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May 19, 2015 @ 10:27am
Jul 7, 2016 @ 9:29pm
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Adds Toph to the game!

GOOD NEWS! I grabbed Shipwrecked in the last summer sale, and now Toph works with the newest DLC! Hooray!

For those of you who are not aware, Toph is a blind earthbender from Nickelodeon's Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Here's her abilities:

Nightvision: She's blind, but she can see with her feet.
Throw-able rocks: In the hands of a great earthbender, rocks are projectile weapons that deal moderate damage at range. (10 rocks can take down a Koalaphant! That's TWO whole boomerangs!)
Boulder-punching: She has demonstrated time and time again that THE BOULDER is no match for her. She can break apart boulders with a single punch--no pickaxe required!
Digging: As an earthbender, Toph can, of course, bend the earth. She can dig things up without needing a shovel.

To use her earthbending abilities (namely the boulder-punching and digging abilities), you have to manually click on what you want to interact with. This means that some of the controls are different and it may take some practice to get the hang of them.

Before you ask what her weakness is, there isn't one. It's frickin' Toph for Pete's sake. She isn't meant to be balanced.

Art done by Dominion V: (NSFW)
Special thanks to the makers of Don't Starve and Avatar: The Last Airbender.
Also, special thanks to RedRock911 and Reinert.

Make the earthbending animations less derpy.
Add custom speech that totally isn't the same thing copy-pasted a thousand times. (Even if she does say it a lot in the show.)
Figure out how to do configurations. Maybe add some.

And a special note to all of you who want Toph in DST:
Long story short, I'm working on it. I need to figure out some code stuff that is weirdly confusing in the multiplayer while it's simple in the singleplayer. This is something I am working on. Also, I need some additional art for DST that isn't required for the original. Dominion V was kind enough to do all the original art without payment, but has declined to do the DST art. I would need someone else to do the artwork for it as I am artistically inept myself, and it seems like no one wants to touch it. This is something I am working on. If anyone wants to volunteer to assist, be my guest. Otherwise, I've been asked enough times to port this that it has become a burden, so please do not ask.
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Qmeno Mar 15 @ 1:53pm 
@hornetcorest No worries! I just decided go sketch it out and didn't bother to render it properly like the game's style. And no problem, just lending a hand if needed :D
hornetcorset  [author] Mar 5 @ 2:35pm 
@Qmeno One important thing is that the texture needs to be arranged and formatted a certain way, and I don't know how to make that happen. In about two months, I might be able to teach myself how to do it, but for now it'd definitely be better if someone else did it. Beyond that, it mostly seems a bit sketchier (in a literal sense) than the Don't Starve art style usually is. The puffs on her hairbands could use a little more time, and the lines themselves tend to have a wide spread of redundant copies that aren't quite consistent with the Don't Starve style. Beyond that, it seems fine. Thanks for the consideration!
Qmeno Mar 4 @ 7:05pm 
wondering if i can help out for the ghost toph! did asmall sketch for her,
but if you want me to change anything, feel free to holler :D (
hornetcorset  [author] Sep 29, 2017 @ 11:27pm 
@kripley31 Among other things, I'd need toph's DST-specific art (like ghost art, and one or two other comparatively minor things), and Astaroth (who was kind enough to do all the art in the singleplayer version) has said he's not going to do it. So unless you know someone else who would do it for free, there's not much I can do about it.
kripley31 Sep 29, 2017 @ 10:03pm 
Please please adapt this for Dont starve Together!
hornetcorset  [author] Sep 15, 2017 @ 5:24pm 
@Ook Well, there's two different attack buttons based on what you're trying to do. Do Attack will attempt to attack the nearest hostile creature within range, but if you hit Do Attack while Force Attack is held down, then it will attempt to target the nearest valid target, with some minor exclusions like Mandrakes. This prevents you from accidentally angering neutral mobs or accidentally wasting your ammo on a passive one.
Ook Sep 15, 2017 @ 4:16pm 
It is in fact working fine. I had to set Force Attack (mod) to the desired key to get it to work, not just Do Attack (why are there two separate settings?) and now it is working fine. Thanks!
hornetcorset  [author] Sep 14, 2017 @ 1:58pm 
@Ook Actually, it seems to be working fine for me. Depending on what you're trying to attack, though, you might need to hold down the force attack button. I can say that even when holding down Force Attack, neither mod will let you attack mandrakes with the Do Attack hey, but that's a rather specific edge case.
hornetcorset  [author] Sep 14, 2017 @ 11:13am 
hornetcorset  [author] Sep 14, 2017 @ 11:11am 
@Ook Yeah, I think I can look into that.