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Cities: Skylines

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Asset ItemClass Changer
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Jun 4, 2015 @ 9:24am
Jul 7, 2015 @ 6:11pm
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Asset ItemClass Changer

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Reassign an asset's ItemClass (and main category / toolbar used to access).
DANGER - Assets can be broken

Broken assets will fail to load and cannot be fixed with the asset editor
It is strongly recommended that ItemClass changes be made to a new save file.
Duplicate files can be deleted; backups made after the fact are extraordinarily unlikely to fix anything.
for example While testing, a powerplant was reclassified as an industrial building, but left on manual placement.

Instead of loading, this asset now causes the error message:
Custom Assets: Meow Wind Turbine.Elevated Wind Turbine_Data: Private building cannot have manual placement style
While code has been added to prevent this from happening again, it is not perfect.

This is your warning to always keep a backup while using this mod-tool.

Asset ItemClass Changer
This mod adds a dropdown box to the Asset Property Editor that allows the reassignment of a given asset's ItemClass.

The intended use of this mod is to ease the reassignment of assets into main categories using (mostly) safe known ItemClass types.

While this mod does change the Placement appropriately for the given service indicated by the ItemClass, It does not delete paths, roads and other net types inappropriate for privately owned (zoned) buildings. For these it will either refuse to make the change from a player building (government) or will emit a warning.

Additional ItemClass types introduced by mods dynamically could potentially be incompatible.

Future changes in validation rules could also render assets created with this mod broken .

  • Load asset to be reassigned in Asset Editor.
  • Click on the drop box labeled Item Class
  • Select new asset class.
  • Verify this is the intended value before saving to a new file.
  • Verify that new file loads as desired before deleting original file.

Source code & Issues
Currently ItemClasses are sorted by Service, Sub Service, Level, and Name.

It was considered sorting by existing prefab type {Building, Citizen, Net, Prop, Transport, Tree, Vehicle, (other)}, and offering an "Are you sure?" warning when setting across types, but this would require scanning all assets and populating a new list, and could produce a sense of false security (as in the above example) because the validation rules are not known to be set in stone.

This sorting might be added later as future plans will require collecting UICategory (subgroup tab) data in a similar manner and this will make such mishaps less likely.

I forgot if concat was safe to use, so the list building is less than optimal, and the code has not been beautified or sanitized once working.

Toggle Asset Properties Panel is suggested to access the Properties panel where the Asset Editor automatically hides it.
If not automatically downloaded through the workshop, the source code of this mod is might eventually be available through

This is derived from "Building AI Changer" Copyright (c) 2015 Stefan Kaufhold– source availble from

I might respond to comments and discussion on the steam workshop, but will not forward discussion to the original author who has expressly requested contact via github.

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Droidhacker Oct 19 @ 10:36am 
I am having issues changing an asset into a taxi, in particular the ultra prt pod, do you think it is the asset at fault (I am going to try deleting and re subscribing to the asset, or does this mod have a known issue with taxi vehicles? It worked fine on other vehicles and I am very appreciative of this mod so far! I am just asking to narrow down the source of the problem
orion Oct 5 @ 6:46am 
mjm92150 Jun 7 @ 1:55am 
Is this working with the latest verions of CS MT (all DLC included ParkLife) ?
Satsuma Feb 12 @ 5:44am 
still working fine. deaktivated all mods except this and MoveIt!
Jake Daviau Nov 17, 2017 @ 8:54pm 
Will someone update this mod for newest game version/ DLC? When i edit my old buildings the asset editor menu has no icons and i read somewhere that it is because of mods that do this like this
GlutenFreeHugs Dec 6, 2016 @ 7:00am 
I have tried changing assets from residential class to unique building. They somehow still have the construction animation and some buildings disappear. Other s can stay but I still have to zone underneath it. I need to know to make it work right
nothanx3 Nov 7, 2016 @ 12:24pm 
This mod is absolutely amazing and a game changer, 5 stars. People have to start rating this mod up! I didn't even know it existed. The Asset AI changer mod only lets you change to “schoolAI”(no sub item class) which by default only gives you the elementary school item class only. I was pulling my hair out trying to import a Modtools .obj (mesh + texture) export into 3dsmax to export as a .FBX with diffuse texture just to make my own custom university! :steamfacepalm: Lol. The amazing part is that it hasn't been visibly updated since July 2015 and it still works great! This mod needs to be integrated in the Asset AI changer mod immediately as its getting no love here by itself. Keep it up Snow_Cat ! :steamhappy:
Kookess Oct 11, 2016 @ 12:52pm 
Tried to change some Trucks into Bus Class. Could change it in the Asset Editor, they are showed in the ITP Mod ingame to choose for a line (also showed in the Bus Category in AVO), but they never spawned. Mod will not work...or I do something wrong :/
armybaz Jul 9, 2016 @ 1:42pm 
I have tried switching a few commercial assets I made to different levels, however they never build, and there is no option to add them to a style. Does anyone have a solution?
k3wl4r Jul 6, 2016 @ 9:02am 
It is compatible with 1.5.0?