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Wormhole Strategy
By Luca and 5 collaborators
A guide to explain how the Warmhole Rush Strategy works.
Things you will need to do
  • Install the most recent version of wchill's chrome extension that can be found here[github.com].
  • Do not minimise the window or change the tab (otherwise the script will not run). You may stick it in the background out of focus
  • Keep your script up-to-date so that as many people as possible are following the same strategy
  • Make sure you know how to join a game manually. Please see this guide on how to join a lobby by ID! http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=459684540

Note: mechanics may change in a way that makes modifying this strategy in some way important. Mods will keep users aware of changes and what they need to do to stay up-to-date. Pay attention to group announcements
How to install the new wchill's chrome extension
Either watch this video:

Or follow these steps:
  1. Place the chrome_extension folder anywhere on your hard disk.
  2. Open Chrome and go to chrome://extensions.
  3. Make sure Developer Mode is checked.
  4. Click on Load Unpacked Extension
  5. Make sure the extension is enabled.
  6. Done!
How the strategy works
  1. Spend all your badge points with the following distribution: for every 5 Wormholes, 1 Like New powerup. Spend any leftover badge points on Raining Gold and Treasure. However: if you do not have many badge points, prioritise Wormholes.

  2. wchill's script will allow you to batch buy items (press the appropriate number button then the item you want to batch buy).

  3. Continue to upgrade health and Boss Loot (you will need 10 Auto-fire Cannons to unlock this). Upgrade click DPS, but do not further upgrade automatic damage. Do not manually click. The script will disable click damage as needed.

  4. The game will start slowly then, as the script begins to deploy wormholes, will begin to pass levels very quickly after the initial 2000 levels.

  5. DO NOT manually use abilities, Wormholes, or Like New. Even if the script does not seem to be doing anything. That is normal behaviour! Let the magic happen. Manual use of abilities will interfere with proper wormhole coordination.
Things worthy of attention
  • The script will take care of defeating other bosses. Click DPS and abilities from Boss Loot are useful for the levels in between the level farm rounds, and the script will disable it as necessary.

  • Wormholes ordinarily skip a single level when used, but when used on boss levels divisible by 100, they skip 10 levels. Wormholes also stack and are deployed after the boss is defeated, meaning that many wormholes may fire off after a boss is used, allowing many levels (thousands) to be bypassed instantly.

  • The script is designed so that, starting from boss wave 2000, every 100 bosses, abilities and clicking are disabled, meaning that the bosses take a long time to defeat. On these boss levels, the script will automatically deploy many wormholes while the boss slowly dies. (This is why you must not use abilities to kill them faster; it means fewer wormholes can be used simultaneously, as wormholes have an individual cooldown of 1 minute.)

  • Growth is very fast. The more active users with Wormholes being deployed correctly, the more levels skipped. The first 2000 levels take a long time by design so that gold can be farmed for health and so we can get a boss with enough HP to stack wormholes on. After that, progress becomes quicker. The first day we began deploying this strategy, we saw rates of 300k levels within 1 hour of game start, although this may be affected by any changes Valve make to wormhole mechanics.

  • You will need substantial health upgrades, which are cheap relative to damage, to survive the very high boss levels the strategy rapidly obtains. The only things you should be upgrading are Health (the Light Armor tree), Click DPS (the Armor Piercing Rounds and Lucky Shot trees), and Boss Loot.

  • Manually using abilities and damaging the boss faster decreases the time a boss lives and consequently the amount of wormholes that can be deployed on a single boss, decreasing the amount of levels skipped at once.

  • The higher the level, the more health the bosses have, meaning that they will generally die a bit more slowly, so as long as we still have wormholes to deploy throughout that time, we will be skipping a lot of levels. Be patient, even if progress seems slow initially!
How the resets work
  • Currently, badge points are calculated from your max level ('Highest Level', visible at http://steamcommunity.com/minigame/). This max level is refreshed throughout the day, and you may spend all your badge points again when joining a new room, meaning that starting a new room when you have reached a sufficiently high level will allow you to buy all your powerups again, and even more.

  • When we eventually all run out of wormholes, it is optimal to start a new room so that we can spend our new badge points on buying more wormholes than we had before, which lets us get to higher levels. This is how the high levels were obtained on the first day.

  • We advise checking the group, twitch chat, and announcements occasionally for announcements on this. We will make sure people are warned of imminent resets. You will still get very high levels even if you are not on time and any further resets you will be able to join back in on the early starting phases.

  • You cannot join rooms you left previously, so be careful about leaving coordinated rooms that do not seem to be progressing well.

  • You may join a room as long as it is not 10 levels higher than your previously-achieved highest level, so any new wormhole rooms that are lower than your current high level and have open slots are free to join. Please do come and spend your badge points on wormholes!
Special thanks to:
  • g1real, Trouvist, wchill and all the other contributors[github.com] to the autoplay script.
  • Pawsed, for the autobuy script[github.com].
  • Everyone who worked on researching, optimising, and implementing the various iterations of the wormhole rush strategy.
  • alicia, for writing this guide.
  • Xcava86X, for formatting and improving this guide.
  • Every member of the staff, who volunteered an extraordinary amount of time and energy towards coordinating this massive group and making such a large-scale operation run smoothly.
  • Everyone who joined our rooms and helped us achieve these milestones! In particular, thank you to our dedicated regulars, who contributed their days, ideas, faith, and an impressive level of cooperation with each other, all of without which this could not have succeeded.
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