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Unlimited Trees Mod v1.11
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Jun 4, 2015 @ 9:36pm
May 24, 2018 @ 12:41pm
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Unlimited Trees Mod v1.11

Current code by BloodyPenguin and mod site hosted by DRen72
Latest Code Update: May 24, 2018 (Compatible and tested with v1.11 and Industries DLC)

This mod unlocks the games limitation of 262,144 trees to allow you to use close to 2 million.
This should also work in the map editor. Feel free to share comments or report issues.
Highly recommended combined with BloodyPenguins 81 Tiles Mod.

Works in After Dark, Snowfall, Natural Disasters, Mass Transit, Green Cities & Parklife Expansions!

Note from DRen72: As of May 2018 I am excited to announce that BloodyPenguin has joined us in working on this awesome mod. I am one of those Cities Skylines players that HAS to have a lot of tree coverage. I believe in the mod, happy to support it and am excited to see it continue, now with BloodyPenguins help!


Configuration file option in the game menu. This setting now controls the number of trees allowed in chunks of 262144. Valid settings are 4 (default),5,6,7 & 8 (4 == 1million, 5=1.25million ect.)

Acknowledgements: DRen72 and BloodyPenguin & knighthawkGP would like to thank Sebastian Schöner for his Cities Skylines Detours project code which is used in this mod and makes it possible. His site is located at .

We would also like especially thank Mabako for developing the original project and allowing it to be reused by us. Sincere thanks guys!

INCOMPATIBLE WITH: BloodyPenguins Tree Snapping Mod. (Fix coming in the near future)
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May 24, 2018 @ 2:56pm
Some additional information about UNLIMITED TREES MOD
< >
Kernel21ger Feb 5 @ 4:25am 
Me too
CluelessWonderer Feb 2 @ 8:50am 
It doesn't work in editor for me
kyran7777 Feb 1 @ 12:01am 
Here is the complete asset report of the savegame in LSM: (There is too much text so I have to make it a document)

Also the log output: (1.4MB so can't post it on paste bin)
kyran7777 Feb 1 @ 12:00am 
Yesterday, I was still using this mod in my savegame but I later unsubscribed it as I wanted to use Tree Snapping mod. When I load the same save today, in Loading Screen Mod, it first showed me "Simulation(Failed); Array Index Out of Range" error message. Then, I resubscribed this mod and unsubscribed Tree Snapping and the error message becomes "Enddeserialize:(TreeManager) tag mismatch". I then enabled ghost mode and no red-texted errors appeared in LSM. However, LSM just stopped loading when nearly all my assets finished loading. The simulation is stuck at "Tree Manager". So I went to check the asset report of LSM and I found that it literallly had a "tree" sub-title under the "Missing Asset". The content of the message is full of meaningless error codes. Is there any way to solve such a problem? Great thanks.

hya1212 Jan 22 @ 10:38am 
Me too. I got an "Simulation error: Argument is out of range. Parameter name: index" error during loading. The game was frozen after loading save..


willuuuuum Jan 18 @ 7:56am 
Anihilator Jan 14 @ 1:18pm 
This mod is causing problem with my all cities... All freez after loading save.
SPL1T//S3C0ND Jan 7 @ 5:54am 
Is this mod up to date?
It worked for me before, but not now.
scpool1986 Jan 6 @ 12:43pm 
Had a city that was hanging up and freezing at save. Went through each mod one by one and everything went fine till I got to this mod. The city was heavily forested and when I went to save it went to where it said ‘saving’ and hung there for 10 minutes. I disabled the mod and of course I couldn’t place any more trees but it was saving again. Stripped the trees and replanted but not as thick. Saving went right back to normal.
MasterSyrron Jan 6 @ 10:04am 
This mod is causing crashes in three different savefiles, each created with this mod already enabled. Issue has started in the past couple months.