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[Client-Side] KF2's Mr. Foster Voice Pack
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Jun 1, 2015 @ 6:13pm
Jun 2, 2015 @ 5:36pm
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[Client-Side] KF2's Mr. Foster Voice Pack

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KF2 MrFosterVoice 2016 Edition[]

Instructions provided in download's description.


This pack contains 4 characters, all using Mr Foster's KF2 voice pack. Good for those who aren't playing KF2 yet!

- The 3 Mr. Fosters (Mr. Foster, Steampunk & Magma) will use the new voice pack. No other edit has been made to them.
- The PCG Gamer Foster in this pack: "PC Gamer & Prototype Fosters" is outdated. He was updated in this pack. Due to this update, the older mod has been removed.

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FluxZ Feb 24, 2017 @ 7:45pm 
Very Good :Horzine:
TheSeriousSoul Nov 7, 2016 @ 1:08pm 
KF2 Foster's voice lines were much clearer in the early versions of KF2.
They were altered to make him sound like he was wearing his gasmask.
scorcho Apr 29, 2016 @ 3:27pm 
oh yeah, i don't have the other fosters as i am poor, and i have no money for mr. magma or the nightfall pack
scorcho Apr 29, 2016 @ 3:07pm 
annnd i don't see where to look for the problem. (i'm kinda new to modding killing floor)
【CLOSED】  [author] Apr 28, 2016 @ 6:22pm 
Do the other fosters use the voice?
You can check KillingFloor.log and see if there is a problem.
scorcho Apr 28, 2016 @ 2:28pm 
heyyy so i subscribed and downloaded the mod and put the files in the kf root folder like the instructions say, but the voice doesn't work for steampunk foster. what do i do, did i put the folders in wrong ooooor am i being dumb? xP
【CLOSED】  [author] Apr 16, 2016 @ 10:58pm 
Yeah thats what they did, but im not gonna bother with that when several other characters already wear something covering their mouths (both KF1 and 2).
Jinx Apr 16, 2016 @ 6:22pm 
They made his voice more muffled to simulate talking through a gas mask. Personally I hate how it sounds though.
【CLOSED】  [author] Mar 26, 2016 @ 9:32pm 
i think they did alter his voice. i ripped these voices from launch date.
Pip Mar 25, 2016 @ 2:35am 
These sound so different from the ones actually in KF2...
I can't put my finger on it..