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Call of the eastern Demon - Ability Icons
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Call of the eastern Demon
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Call of the eastern Demon

Abaddon set

The black mist had always talked to him... The whisper of a shadow... A clear word at times... But it felt different this time. It was, somehow, louder. Still a scent in the air but strangely, it seems easier to grasp. It wasn't the usual hint, it was a call. Following him, tempting him, luring him. Listening to a dark sough is always a dangerous thing. Abaddon got attracted, he let it grab him and he went.

Kuraidesu, Lord of the Rising Shadow, the Eastern Demon, was waiting for him. On top of Abisu, the undying stag, he looked at him with contempt. Now that he had deluded Abaddon in coming to his lands, Kueaidesu would crush him down and give a mighty blow to the House Avernus.
But Abaddon knew who was behing this dark attraction. He understood long ago that their were others like him, able to communicate with the myst. He knew this day would come when he would have to face a great power like his own. He also knew that he went deeper in the abyss than anybody else. With a terrible blow he threw the Demon down his mount and sucked the life out of him. He took his pet and powers and went back to his home.

The sound of the drums that welcome him that day seemed to also call him name... ABADDON, ABADDON, ABADDON !