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Abandoned Upward
Other: Jungle
Game Mode: Payload
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Jun 2, 2015 @ 3:27pm
Oct 7, 2017 @ 5:07am
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Abandoned Upward

The "Long" awaited Abandoned upward! part 2 of the "Abandoned" project.

In the jungle, the mighty jungle the payload explodes tonight.

Welcome to abandoned upward!
EXCITING things we have :
Wierd glowy rocks!
A free whirlpool!

After several years of neglect the dams on tc_hydro broke and the area of the badlands got flooded and filled with water. Upward got completly soaked and as nature started to reclaim the abandoned mine, wierd crystals started to quickly shoot out of the ground, covering the underground areas. While having no idea what they do, RED quickly started to re-take the area and planned to mine the crystals. In the meantime BLU prepared to blow the now-island up, deeming the crystals as too dangerous given their unknown properties. Are you courages enough to find out what the crystals do and how they can be used to blow things up, or would you rather destroy them than to prepare for unforseen consequences?
You can also jump in the whirlpool for fun. I won't stop you.

Credits go to :

Quin - Making the map, textures and concept
Valve - Original pl_upward and foliage from portal 2
Py-bun - Creating the "Abandoned" map series, Creating a majority of props and textures for the map, Re-working
foliage from portal 2 to be compatible with TF2 and it's artstyle and optimizing the majority of custom content for in-game use.
Sean/Heyo - Misc. Props from Borneo
Chaofanatic - Water Explosion, Waterfall Particles
Tim "YM" Johnson - Mayann Assets
The Ronin - Mayann Assets
JPRAS - Mayann Assets
VLEK - Mayann Assets
svdl - Mayann Assets

For the changelog please see here :
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imagine ninjaneering in this map
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i love forested versions of already existing maps