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How to fix the compatibility issues with Windows 8 / 10
By Komisario Palmu
This guide will probably help you if you are experiencing the white screen issues, graphical bugs or launching problems with Nations Forever. These steps solved my problems.
1. Edit Nadeo.ini -file (this is the default path, your game files might be elsewhere.)
C:\Program Files\(x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\TrackMania Nations Forever\Nadeo.ini

2. Find a row with "Distro=XXXXX". Delete contents after "Distro=" and change it to "Distro=MILIN". Save and close the file.

3. Download the update file (it says "United Forever" but it doesn't matter, it works with Nations too)

4. Install the patch and point it to your Trackmania Nations Forever folder, for example:
C:\Program Files\(x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\TrackMania Nations Forever

5. That's it! When the installation is finished, you are ready to play. Depending on what the problem was, the game should work well now.

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Destroint 17 hours ago 
Thanks so much!:pocketknife:
Appoc Jun 16 @ 2:54am 
Thanks! That worked like a charm.
HunterPvP013 Jun 13 @ 8:54am 
Hey, thank you man! It helped me out really well! But there was a bummer. I do have TMUF in cracked, and the white screen is the same problem as it is with TMNF. So I kinda went: "Well, it should work with TMUF, too." And when I start the setup, it allows me to select language, but I'm unable to install, because the setup closes it-self with the message: "You don't have to install the update!" To be fair, it makes sense, I already installed it, but it's sort of a bummer for me. Could i just copy-paste the installed files to TMUF's folder, or I'm stuck?
H5N1 Jun 2 @ 4:49am 
doesn't work for me, during patch install, i got a error "deletfile impossible, code5" that i was forced to skip by "ignoring". but when i lauch the game it shows up and close instant... i tryed to do these steps with steam closed to avoid it from security check during the process, same result. then i found no way to run TMNF with any kind of launcher/settings.
HardcoreGamer Jun 1 @ 7:00am 
Olzer May 26 @ 2:25pm 
BastuGubbar May 9 @ 11:33am 
still, usefull guide
BastuGubbar May 9 @ 11:33am 
shuldn't have to download a mod and change the game files to play a game, mopst worhless crap i have ever seen holy fuck it's stupid and i hope everyone who likes it literally dies
Kubuz :3 May 6 @ 10:11am 
Thx <333
johannes May 5 @ 11:32pm 
Thx so much