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By Huku
Overwatch is out of BETA. Also we have some new features that will reward your service.
What we know so far:
What is Overwatch?
The Overwatch lets the CS:GO community regulate itself by allowing qualified and experienced members of the community (‘investigators‘) to review reports of disruptive behavior, determine whether those reports are valid, and apply temporary bans if appropriate.

You are prompted with an 8 rounds replay of The Suspect:

During those rounds you must decide if The Suspect is cheating or griefing in any way. After the replay is over you are prompted with a "Verdict window":

You can either Submit your verdict or you can postpone it for second review. Note that you can postpone your verdict only for few hours. After that your current case will be replaced with new. Same counts for:

1. Case you've downloaded but didn't review

2. Case that you've tried to download, but it shows error.

After few hours the case will be replaced with new one (a high priority case)
How can I become OW Investigator
Honestly, there is a big debate going on for the exact requirements needed to become an OW Investigator.

Here is what we know so far from our experience:

1. You need to be Nova+ rank.

2. You need to have 150 wins.

3. Around 300 hours.

4. Your account must be at least 6 months old.

5. You must not have VAC ban in CS:GO

6. Low report rate.
My OW tab is gone! What happened?
Everything happens for a reason. Here are the possible reasons why your Overwatch tab is gone:

1. You have been VAC or Game banned.

2. You have a Competitive Cooldown (30 min, 2 hours, 24 hours, 7 days)

3. You have an Overwatch Minorly Disruptive ban.

4. You didn't play Official Matchmaking for more than 1 month.

Regarding the last reason - you also "lose" your ELO rank (Master Guardian for example). The truth is that your rank is hidden. This is easily fixed by playing one Competitive match. Once you get your rank back you'll get your Overwatch tab as well.
Here are the new things:

You can earn XP for participating in Overwatch!
You can earn XP by submitting accurate verdicts in your cases. After several of your cases have been resolved, you will receive an XP reward based on the overall accuracy of your recent verdicts, scaled by your Overwatch Investigator score.
You can collect your reward by completing matches and earning XP in any official game mode.

The OW XP reward is identical to the normal XP reward rules:

Reduced "Earned XP"

And weekly XP bonus boost:

Should I continue to report suspicious or disruptive behaviour?
Yes! Keep reporting such players. This will help remove such players from Competitive games for a time (when griefing) or permanently (when cheating)
Do I get feedback regarding the outcome of the reported player?
Yes. You will receive a message if the player you've reported has been VAC or Overwatch banned. This will help you know that you've done an outstanding job as a pro-active community member!

And what if I was partying with a cheater? What will happen to me?
No one likes to play against cheaters. But it seems that there are people that think playing with a cheater in their team is a good way to boost their rank, XP or skills with fast rate.

Partying with a cheater has downsides as well for which you will receive message and the following will happen:

1. You will lose XP

2. You will lose Competitive wins.

3. You will lose Profile rank.

4. You will lose Skill group.
Closing notes.
Overwatch is a great community system that helps keeping the Community Matchmaking a clean place.

If you suspect someone of cheating or griefing, report him. Overwatch Investigators will review the case and come with a verdict.

You want to meet other fellow Overwatch Investigators or ask a question?

Overwatch Sticker!

Support our brand new Overwatch sticker (Glossy, Foil and Holo) get into the game by rating and faving.

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DeCeNeuHs 3 hours ago 
RUS: Выберите что то одно из этого списка и напишите в моём профиле, отвечу тем же!
ENG: Choose the one that's on the list and write in my profile, I will answer the same!
GER: Such dir eine Sache aus der Liste aus und schreib es unter mein Profil und ich mache es auch bei dir!
LIT: Pasirink viena iš sarašo ir parašyk ant mano profilio, Aš parašysiu taip pat!
PL: Wybierz jeden z komentarzy ponizej i zamiesc w moim profilu, odwdziecze sie tym samym !
+rep Palash pe polar
+rep Amazing Tactics
+rep Epic Comeback
+rep Clutch King
+rep 300 iq
+rep ak 47 god
+rep relax teammate
+rep Killing Machine
+rep AWP GOD
+rep kind person
+rep nice profile
+rep very nice and non-toxic player
+rep friendly guy
+rep gg thx for carry
+rep nice flicks
+rep king deagle
+rep top player
KairA☻ Nov 23 @ 6:17am 
:( Nov 17 @ 10:25am 
Nice <3
pHo3N1x Apr 15 @ 4:15am 
A quick question! If you get de-ranked below Nova after unlocking OW, will OW become unavailable for you?
Hand Shake Apr 2 @ 4:59am 
shape Jan 17 @ 7:49pm 
@Curry Schmidi u probably aren't getting overwatch because you have a low trust factor or you report too many people to be trustworthy.
Ammolife Dec 24, 2019 @ 1:12pm 
When they use (+right) HACKER SPOTED
nitr0 Sep 28, 2019 @ 5:18am 
Funny says OW guide, but has nothing to do with spotting the cheaters. Anyway the information presented was useful too.
Curry Schmidi Aug 26, 2019 @ 11:05am 
uhh I dont have a Overwatch tab yet.
Im Gold Nova 2
I have 150 wins
335 hours played
I had csgo even before it was free (I paid for it)
can somebody help?
BLACKED Jan 23, 2019 @ 5:25pm 
I accidently played with a hacker and got deranked