additional players, the multiplayer and steam workshop scene would become much more alive!

That's roughly as much as I can say for now - I'll let you know when some decisions have been made.


An update long overdue
Hey everyone!

I realise it's been quite a while since my last update, sorry about that!
First, I would like to give my thanks to all of you who have been supporting System Recovery - I'd be out of a career if not for you folks! Our successful greenlight campaign has reinforced that my efforts have not been in vain - it means a lot to me!

Admittedly, there hasn't been much to talk about, so I debated whether or not it makes any sense to bring news about the lack of news. Sounds stupid right? Right. Except I'd be ruining my reputation as a developer by not showing signs of life. So here it is.

I mentioned previously that I have found myself working a part time programming job for another game. I was under the impression that the effect on System Recovery's development schedule would be moderate at best. I was sorely mistaken. It wasn't just my job -- sure, I get burned out more often than I had anticipated, but as it turned out I suddenly also had more family duties than ever before, often at the expense of time spent on my passion project. I also slack off a bit more than I should, but that's always been a factor - it is my philosophy as a game developer to focus work on occasions when I'm truly eager to get into the thick of it - or else I will have made a game without a soul. Undertale is a good recent example of a game created with love - that's the direction I've always been trying to keep System Recovery in. I've just not had a lot of push in my free time recently.

Long story short, development has been slow as of late, but I'm adamant about finishing this game and polishing it until it lives up to my standards.

So what HAVE I been doing?
A large portion of game design is to see into the heads of the players, consider a number of features, figure out what works and what doesn't -- One positive thing about my hiatus is that I've been more focused on examining other games, not necessarily of the same genre but in general, to see where and how exactly do they flourish, which aspects encourage the player to spend more time and which ones drive them away in frustration. could say I've been spending most of my creative time taking notes.

Having played my own game a couple of times in the last few weeks, comparing it to other games I play, I see a lot of flaws that I want to correct, features to improve upon... a lot of work to be done. As it stands I don't get many consecutive hours to work on SR, and it has limited my input down to the odd hour-long session of tweaking a feature, writing a story for new missions, trying new ideas, designing the basics of the upcoming level editor, but it's not enough to get me through to the finish line... I have started working on multiple things in parallel (BAD idea) and neither of them are patch-worthy yet, hence the lack of releases.

I look forward to bringing you some good news soon, hopefully. It might be some time after things have cooled down a little with the other game I'm developing, as we are strongly pushing towards its release at the moment.

As always, I'm open to your comments, thoughts, concerns!


Show those viruses who's boss!

System Recovery gives you the chance to fight back

Infected computers are for people who don't have Virus Exterminating Drones.
Get your share of malware-busting action in this top-down view arcade shooter!

  • 'Roguelite' Career mode
    Fight your way through increasingly difficult randomly generated missions and upgrade your base of operations
    Try HARDCORE mode for a true Roguelike experience!

  • Survival ddos missions
    Beat waves of viruses and take on challenges to prove your worth against the ever-so-threatening virus menace

  • Level editor
    Build your own challenging missions and share them with friends and community

  • Story missions & Multiplayer
    Coming soon.

    The multiplayer aspect of the game is currently in a testing state.
    Story missions will be unlockable by reaching a certain level in career mode.

DEMO / Purchase on

The BETA is available on through a free DEMO or paid version to support the developer:

Purchases made on will be eligible for a steam key when / if the game gets on Steam.

Alternatively you can also get the demo from IndieDB:

Questions & Answers
  • What is System Recovery?
    System Recovery is a top-down view arcade style shooter with a computer virus theme.

  • Is it a complete game?
    Not yet. The game is currently in BETA early access state with most of the core elements already present.

  • What features are still missing?
    - Multiplayer mode (though already available for testing)
    - Some of the content
    - User-friendly ingame level editor, replacing the clunky existing one
    - Character customization beyond coloring

  • When will the game be complete?
    Note: The game is already a fair image of its final state.
    The road to completion will consist of regular content updates in the following months.

  • Who is developing System Recovery?
    System Recovery is created by indie developer Daniel Karsai under the name of "Takka Takka Software".

  • Does the game have controller support?
    Yes! The game supports DirectInput controllers (Many XInput controllers also support DirectInput). Note that the names ingame will reflect parts of the xbox controller. (ie, PS controller's circle may be referred to as "button B", etc)

  • What game modes of multiplayer will there be?
    The intention is to have a multiplayer version of all existing singleplayer modes (as co-op) and some classic multiplayer ones such as Deathmatch and Capture the flag. Unique modes are definitely being thought about, but the interest of the community plays a huge role in just how far the multiplayer will go.

  • Is the multiplayer local or over the network?
    Currently the game supports over-the-network sessions only, but local co-op is a possibility.

System Requirements
These are merely rough estimates!
  • Operating System: Windows, Must be able to run Java version 7. (Linux and Mac versions are a possibility in the future)
  • Processor: 2.4 GHz Dual Core Processor
  • Memory: 2 GB (XP) / 3GB (Vista and up) RAM
  • Hard disk space: 1 GB free
  • Video memory: 256 MB
  • Video card: AMD/ATI Radeon 9500, NVIDIA GeForce 5 FX, Intel GMA 4500, or better, supporting OpenGL 2.0 or better
  • Peripherals: Keyboard and mouse


E-Mail: systemrecoverygame at gmail dot com
Press kit:
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Dancso  [author] Nov 6, 2016 @ 2:20pm 
I have been intending to write a new article for a while now but haven't gotten around to it, sorry. There are some good and bad news:
The bad is that I've been so focused with work I, haven't made any progress with the game in recent months.
The good is that I've recieved a publishing offer that would allow me to develop it as part of my job, resulting in a much more stable development cycle sometime in the future. The deal is not finalized yet and it may be a while still, unfortunately.
devotee Nov 6, 2016 @ 10:49am 
Any news after almost a year?
MakoSipper Dec 7, 2015 @ 5:36am 
That's alright, I'd rather know that it's been delayed than know nothing at all ;)
Dancso  [author] Dec 7, 2015 @ 4:10am 
@MakoSipper Admittedly, things have been a bit slow ever since I got employed in July as a programmer for another game. It takes up more of my "creative energy" than I thought it would, and I mostly only have the weekends to work on System Recovery... whenever family doesn't take precedence.
I know it sounds bad and I hope people won't judge me too harshly for prioritizing an actual paying job over my passion project.
I will say though, that progress is still being made on this game, just much more slowly.

The steam release will have to wait until somewhere in 2016 (hopefully not too far in) because I don't want to do a half-assed early access release on here. In the mean time, a couple of content updates are to be expected every now and then.
MakoSipper Dec 6, 2015 @ 5:56pm 
Any news?
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