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Super Micro Heroes
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SMH in Greelight!

Massive Multiplayer Online Retro Platformer!

Super Micro Heroes is a massive platform game where up to 10 players compete to complete a given goal and get the maximum amount of coins at the end each level. The way has plenty of fun traps and items to collect and use over the rest of players, in a Mario Kart fashion. Players will try to make the other players lose, using items or pushing them into the level traps. The game is structured as a race: At the end of each level, survivors are ordered in a ranking based in the goals and coins they have gotten. Depending on their position in the ranking they will get points for a global ranking, the best of 4 levels will win the Cup.

Super Micro Heroes will be released for Windows, Mac and Linux. Also we are on Kickstarter. Support us at the following link, and get exclusive Perks:

Who will become the next MicroKing?

Micro Land needs a new King, someone strong and smart capable to rule the lands with wisdom and heart. To find that person there is a special championship and the first price is the King’s Throne. Who will be the next in wear the crown?

Super Micro Heroes will include official online competitions and leagues, with unique prizes. We want to create the an indie e-Sport game, where any player can have a chance.

Takeshi's Castle Style!

Super Micro Heroes gameplay is crazy, with a bunch of players moving, jumping and using items that they pick-up in the scenario. The level will have plenty of traps and fun elements like inverted gravity zones, turbo cannons or moving platforms. Players have to avoid the traps or take advantage of them on each situation, while disturbing other players as much as possible.

Gaming experience will be always fun and unpredictable. A different goal will be given to players on each level, while they will be try to survive to avoid elimination, and collect the maximum amount of coins.

Be ready for plenty of mad situations, goals, characters and traps, nonsense and absurd humor.... we are taking inspiration from games like Wario Ware or Castle Crashes.

4 cups with 5 levels each. But we want to create more, take a look to the Stretches goals.

If the initial levels are not enough we want to add a level editor to create your own levels and share them with everybody. Take a look to the stretch goals.

Everybody loves hats. They will be an important part of the game, each hat will give a special power to the Micro Heroes. Of course, you must collect all the hats in the game.

Our super artist is the great master of cuteness. We believe that there are still a lot to explore with 2D and pixel art graphics, don't they look so cute?

by Damian Sanchez (Sonotrigger)

The music will be an evolution of the retro-arcade, an alternative style that contrasts with the rest of the game. It has Electronic and Instrumental parts mixed with Chiptune.

For the sound effects we will use 8-bit retro style. Damian Sanchez, one of the best video games music composer in Spain, is already working on the game.

We're using Godot Engine to develop the game. An Open Source Game Engine, created by Okam Studio and available for free. We will liberate to the Godot development community any improvement or bug fixing done to the engine, while developing Super Micro Heroes.

Super Micro Heroes is being developed by Mutant Games

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Ougi Sep 14, 2015 @ 7:32pm 
There aren't a lot of games like these, but I love these.
Also looks really good.
+1 m8
Mutant-games  [author] Sep 10, 2015 @ 1:52am 
Thanks! jmjovan59!! We've already uploaded to Greenlight:
IceFrost Sep 9, 2015 @ 9:48pm 
Why is this in concepts, this should be on main Greenlight. Looks awesome.