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Black Rock Cannon (Grenade Launcher)
Created by AvengedDeathAlert
This was planned to be my first mod...
It's a very big one so you'll have to guess whatever is happening in the lower right.

Uses arby's animation.

From Black Rock Shooter....
Lucky Star Survivor Models #1
Created by Shadowking58
Konata, Kagami, Tsu kasa. and Miyuki (Also Includes First Person Arms)

This mod does NOT come with voices, so you can mute the survivor voices using this. (Applies to both Left 4 Dead 1 campaign ports and Left 4 Dead 2 campaigns, even custom ones)
Anime Pick Up Sound
Oi Pohwaran here (aka Ene)
I am here with a Mod I normaly use for myself.
But since you asked for it I choose to upload it ^-^

This is a Mod that change the sound when you pick up items to more of a "Joink" sound
Just need to Sub...
Akita Neru's Electric Guitar
Created by Boudica
Animated Skin! Akita Neru the vocaloid.
The default model of L4D2's guitar.

Special thanks to:

Rafael de Jongh 3D and 2D design artist for helping me out with the scripts that made the animation and skin work in game.
AMERICAN for helping me out wi...
Death the Kid Pistols
Created by Kellogg
Replaces all pistols in game with Death the Kids pistols form Soul Eater

Your character in the game does NOT actually hold the guns like in the picture, so please stop asking...
Highschool DxD Koneko Shotgun
Created by Xenovia
Shotgun reskin hope you guys like it, if you guys have any special request let me know....
Highschool DxD Xenovia M16 skin
Created by Xenovia
First gun skin mod I have created, hope you guys like it...
Neptunia 8 pack
Created by [HTT✰] Ayase Eli
My 8 pack ported from L4Dmaps.

Ellis- Neptune
Nick- Blanc
Rochelle- Noire
Coach- Vert
Zoey- Nepgear
Bill- Uni
Francis- Ram
Louis- Rom

------For custom names please download from here:
Lucky Star Survivors
Created by Neko
This mod is by the very tallented 1337gamer15. I uploaded it here in hopes that it will be a little more used by the L4D2 community and easier to access through the Steam Workshop! please visit his profile at L4DMaps.com for more mods like this one.