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Created by sean
Pl_borneo is set in secret facilites in the misty jungles of Borneo. The map is a single stage payload map with 4 areas of battle.

Many custom textures and models had to be created for the jungle theme. It was really tedious work making all the foliage...
Created by UEAKCrash
5CP map designed for Highlander and standard pub gameplay.

Heavily tested in competitive and pub games through it's entire development. Getting played in UGC Highlander Season 16 Week 7! To see more on this and my other maps, check out my [url=https://...
Created by bec borb (no ears)
A 5cp map that uses a simple but effective layout to encourage fluid pushing and quick fights between points.

The map has been designed heavily around the 6v6 format, but works excellently for pubs due to its large, open spaces.

As played in:
Abandoned Upward
Created by Quin
The "Long" awaited Abandoned upward! part 2 of the "Abandoned" project.

In the jungle, the mighty jungle the payload explodes tonight.

Welcome to abandoned upward!
EXCITING things we have :
Wierd glowy rocks!
A free whirlpool!
Created by Fruity Snacks
CP Snowplow was the map made along side the End of the Line Update...
... and instead is going to be included on the July 2nd, Gun Mettle update.

Snowplow is a 2 Stage CP A/D Map. As the Blu team, you must escort your train through each stage by captur...
The Devil's Half Acre
Created by 'Rito
tf_workshop_map_sync 454137930

Running on: [EU]


A standard single stage payload map for ...
Created by UEAKCrash

The greatest dubstep map in TF2.

Epic particles created by FissionMetroid.

Models by Jukebox.

Created by UEAKCrash
A mysterious suicidal cult to an entity known only as "Train God" has been discovered in an abandoned industrial hazardous materials compound. We're not sure what they were doing or why they were doing it, but we do know that we want whatever it is that th...
Created by UEAKCrash
Originally created for the Summer 2014 72hr contest. First place winner of the Mercs vs Aliens Major contest.

Thanks to:
FissionMetroid, For dem particles, I said god damn.
Fubar, for helping me with the koth timer ev...
Created by UEAKCrash
Snow themed, two point, attack/defend map (like cp_gorge) - beware of what is watching over the second point!
Suijin [KOTH]
Created by Freyja
Suijin is now included as an official map in Team Fortress 2!

Link to Arena Version

Suijin is an arena map set on a Japanese cliffside shinto shrine to Suijin, the kami of wat...
Created by Gadget
Medieval mode map attack / defend mode with 3 stages.

Thread on for this map:

I'd be happy to read your feedback on the gameplay and visuals.

If you're hosting this map on a server kindly le...
Burghausen (Halloween version)
Created by Gadget
Medieval mode map attack / defend mode with 3 stages. This is the Halloween version with night setting, additional pumpkin bombs and the ghost from Harvest.

Thread on for this map:

I'd be happy...
Created by Randdalf
Inspired by Doublecross, Hightower and Viaduct, Chasm is a fun and fast-paced KotH map with a night theme. A deep chasm cuts through to the control point - don't get blasted into the depths!...
Created by ::Egan::
Arena_Discovery is cliffside-excavation of an old Mayan waterfall temple. To spice the mode up, there is a random 1 in 3 chance that the round will spawn a special Knockout powerup on top of the giant head in the center of the map.

To win, either kill all...
Created by Freyja

Set in a subtropical alpine zone, Blue's task is to blow up the moon by hijacking red's teleporting ray gun, hidden away in an inconspicuous logging building....
Created by ok_comp
Featured in STAR_'s review in 2011 while still in development (, Rocktop is a King of the Hill map featuring aggressive and often aerial combat over an elevated point.

A big shoutout to the TF2Maps community f...
Created by ICS
New more competitive evolved version of this map is available here:

This is a winter themed payload map. Basic payload with longer track and more points to cap than any single stage ...
Created by infectedfury
3 stage payload map set in a scenic alpine timbermill.

Map is very close to finished, let me know if there is any problems in the comments...
Created by Storm
It's a gravelpit style attack/defense map with a swamp theme (back when it wasn't officially included in the game!)
I made this back in 2010. Back in 2010!? Yeah, it's that long ago!

It's way too dark, may carry some visual confusion, but now that it's...
This is ctf_infiltration, my first TF2 map (in development since July 2013), currently in version "Beta 15".

This map features a special one-way CTF gamemode that involves one team (BLU) trying to steal the flag and bringing it back to their base to cap...
Created by 'Rito
tf_workshop_map_sync 454116894

Running on: [EU]


A compact single stage payload map with three capture points. Made in under 72 hours for a 72 hour contest.
KotH Maple Ridge
Created by Berry
Collaboration autumnal King of the Hill map from Berry & TheoF114. Regular version of the Event version currently in-game.

Berry: Alpha
TheoF114: Beta
Killohurtz: Extra props

View on
Created by squintik
Angkor is a 3-stage Payload map for Team Fortress 2
On stage 2 and 3, there's also a Capture Point to allow the cart to continue on its path.

After BLU's plane crashed in the cambodian jungle, they encountered RED team wandering around a khmer temple, so ...
Created by bec borb (no ears)
A 3CP A/D "Gravelpit-style" map made to combat the problems the gamemode has in every other map this type.

This map is designed so simultaneous defenses are both easily executable and encouraged. The tight but spacious layout of the map lends itself to fa...
Furnace Creek
Created by 'Rito
tf_workshop_map_sync 454147907

Running on: [EU]


A unique 3 point attac...
Created by Mimas Torres
(formerly known as koth_viaduct_pro) This is the viaduct you know and love, but remastered! Over the years, there's been an ongoing effort to maintain koth viaduct. All of our efforts have been directed at making the map as unobstructive as possible for ma...
Oilfield (KOTH)
Created by sean
One of my old maps originally made for the Big King KOTH map pack. Hope you enjoy!...
Created by Idolon
Quarry is a unique King of the Hill map with an emphasis on height advantage and strategic placement. With many different ways to approach the fight, every class has a chance to shine.

This map features custom content by umbratile, prefabs by A Boojum Sna...
Created by Mark
It's a bit like a crappy version of Steel....
Created by Dr. Spud
HAARP is an Attack and Defend CTF map, in which BLU must deliver the flag to capture points RED defends.

H.A.A.R.P. (the High Frequency Active Auroral Red Project) is stationed inside a huge RED base built into a cliff. In the snowy Alaskan wilderness, ...
Created by Mark
It's a payload map made for people who like to have fun....
Created by Arnold
The map is called croissant because it's shaped like a banana.
5CP mirrored map....
Snow Station [BETA]
Created by bakscratch
If you wish to help out by suggesting ideas and changes to improve the map let me know. Ever piece of feedback will help me out, so the smallest things are always important. If you dont like something or you like somethi...
Created by Turd Ferguson
1fort takes the idea of two enemy bases built absurdly close to one another a step further by actually housing them in the same building. The two teams' intelligence offices are separated by a single pane of indestructible bulletproof glass, so your goal i...
Created by ])oo]v[
A KotH map where the point is on a moving train. Initially made for 72hr contest in 2011.
The train moves back and forth on a track in the middle of the map. Train movement is not affected by point ownership or anything else - it just goes back...
Created by Dr. Spud
Landfall is a CTF map designed for competitive and pub players alike. It's small, it's fast, and for those on the ground floor it teaches a valuable lesson about height advantage.

Beneath an unassuming canopy of trees deep in an unassuming forest, Red a...
Created by Jusa
Ramjam, because who does not like jam?

Press SUBSCRIBE to download the map! (Then type "map koth_ramjam_rc1" in the console to load it ingame)

Features two opposing jam companies:

Berries Liquefying United


Created by Hanz
Managing to pick up the 2nd place in the CP contest of, Mojave features an attack/defend control point map with 2 control points on both the stages it provides. All 4 control points offer different playstyles and strategies to make the map as f...
Created by Hanz
Being the winner of STARs KotH contest, Arctic features the King of the Hill gamemode and was designed to be played in a 9v9 Highlander format. While the primary focus lay with this specific format, A...
Converge [Invade CTF]
My entry into the TF2Maps 'Competitive CTF' contest, Converge is a CTF map where a single flag at the center of the map is fought over and must be delivered deep inside the enemy's base in order to damage and destroy a computer mainframe.

To play the ma...
Created by Radical VEWI
A standard 5CP map based around the company "Geomance Engineering." The map incorporates a custom geothermal factory theme.

Custom sounds were taken from Portal 2.
All other custom content, including models, materials, and animations, were created by m...
Created by ::Egan::
The map is set in a beer factory and its neighbouring buildings under the siege of an alien invasion. With aliens attacking our merc teams sink back to their bars during the worldwide apocalypse, but with science they find aliens don't en...
Hi! I made cp_process and cp_standin. Surprisingly, cp_metalworks predates both those maps, and has been around in some version or another for upwards of seven years now (cp_resonance anyone?). It has seen play in 6v6 formats the world over, and is still c...
Created by [UnitX] Bloodhound
Highpass is a fast-paced King of the Hill map, which was originally created by Psy (creator of plr_nighfall).
Highpass has huge variations of heights which leads to an interesting game play experience especially for experienced players.

Get automati...
Cp Vanguard
Created by Mimas Torres
A flagship map of the construction theme, Vanguard puts you in the middle of the action. A fast paced map with an emphasis on momentum and positioning. great 5cp fun.

special thanks to the team behind the contruction asset pack and Rexy for additional ass...
PAYLOAD Snowycoast
Created by E-Arkham
Team Fortress 2 custom payload map, Snowycoast.

Version B4 Released! Many fixes, please see the full changelog.

Read the development of this map on the ...
Created by Schwa
This is the absolute final version of Swiftwater.

This is a build branch that includes ALL ugc version changes.

Thanks for the support from an awesome playerbase. It has been a lot of fun!...
Koth Occult
Created by Mimas Torres
Koth Occult just got completely redone for the Mayann community update. This includes complete retexturing, new assets, and reworked lighting. The map is now prettier than ever.

Mirrored Badwater Basin - pl_retawdab
Created by Khuntza
Team Fortress 2 maps mirrored as accurately as possible to their originals. Right becomes left, left becomes right, giving maps we know like the back of our hands a fresh take. It will mess with your head!...
Mirrored Dustbowl - cp_lwobtsud
Created by Khuntza
Team Fortress 2 maps mirrored as accurately as possible to their originals. Right becomes left, left becomes right, giving maps we know like the back of our hands a fresh take. It will mess with your head!...
Created by Ezekel
A simple payload idea with a slight twist: the cart will sometimes be called to the underworld by the spirits of the damned, leaving a portal in its wake. those brave enough may enter the underworld in an attempt to push the payload onwards to glory (or to...
Created by Ezekel
A 5CP map set in subterrainean bases and a linking cavern that is being excavated for further construction....
Created by Ezekel
A steel type map set in a castle that's in the process of being repurposed as a doomsday machine facility.


This is a standard attack/defense style single stage map in the ...
Created by sddhf
Now RC1. An Attack/Defend map set within a good-ol'-fashioned desert/industrial environment, BLU attacks a once abandoned RED facility, now up and running again thanks to a newly built hydroelectric dam.

Special Thanks to:

A Boojum Snark, for the Ult...
CP Mudwater
Created by Berry
A night alpine Attack & Defend map collaboration by Berry and TheoF114 for the Mercs vs. Aliens contest back in 2014 (MvA content has since been removed).

View on
Created by UEAKCrash
Single stage Payload map with the arctic theme and unique submarine attacker spawn rooms and dynamic track elements.

Formerly pl_crash.

Originally created for the 2014 Winter 72hr Contest.

This map is one of my very early "okay" maps. ...
Created by UEAKCrash
cp_overgrown is a 2cp map a new custom overgrown South American jungle villa resort theme, created originally for the 2015 Summer 72hr Mapping Contest, and later updated in collaboration with Pear for consideration in the Jungle Update.

The ...
Created by Ethosaur
Main picture made by Yhrite!

This is a map designed for mannpower. It has a unique theme set in hell, where lava is a big obstacle! Hookshot on to the spiky rocks overhanging around the map.
You can choose between using hooks or spells, and even if man...
Created by owlyoop cockatoo
A 3 staged a/d map I made back in 2011ish. It is okay I guess. I was never happy with the 3rd stage. Valve pls give me money...
Created by UEAKCrash
3 stage PLR map with a hazardous twist.

Created in 58 hours during the 2015 Winter 72hr contest. Streamed from blank VMF to completion.

Custom particles by FissionMetroid
Split in Ha[]...
Created by owlyoop cockatoo
5cp map I made a long time ago. I should remake it some day....
Created by Ethosaur
Hey! This is my new map I been working on. It is currently in Final release stages and ready to be moved on to official release soon!

This is a 3cp 2 Staged Attack/defend map meant for standard public play or highlander.
Themes are based off coldfront ...
Downpour Pass [Beta][Payload]
Created by infectedfury
A Downpour starts after a long time without any rain. Take out R.E.Ds weather control device!

This map is still in beta.

To do.
Muddy version of dry grass texture
Clipping pass
final art pass...
Suijin [Arena]
Created by Freyja
*** This is the Arena version ***

Link to KOTH Version

Suijin is an arena map set on a Japanese cliffside shinto shrine to Suijin, the god of water in Japanese mythology.

TC Strata
Created by 'Rito
tf_workshop_map_sync 454653996

Running on: [EU]


This map is not yet finished!

I'm s...
Hotspring [CTF]
Created by Pancakes
Hotspring is a ctf map that I started working on around 2008. It was inspiried by the design of tfc ctf_well but changed into its own over time.

Once subscribed, you can load the map by typing following in your console.

map workshop/475721311...
Created by iron
Each base has a trap that detects the intelligence carrier, damaging and slowing him.
Who wants to capture the flag, should take another way or take that risk.

The trap resets after 11 seconds after its activation, also when the trap its triggered, the...
Koth_coalplant has a bit of a strange history. It started out as koth_ashville, made by Mackey, a competitive TF2 player. That map is a staple in highlander and saw some play in 6v6. He then asked me to make a 5cp version of the map, which became cp_ashvil...
Ancient map from the olden days of 2008; a time where KOTH wasn't even a thing....
Created by Citizen_001
A medium-sized Halloween themed Capture The Flag map designed to combat stalemates.

Blutarch and Redmond Mann's mansions loom down on a peaceful boneyard and soon-to-be battleground where teams must face off to capture the intel from the other's very grav...
Created by TehOMGfather
Deadlocked in the Roughshod Pit, both teams must fight for the central control point....
Hi! I made cp_process and cp_standin. After that, I took about six months off and made some maps. Koth_airfield is one of those. It was made with the help of Ruskeydoo, who made the two plane models that are in the map.

Koth_airfield sees play in the 4v...
Created by Jackettie
Today I present to you koth_sollytude, combining King of the Hill game mode, with medieval gameplay and a Skyrim inspired environment. With a formula like that, it's bound to be awesome! Unfortunately I'm involved in that formula too so its success percent...
Plr Dogbread
Created by Mimas Torres
Yes, the viral map is back and updated for the workshop. This is the ultimate edition of everyone's most simultaneously despised and loved tug-o-war map....
KOTH Skyward B2
Created by E-Arkham
RED has yesteryear's rocket engine technology and BLU has an abundance of second-rate cloning machines. What hijinx ensue when the teams realize they're both on opposite sides of the same sprawling facility!

This is version B2. Fully detailed, and has...
CP Amaranth
Created by Berry
A map built for the 2 Skillsets contest back in 2014. Layout by Berry, detailing by TheoF114.

View on
Created by Thirteen
Octothorpe: A Koth Map

Welcome to Octothorpe Station, a small train crossroads on the far outskirts of Poco, New Mexico. The way station was built out quickly by the Mann Company to serve as a storage and logistics center during the Gravel Wars. Wh...
Koth Sandstone Pro
Created by Fantasmos

Sandstone is a King of the Hill map set at an Egyptian shrine. Redmond and Blutarch both believe there to be an Australium like substance in the center below a large slab of sandstone, but neither are willing to share it!

Derivative of sandstone wit...
Created by Mr. Spaps
This is a re-upload it is from, the creator's name "bob+M|M+".
I do not take credit for this!

The purpose for this is to upload some forgotten maps(not hydro).

All screenshots by bob+M|M+

His SteamID http://...
Created by Irish Taxi Driver
Old map I made literally 4 years ago for TF2.

Textdump from my portfolio:

koth_mill is a Team Fortress 2 King Of The Hill map that has RED and BLU fighting over the disused Rockford Mill. The map is mirrored and has a large focus on vertical elements...
Created by Gilles et John
Welcome in this small alpine train station which has been totally deserted. It's cold... very cold... Prepare your scarves you'll be FROZEN !

Created by Hyce
cp_logjam is a 5cp push style map. It is designed with competitive 6v6 play in mind. It's currently in RC (Release Candidate). Search for the threads on or for more information and updates.

Current version: cp_logjam_rc12

Upward Event
This is a halloween version of upward, it is still in heavy developement, download load it and check it out! Willing to adjust as people suggest, things are still very early so nothing is finalised....
Halloween Crag [PL]
Created by Woedenaz
A payload map made for the 2011 72 Hours Contest on TF2M originally. Was finished and remade as a halloween event map for the First Community Night of the Living Update in 2011.

PL_Crag_Event was a cooporation between Leminnes and Boylee. Boylee did the ...
Hydropower Event
Created by Ethosaur
Made for 2015's community halloween event. Enjoy! This is a halloween reskin of pl_hydropower

Also includes pit of death like on lakeside.
pl_hydropower is a 3 point payload map with a somewhat linear capture area.

Original map: http://steamcommunity.c...
Created by Ethosaur
Interested in what im up to right now? Join my discord!

Hello! This is my first ever payload map.
It's theme is based on tc_hydro and cp_powerhouse

This is a 1 stage payload map with one forward spawn for each team.

Created by Fruity Snacks

Watch the trailer!

It has go-karts, thats the most important thing! King of the Hill (Hell), Hellpit is a small map set in an unfortunate ring of hell. K...
Created by puxorb
Originally started over a year ago as an attempt to learn new skills, this quick artpass of the facade housing capture point B of cp_gorge quickly turned into a complete re-imagining of the setting in a super spooky halloween theme.

Now with the 2015 Sc...
CP Martial (Alpha)
Created by Berry
Map made for one of the 72 hour contests. Formerly known as CP Twotower (originally had two towers over the control point when it was a KotH map).

View on
Created by *JaCuS* xy83r7!ux
My first map that i made loooong ago.
This is a medieval only map
Gameplay based on degrootkeep
Featuring a working catapult:D (capture A and B)

Special Thanks to KillerPS and Anplagd

british cannon by Selentic

beer stein: texture by Alex Kreeger
Created by vilepickle
Show your opponents a little mercy with this unique take on Capture the Flag. As a small map, this level expects your team to be seeing lots of briefcase action. When you score, the opponent's flag room and briefcase are locked down for a short 20 second "...
Created by vilepickle
Prepare yourselves for this action-packed single stage Payload map. With plenty of routes to attack and defend, this varied take on the payload concept will keep you entertained....
Created by vilepickle
Enjoy this highly refined original 5CP map in a gloomy alpine sawmill. Look out for the spinning blade! The well-planned size and routes of this level make it enjoyable for all types of players and classes....
Created by vilepickle
Ready for a little mash up? Follower is an "original mashed potato special" of two popular 5CP maps, Granary and Badlands. If you like those, you'll probably like this! Extensively tested in early TF2 competitions, Follower was a third party staple for som...
Created by Ethosaur
Made for 2015's community halloween event. Enjoy! This is a halloween reskin of cp_snowcrystal

Includes: Ghosts, pumpkins bombs, lava lakes and the long fall pit like on lakeside.

Original map:
"Eclipse" - is a large single-stage Payload map with a varied style and gameplay, themes set in the industrial desert of the 20th century, consisting of 4 points.

Red team has aquired a huge supply of electricity, becoming the leading source of n...
Created by ICS
This map is now official map in the game and was featured in Scream Fortress VII

Welcome to Halloween 2015! Millstone has been haunted and turned to Hellstone! This time you won't teleport into hell (a lie). You push the gho...
Created by Fishbus
Fight through treacherous terrain. Tread cautiously along crumbling - carat infused - chasms and fortune laden cliffsides. Can Blu put a stop to Reds rocket hijinks? Will Red hold off Blu long enough to successfully launch? All will be revealed in this 4 ...
Created by Freyja
A water processing facility on a mountain above the clouds

Also known as butttop for those with the cloud to butt extension....
Created by Hey You
Koth_Moonshine is an intense “King of the Hill” map set at the base of a beautiful mountain stream waterfall, which feeds into an industrial swamp basin community.

Both teams attack through their industrial swamp communities, fighting to be the king.
Created by Blade x64
Now in the game!

Take a scenic tour of this notorious island. Escort a payload along beautiful beaches, through a heartwarming town, and finally along a pier turned amusement park.

The Frontline team for the many Frontline assets
Dr. Spud ...
Created by owlyoop cockatoo
An invade CTF map that was for a contest that I never finished. then I finished it with help from Aly...
Created by Humblebee

What's that sound? That's the sound of glands being yanked.
Nippletwister is back!


- Packed map correctly this time
- Events are n...
Fission [KotH]
Created by Fmrunga
A king of the hill map set in a rather quirkly nuclear facility somewhere up in the mountains....
Corrode [PL]
Created by Woedenaz
In the works for over 5 years, Corrode is a single stage, large, payload map.

Taking place in a deteriorating Hydroelectric Plant, Blu has discovered that Red is hiding a Nuclear Plant that is about to explode! Blu has decided to speed up the process.

Urban Brook
Created by hutty
A download can be found here

Urban Brook is a small capture the flag map set in an urban environment. Originailly designed to fit in with maps like ctf_turbine, it features.

1. A compact, yet breathabl...
Rocket Ravine
Created by DannBo
BLU must deliver the payload to RED's base on the other side of the ravine and blow up RED's rocket before it launches!

There are a total of five control points, including the launch pad. Each control point captured will earn BLU team 1 point and dela...
Created by bec borb (no ears)
Set in a remote alpine location, high away from any snooping eyes, the RED team is setting up a discreet plan to build mysterious machines in the facade of an old renovated ski lodge. BLU, having gathered anonymous intel on RED, sets off to raid this seemi...
Created by Boylee
Here goes nothing...

Clifftop is set in a mountainous, deciduous forest and features a steep uphill battle for blue to push their cart to the top of the cliff, and into the missile silo, positioned beneath. The map is focused on balanced, vertical comba...
Barnblitz Pro
Created by Mimas Torres
This is the barnblitz you've all enjoyed, but remastered!

My intent is not to claim Valve's work as my own, this release is only a maintenance effort upon valve's pl barnblitz....
Created by Jusa
Ramjam is now Jinglejam.
-Booby trapped gifts

Thanks to:

Tyler for the modified gift models.
TF2maps and Facepunch for hosting the Workshop Wonderland.
UEAKCrash for tf_generic_bomb stuff.
Evil Knevil and NassimO for the de...
Created by HEINR1SH
My map Encampment is a King of the Hill map designed for 10-12 players. It is a bit smaller than regular King of the Hill maps, this is to increase the pace of how the map is played. The main idea for this map was that the players were supposed to have qui...
pl_beerbowl (Release Candidate 1)
Created by: NightHawK & Rotatceps
Current Version: Release Candidate 1

BeerBowl is a 4 capture point payload map. (And yes, it has beer and humping cows.)

The map is currently on rotation on the FITH Gaming server (IP: ...
Created by bec borb (no ears)
3rd place winner of's Dynamic Control Point contest!

Play Alloy on servers:
EU - steam://connect/
US - steam://connect/

The telltale smoke billowing from RED's old steel mill a...
Created by ICS
Space. The final frontier. Now being conquered by TF2 mercenaries! Both teams have built a base in the moon. Welcome to space mannstronauts!

RED team plans to annihilate BLU base from the moon with a rocket. BLU team is planning a counter-move - they will...
Created by Freyja
Whiterock is a 2CP attack defend map in the upward theme, featuring deathpits, trains and mind controlling radio broadcast stations.

Second place in the 72h 2014 winter classic.
First place in the first and second phase of the Major Mapping contest #10...
Created by Freyja
Sulfur is a steel-style cp map with a koth final point and only three external points set in a secret(?) Japanese hot spring

1st Place in the Dynamic CP Contest

The final point is always accessible but must be held by blue for 3 minutes to wi...
Created by Ezekel
I consider this to be a more 'newbie' map than other ones I've put on the workshop. But it's been played and enjoyed a lot over the years, so I thought it worthwhile putting up on the workshop, so that people can continue to enjoy it.
I don't expect to wi...
KOTH Sekhmet
Created by E-Arkham
Team Fortress 2 custom King of the Hill map, Sekhmet.

An Egyptian themed KOTH Map. Played on _STAR's server years ago, now finally revamped and revitalized!

Version B4

Read the development of this map on the [url=
PD DeGroot
Created by Lazyneer
This is a Medieval Player Destruction. Kill the enemy to collect beer and bring it to the castle when the gate opens.

It is currently hosted on one of my servers. You can find my servers here:
PAYLOAD Mountainside
Created by bakscratch

-- Payload Mountainside is a map based on the side of a mountain where the blu team have to push their cart down the mountain towards reds base, While a run away train is hurtling down the mountain aswell. Red mu...
The Hat Factory
Created by Thirteen
Payload map that takes place in the world famous factory of hats.


- Giant Robo Heavies are being used as machines at the factory. Feel free to climb all over them.
- The surrounding mountains are all hats.
- Blue's first spawn has a cra...
Created by Tekku

Forge, a foundry style King of the Hill map, designed for standard pub and competitive gameplay.

This map is currently available on: [US] [US] [EU]

Created by ICS
pl_fifthcurve_rc1 - 5 control point payload map!

This is a new version of one of the older maps that i did few years back. I asked some feedback about the original one at that time from Valve and i got it. It was pretty detailed decription on what was wr...
Created by KINVARO
Koth_brazil, une map koth qui se déroule dans une base secrete dans la jungle, les joueurs se battent pour le contrôle du radar.

Thanks to :

Heyo - Pour les modèles du pack jungle
Yyler - Pour avoir fait des modifications au layout
NassimO - Pour l'overl...
Created by UEAKCrash
Collect the hats of your fallen enemies and bring them to the sacred altars.

My own take on the Player Destruction mode (like Watergate.) Keep in mind this is still WIP and I've got big plans for it for the future!

Created for the 2016 W...
Created by bakscratch
Pay Load Race Yuno is a fun, small, with a lot of height variation! Set in the badlands each team must push there bomb to the other teams tower and blow it up!

Trailer is made by Fantasmos
Icon made by Ixy http://...
Created by bec borb (no ears)
A sprawling 5cp map located around and inside complex hydroponics structures. What knowledge does the other team hold in their greenhouses? Delve into the mysterious Reckoner facility to find out.

From the maker of cp_sunshine, Reckoner is a competitive, ...
Created by DrLambda
Hierarch is a single-stage PLR map centered around a bridge, where both teams start on opposing sides and try to push the payload into the other teams base. It is inspired by Hightower by it's vertical gameplay and making every area accessible by multiple ...
Created by Jess
Two teams. Four capture points. Quite a lot of snow.

Shelter (formerly known as Pillowcase) is a symmetrical CP map with four control points. Each team is tasked with capturing the two center points before advancing onto the enemy team's ...
Nakum [KOTH] (Updated)
Created by PJX
[Renamed it to Nakum]
On the hunt for the golden idol, BLU came across a method of aquiring said artifact much faster:
sacrificing REDs at the altar in Nakum.

Nakum is a symmetrical King of the hill map located near the amazonian river. Which focuses arou...
Created by Languid

A king of the hill map!

Intended to have lots of opportunities for varied movement, and ways to approach the control point. Fast paced gameplay, well balanced, while still remaining a relatively conventional and old-school TF2 map. Or...
El Vvis
Created by Thirteen
El Vvis: a Mayann themed Player Destruction map

From the sweat stained travel brochure left on the bus:

"Welcome to El Vvis, the temple of two points and one god. The temple here was dedicated by the Mayann shamans to their local demigod. You will see ...
Created by UEAKCrash
A king of the hill map in the Frontline! theme.

Created for the 2016 Summer 72hr TF2Jam!

Play this and Shoreleave @

Custom assets by the Frontline team.[]

To load this map in single ...
Created by bakscratch
Payload Race map in the frontline theme, Made for the 72 hour jam.

Escort the cart full of priceless art to your helicopters to win!

If you want to play the map -
Open Console and type: "map workshop/731560565"...
Created by ICS
Do you dare to enter the ancient mayan mountain pass? Investigate it's secrets. Capture points. Win the game (or lose)! When full moon rises, the dead will walk the earth after the match is over (seriously)!

- 5 control point map! BLU attacks, RED defen...
Separated (72hr)
Created by iron
Small arena map! Made it for the TF2maps's 72hr Summer Jam event.
Spent more time detailing at all...
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