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Dual wielding - Ruby Mask
Heroes: Juggernaut
Slots: Head
Non Hero: Wearable
Utility: Imported
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May 26, 2015 @ 1:26pm
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Dual Wielding - juggernaut set
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I started planning this project in 2013 and it took me all this time to fully evolve the concept and actually make it.

this set contains 29 new animations in total to fully transform Juggernaut into a 2 handed beast and implement a new healing ward concept.

It has 200% more attack animations then the default hero and a lot of other carefully crafted animations to still keep the agile and aggressive behavior.

The run animations were made to match the actual hero speed in game, and avoid the feet sliding that present on the default animations.

All animations are attached to the secondary weapon, which means that any others cosmetics that doesn't use the back slot can be used normally

I also created trails for every single attack, a feature that new heroes get as a default but some of the old ones were lacking

For more information about the set, please watch the video below, it is less then 2 minutes long

The weapons are based on Dota 2 lore, but I decided to take some liberty and changed/adapted to the set
they use the "back" slot, which means that I didn't have to use any polygons from the right handed weapon keeping it on the standard mesh and texture quality

I would like to thanks everyone that followed this project over twitch, the process was extremely laborious and I hope you guys enjoy it

If you are interested in following my work I have a Facebook page[] where I share some updates on my projects.
I also wrote some tutorials over creating characters for dota at Polycount[] or at Gumroad []

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